We’re Back

On Friday I picked Sloan up from school early.  I took all three kids outside the building and finally let them in on a secret I’d been keeping quiet for two weeks.

We were going to Florida.

I have never had more fun.  We will definately be doing more surprise trips in the future because their expressions were priceless and it was so fun to tell them we were hopping in the car and heading to the airport.  I kept it a secret from them out of necessity because we were going down there to surprise my Mom when she landed in Tampa after being in England for forever.  My Dad and I planned the trip several weeks ago and I knew that if I told the kids the surprise would be ruined.

So fun.

Mom was surprised and had no idea we would be there.  The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever to jump out and say surprise when she got off the plane.  It was just fun.

We soaked up every minute of fun while we were in Florida.  We swam, spent hours at the beach, rode on the kayak and the boat, snorkeled, found sand dollars, watched the sunset and ate lots of M&M’s and ice cream.  It was a great quick trip.

This was my first time flying alone with all three kids so I was a little nervous, but they did great.  Sloan sat in a row by himself and talked the ear off the woman next to him.  The only hiccup came when all three kids had to go to the bathroom at the same time and were all positive that they were going to wet their pants.  The bathroom closest to us was occupied for a solid 20 minutes by a man two rows back (yeesh) so we finally trekked to the front of the plane only to be informed by the flight attendant that we all had to squeeze into the bathroom together because we weren’t allowed to wait in the hallway.

So we all squeezed into the bathroom together.


The people in the first few rows of the plane got quite the entertainment as they heard my kids squealing and screeching.

“Don’t touch me while I pee!”

“I don’t have space!”

“My pee won’t come out.  Stop looking at me!”

“I can’t reach the toilet paper to wipe!”

“You’re too close, this is weird!”

All the while I’m taking deep breaths and trying not to panic because we all know I have an irrational fear of airplane bathrooms.  I tried to think of happy things like puppy’s and butterfly’s so I could keep my mind off the vision of the four of us plummeting 35,000 feet to our deaths inside a cramped airplane outhouse…

Finally everyone managed to do their business and we exited the bathroom to applause.


We’re home now and it’s time to finish school and prepare the house for the inspections that are happening this week.  I have pictures and video to share, but not today.  Today I have to scrub floors and organize so that my house can be picked apart and scrutinized.

This is the part where I tell you I wish I was back at the beach…

Georgia on my Mind

I have lots on my mind today.  Not just Georgia, although that song has been rolling through my head all morning.  I love that song, don’t you?  I’ve had the amazing opportunity to sing with a local jazz band a couple of times in the last few months and twice I’ve gotten to sing that song.  There’s something about that song that just kind of takes you over when you’re singing it.  It may be one of the greatest songs ever written and recorded.

I have other things on my mind, too.  Sleep.  I’d like to do that again and I think I’ll have the opportunity once Easter passes by.  Maybe.  I can at least hope, right?

The house.  While I wasn’t sure I was ready for it to sell right away, I am officially over this business of trying to keep it clean.  What a hassle!  I miss my floor being dirty and beds going unmade.  But the good news is that we’re having showings almost every day, so high traffic is a positive. 

I’m thinking about schooling and summer vacation, kids and life.  I’m wondering where our next house will be and I’m so thoroughly overwhelmed with trying to sell this one that I haven’t been looking for a new one.

I’m thinking about coffee with Peppermint Mocha Creamer (and yes, I currently have six bottles of it in my fridge.  I refuse to run out of it).  I’m thinking about rain and the dream I had about tornadoes last night that woke me up all feverish and nervous.  I’m thinking about how my kids wake up frequently with similar dreams and I usually laugh at them for it, but dang!  Those dreams are scary.

I’m thinking about missions and what kind of missions journey God would like to take our family on.  I love this post by my uncle, an amazing missions minded and hearted man that I look up to.  I’m thinking about when, how and if I’ll ever be able to take my children to Ukraine, which feels like a second home to me and something that I should share with them.

I’m thinking about how I need to run today but I don’t really want to, but really I should because I signed up to run a 5k in June.  I’m thinking about how foolish I am to keep running when I don’t really enjoy it very much.  I’m thinking about how I can possibly get an awesome, toned runner’s figure without actually running…

I’m thinking about how we need to write to our Compassion International sponsored child.  Jonri is seven years old and lives in the Philipines and my kids faithfully pray for him.  But I am admittedly not good at having them write to him.  We are overdue for another letter.

I’m thinking about Easter and what that means.  The drama our church is putting on is really amazing and I’ve learned more about the death and resurrection of Christ in the last two weeks of working on that than I ever have before. 

I’m thinking about making another video, as soon as time presents itself for me to pull it off.

I’m thinking about washing my face and how much I love to do it.  I got new face products the other day and it just made me happy.  It’s the simple things…

What are you thinking about today?

Random Facts You’ll Never Really Need to Know



I have several brilliant posts rolling through my head.  They are witty and thoughtful – or at least they could be.  You’ll never really know for sure because they are totally and completely stuck there, bouncing off the sides of my brain like pinballs.  Our house officially went on the market yesterday and keeping it in decent shape to show it is as close to a full time job as I’ve ever had.  Oh, and did I mention Lee is in New Jersey for two weeks?

Mama’s tired.

So today’s post is full of random facts you’ll never really need to know.  Facts about me.  Calm down, calm down…I know you’re excited.  Take a minute to catch your breath and maybe go grab a cup of coffee.  Ready?

– I have a secret crush on Hugh Grant.  I think he’s adorable and hilarious and no matter how silly the movie, if he’s in it, I’m almost certain to enjoy it.

– I have another secret crush on Will Ferrell who I am fairly certain might be the funniest person alive.

– Those are just my secret crushes, of course.  Not my out in the open celebrity crushes.

– I have always wanted to voice a cartoon character.  Back in the day when Disney movies were not soley voiced by already famous actors who bring their own star power to the movie, I was certain that my future would be as the voice of a Disney Princess.  *sigh*

– I hate running.

– I am training for a marathon relay that takes place this weekend.  I ran four miles last Saturday and in the process managed to destroy my left hamstring.  After running two miles this morning I can barely straighten out my leg.  I’m trying to decide if I’m truly a determined enough athlete to work through this pain and conquer the race.

– I haven’t showered in three days.  There hasn’t been time.  All you women who are single moms, my hat goes off to you.  You are heroes.  Now tell me, please, when do you manage to eat, sleep and shower?

– I get bored if life becomes too predictable.  I love a little excitement to keep things spicey.

– I have no idea what my natural hair color is.  I think the color likely falls somewhere in the palette of dishwater.

– I am definately more fun as a blonde than as a brunette.

– I feel like I stopped aging at 25 and can’t believe I’m creeping toward my mid-thirties.  Of course, my blown hamstring after one four mile run kind of gives away the fact that I’m no longer a spring chicken.

– Getting old kinda blows.

– I’m kind of a hot head.  Not real proud of that one.

– I really, truly, to the depth of my soul love being a mother.

– My favorite book growing up was Julie (Andrews) Edwards’ The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles.  I’ve read it no less than 100 times.  It’s a great, great story.

– I looked out the window this morning and saw Landon riding his Hot Wheel on the front sidewalk.  He was so content and having so much fun, his mouth moving constantly as he chattered to himself and I felt deep gratefulness and happiness bubble up inside.  It is a mental snapshot and a feeling I’ve filed away for all time.

– I’m nervous about selling my house. 

– I long to travel the world and want to show my kids the world.  I’m not sure how much of the world we’ll be able to afford to show them, but I hope to instill in them an appreciation for other cultures and a love for adventure and travel so that someday they will want to see new parts of the world on their own.  I don’t want to just take them on lavish vacations, though.  I want to expose them to the world through missions.  I want them to see the need around them, in their own communities and abroad, and to be ready and willing to respond.

– I’m not sure our family is complete yet.  Someone still feels like they’re missing.  But who?  We are praying over that one.

– I really need a shower today.

– I have never broken a bone.  At least not technically.  I developed a stress fracture in my back when I was fourteen from gymnastics, but I’ve never worn a cast.  Knock on wood…

– Part of me wishes I had more energy and drive to expand myself as a business woman, but I have recognized my capabilities and know how much I am able to handle and still maintain my priority as mom without stress.  I have found a lovely balance and contentment in both business and work.

– I will never, ever, ever get over my fear of crickets.

I can think of no more random, boring facts about myself to share.  Now it’s your turn.  Tell me a few random facts about you!


This morning I stepped outside and smelled spring.  She is fighting back at Old Man Winter and this morning I do believe she won.  It smells fresh, new and warm.  According to Tia, “It smells like Florida.”

The Plague that settled upon our house finally caught up to me.  I thought that I just might escape it, but alas, it wasn’t to be.  It appears that some unknown force has deposited two ton sandbags in my sinuses, has jackhammered behind my eyes and has run a cheese grater down my throat.  I do believe that someone then lit a match and tossed it up my nostril, laughing maniacally as everything from my neck up began to burn.

How’s that for imagery?

I’ve been taking so many vitamins that I practically glow in the dark so I was quite certain I would laugh in the face of this crud.  Instead it is laughing at me and my flaming sinuses.

Nyquil gives me strange dreams.  Two night ago I spent half the night trying to outrun a very cunning snake.  I climbed trees and hid under beds but everywhere I turned the snake was there, licking his lips in anticipation.  I finally woke up and had to convince myself that I wasn’t actually being chased by a 50 foot python.

I then fell back to sleep and dreamt that the President of the United States was the target of an assassination plot and I was the one tasked with thwarting this plot.  Greg Kinnear was the President and I was bound and determined to save him.


Last night’s dreams again involved critters chasing me as well as preparations to welcome a new child into our family.  This was all in the same dream.  It was as if I would switch from one scene to another and neither related to the other.  I woke up very confused. 

And no, I’m not pregnant.  I’m just sick.  And a little drugged up.

I found a Russian App for the iPad and the kids are playing it right now.  It does my heart good to know that they are enjoying the language that is so near and dear to my heart.  They are by no means fluent and I don’t expect them to be, but I do hope that someday they will share my love for all things Russian/Ukrainian and that can be something that we share as a family.

My house exploded this morning.  Yesterday it was clean and today it’s…not.  I’m not sure how that happens but it seems to happen multiple times a day.  I clean up, the house throws up and so on and so forth.  I don’t know how we’re ever going to sell this house.

On Tuesdays, the kids and I take a Russian theater class.  The teacher is hilarious and takes her craft seriously.  Yesterday she asked us to pretend we were holding a flower and wanted us to breathe in slowly through our noses then exhale through our mouths.  We were to imagine the smell of the flower.

Sloan misunderstood her directions and after a couple of breaths leaned over to me and stage whispered, “Are we pretending to smoke?!  ‘Cause that’s bad for you.” 

Speaking of images, like everyone else I am horrified by the scenes coming from Japan.  The damage is spectacular and horrifying and my heart goes out to the thousnads of people who have been so devastatingly affected.  For a great way to help out Japan, go to my friend Nicole’s blog.

Want to see some truly beautiful images?  Visit my sister-in-law, Becke’s blog and look at the pictures she took on her photo walk.  She’s just a tiny bit talented with a camera…

This is the part of the post where I sign off.  I have to hop in my smokin’ hot minivan and play mom for the rest of the day.

Peace out.

I’m a dork…

Pumpin’ a dry well


It’s 11:11.

Quick – make a wish!

What did you wish for?  Don’t worry about it not coming true.  This is the internet, where dreams come true in droves, right?  I wished for abundant energy.  And a clone.  And the skin of my youth.  And a steak (I get hungry after 10:00).  And for the clock to tick a little slower so I could have a bit more time to make more wishes.

Lee is out of town this week.  I think I mentioned that already.  So far the kids and I have survived three days.  Just five to go.  It’s not bad, really.  When I know Lee is going to be gone, it’s not much to dig my heels in and take the bull by the horn.  I switch into survival mode.  It’s all about going from one minute to the next.  Breakfast?  Done.  Teeth brushed?  Done (most days).  House picked up.  Meh.  Homework?  Check!  Baths?  Got it!  Bedtime?  Hallelujah!

This week is a bit different, though.  Painters are here doing that which I can’t…painting.  The house is being beautified and I must say it is looking spectacular.  Could I have done the painting myself?  Probably.  But not likely.  I hate painting.  It falls in line between walking on glass, rolling in fire and visiting the lady doctor.  Let’s put it this way…I’d rather do laundry and mop simultaneously than paint a wall.

So painters are here, which means the kiddos and I have to be out every morning and we stay out until the evening.  That’s a lot of time away from home.  And we’re all camping out in my room because the rest of the house smells like paint.  We’re all a little tired.

I’ve also had more than one person give me more than enough to think about as far as how I manage my time and what I do in my spare time.  It’s been great food for thought and has had me mulling over a few things lately.

So tonight I will sleep for a short while.  And tomorrow out we’ll go, wasting time, living life, surviving until daddy gets home.

Speaking of daddy, I didn’t even get to talk with him today.  *sad face*

It’s 11:22 and I still don’t have a clone, the clock is still ticking, no one has brought me a juicy steak and I can feel wrinkles developing.  I guess I shouldn’t have told you my wishes after all, eh?

Does anyone have good news to share with me today?  I could use a little cheering up to get me through the halfway point…

Wednesday Whatnots

What Not’s?  What Nots.

Grammer makes me crazy…

So today is a hodge podge of random tidbits for your reading enjoyment.  Or for my writing enjoyment.  Someone will enjoy themselves today!

Speaking of writing enjoyment.  Remember the novel I told you about?  The one I started, then stopped, then started, then stopped, then started again?  I wrote a little more last night!

So at this pace, I should finish the book by the year 2024.  I am on a roll, folks!

Seriously, though.  It’s really difficult to find time to write.  I don’t know how people do it.  Yesterday I got up at 5:30 with the sole intent of working only on my novel.  By 5:40 I felt awake enough to open up the file and at 5:45 Landon stumbled into my room and the morning was shot.  I left my house at 8:00 and only came home for two seperate one hour bursts before 10:30pm.

Then I had to work on the things I’m actually getting paid for.  So, I’m still planning on finishing that book, but I haven’t yet figured out how.

This is where I flawlessly merge from one topic to another.

I officially signed up for a marathon relay yesterday.  Me and three others will split up a marathon.  I ran this race four years ago.  One week after finishing the race (and not dying) I found out I was pregnant (surprise!) with Landon.  Here’s to hoping we don’t have a repeat of that this year, right?

Oh…and here’s to hoping I don’t die.  Considering I can only run 2 miles right now (3 miles on a really good day…which has only happened twice) and I need to be able to run 6.5 in two months, that’s a legitimate prayer worth lifting up.

And again, we transition.

I think you should all  go back to last week’s post titled I laughed until I cried and read E. Lehman’s comment.  I laughed out loud, pretty hard, when I saw it.  Then I pumped my fist in the air and yelled, “I rock,” as the dog looked on in bewilderment.

Speaking of the dog (transition), she’s making me crazy.  I’m pretty sure she’s clinically depressed and I’m wondering if I should get her on Prozac.  She mopes around the house, wimpering, and she stands right underneath my feet every second of every day.  Every second I’m home that is.  Mostly she’s cooped up all day and she’s bored and I feel terrible for her.

Not bad enough to walk her, of course, because it’s only 10 degrees outside.

She’s not a dog who enjoys laying around the house.  She’s active and she is bored and I feel bad but I don’t know what to do about it so I keep giving her food, which means now I have a depressed dog who’s getting chubby.

I’m running out of pithy transitions so I’m just going to insert a line from here on out to signify a topic change.

I have a PT appointment today for my shoulder where I may or may not have a torn rotator cuff.  I’m supposed to go see a Sports Medicine guy about it, but I haven’t yet for two reasons:

– I’ve really been quite busy and haven’t found the time to schedule the appointment.

– I’m a scardey cat and I don’t really want to know if it’s torn because then I’ll have to actually do something about it. 

So for now I’m sticking with my PT because I like him a lot and I’m hoping I can nurse it back to health ala natural.


My mom and dad are in England having a grand old time and I’m glad for them, but…

I miss my parents.  I want to go see them but, you know, logistics.  So I just try to live vicariously through my mom’s Facebook pictures and talk to her every few days instead.  I thought about taking the kids with me to see them, but then added up the costs and remembered that I would be trapped in a small space with them for an entire day with the eyes of strangers watching and decided Skype was a lovely invention worth making use of.


I sang at an event at our church a couple of weeks ago where I got to cover several great old standards.  I had way more fun than I even dreamed I would and out of the deal have made contacts with a few people here in town that do these sorts of gigs both professionally and as amateurs.  There’s a good chance I’ll get to do a bit more singing around town and I couldn’t be  more excited. 

Or nervous…

Final transition into the closing paragraph.

I’ve got another video idea rolling through my head and just need to find the time to put it together.  In my mind it’s brilliant, but it’s probably really lame in real life.  Either way, I’m hoping to include more video posts in the near future because I’m ready to spice things up a bit on the old bloggy blog.

And with that, I shall officially conclude this blog entry.

The End.






We know.

Hi, My Name is Kelli…

And I’m addicted to skin care products. 

Hmmm…addicted makes it sound serious.  Perhaps I should just say I’m in love with skin care products.  But that makes my relationship with all things skin related sounds healthy.  You know what?  Let’s just not qualify it. 

Hi, my name is Kelli and I have a lot of skin care products.  So much so that my husband recently commented how ten years ago when we got married, had he known how much “stuff” girls put on their face, he would have required me to open and stock a seperate bank account just for all my “stuff.”

And incidentally, can we not call it “stuff?”  It’s heaven’s nectar.  It’s youth in a jar.  It’s what’s making sure that when I’m 50, I’m still going to look 30, baby!

To which Lee would reply, “Well that’s gonna stink for you because when I’m 50 I’m gonna look 50 so you’re gonna be stuck with an older man.”

Hmph.  I’m holding out hope for Zac Efron.  Or Ryan Reynolds…

I’m kidding!

*a little*

So.  What was I talking about?  Facial products!  I love them.  I would wash my face five times a day and put on a different moisturizer if I knew it was good for me.  But it’s not, so I settle for the more common twice a day washing.  Then I pull out my awaiting stash and breath in its lovely scent.  I have morning mositurizers with antioxidants.  I have a nighttime moisturizer with some kind of ingredient that’s supposed to keep me looking young.  Plus, I think it wards off vampires.

I have masks, my newest being a Vitamin C peel and it’s A-to the-MAZING.  It might be my new favorite.  I love how my skin feels when it’s been scrubbed and slathered.  I feel refreshed and awake and ready to conquer the day.

Okay, I think it’s safe to say I’m an addict.

Here are a few of my favorite products.  You know, just for fun…

Arbonne NutrimenC – I order a full set almost once a year (at a discounted price) and it usually lasts me a whole year, which is why I feel no guilt.  NONE.  Why would one feel guilty about wonderful, glorious face products?

Neutrogena – This lotion smells amazing, has antioxidants in it – which, I don’t really know what that means but it sounds like it’s really good for you – and has spf 15 to keep the sun’s rays at bay, but not out completely because who doesn’t look better with a tan, right?

Philosophy: When Hope is not enough – This is my new vitamin C peel.  Actually it’s called a Microdelivery Peel.  Doesn’t that just sound amazing?!  Seriously, this stuff is spectacular.  I love it.  Love it, love it, love it.  This may be an unhealthy love… 

Hugo Naturals – I was recently introduced to this product line for the kids.  Particularly Landon who has got some pretty nasty exzema issues.  As in the pediatrician told me, “His skin is going to be your job.”  Lucky for Landon, I LOVE SKIN.  Their products are 100% natural and organic.  They’re gentle on his skin and the lotions are amazing.  I also got a couple of the sugar scrubs and body butters for me and Sweet mercy!  I’ve found a new love.  You can find these at Whole Foods and I highly recommend them, especially if you have kiddos with problem skin…Or if you are addicted to skin care products.

Wexler MMPi: I don’t know what is in this stuff but it makes my skin feel as soft as the day I was born.  Or as soft as I imagine my skin was the day I was born.  It’s a jar full of magic made by fairies at the base of rainbows.  Hint: You can get it at Bath and Body Works on special several times/year. 

This is not, of course, an extensive list of my facial loves.  You don’t even want to get me started on eye cream, or on the When Hope is not Enough oil I got for Christmas that makes me feel like I’ve been swimming with the gods.  If I believed in ‘the gods’ of course…

Is there a 12 Step program for this sort of thing?

Never mind.  Don’t answer that.  I don’t want to give it up…

So with that, I’m going to hop out of bed and scrub my face.  The excitement I got from writing that last sentence is almost embarrassing.  Except, I LOVE TO WASH MY FACE! 

If any of you have skin care tips or products you love, do share.  Because clearly I’m a junkie who needs more. 

*Incidentally, I was not paid or asked to write about any of these products.  I share my skin care secrets out of the goodness of my heart.  You are SO welcome.

My post-Christmas brain

I’m feeling the need for a bloggy break.  I simply can’t think of anything to write about these days.  Oh sure, there’s the fact that I’m going on 3 weeks of being sick and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the black lung, but that’s not a blog worthy topic.  My house looks like Christmas vomited all over it and I simply don’t have the energy to do much about it, but I’m sure you all feel the same way.

Nope.  I simply don’t have a decent blog post in me.  I am enjoying this post-holiday break, laying low, coughing up my one remaining lung, playing games with the kids, watching the “plays” they put on each morning for me and watching FRIENDS at night with my equally sick hubby.  We got the last four seasons for Christmas and have been laughing down memory lane every night before swigging Nyquil straight from the bottle and falling into bed.  Uaully only to be woken by Landon one or four times throughout the night…

So all that to say, I’m sorry but it’s going to be slim pickings here this week.  I need my holiday brain to regain a bit of function.  I did write up a review this morning at STL Family Life for a Build-a-Bear giveaway.  Hop on over and enter to win, if you please.  Or just read about the hilarious experience I had in the store making my bear…

Okay, I need to go.  There are wails coming from the basement and Tia just walked by, dragging one of the kitchen stools with her to the back of the house.  That’s never a good sign. 

So in the words of my seven year old who is too cool for school – “Peace out, Yo!”


– Opening night for The Christmas Post was last night.  It went really, really well.  I’m not going to lie – I was a little concerned.  As of Saturday we had never made it all the way through the play.  There was so much work to be done, so many little details to be fine tuned that it seemed we might never get it all pulled together.

But God is good and we did it and it was a lot of fun!  There are still tickets available for the rest of the week – please come if you can!  We have spent countless hours over the last few weeks pulling this together and we would love to see a packed house every single night.

– Today, mercifully, we have the day off.  And I am thankful.  The muscles in the left side of my body have decided to have a party and have all bunched up so that turning from side to side, leaning for forward, picking anything up or moving in general has become a bit of a task.  I need a day to unwind, go to bed early and be with my family.

– Speaking of my family, my husband rocks.  Seriously.  He’s doing this parenting thing alone every night this week.  That’s a lot of work.  But he’s been great about it and I couldn’t appreciate it more.

– While this musical is great fun, it’s also a sacrifice.  I’m sacrificing my own time and, while I’m having fun, I’m also working really hard.  My husband is serving me and through his service, I am able to serve others along with all of the other members of the cast.  Service is hard – even when it’s fun.  It requires that we step outside what’s comfortable and easy and we sacrifice – we sacrifice our time, our resources, our sleep and more.

– I’ll be honest.  Service has never been really natural for me.  I’m very selfish, especially with my time and my gifts.  But I don’t think service is ever easy.  It really goes against our human nature.  I’m grateful for the chance to serve others this week.  It’s hard, but it’s fun and it’s rewarding!

– Switching gears…

– Sometimes this blogging thing stresses me out.  Particularly in weeks like this one.  I’m wiped, both physically and emotionally.  I don’t have a lot to offer my readers.  Yet I feel pressure to offer something quippy and funny.  I have to remind myself that I don’t have to do this.  It’s okay to take some time off.  The world as we know it won’t cease to revolve if I don’t write a post or two.

Will it?

– I’ve had this little issue with my shoulder for awhile now.  Like eight years.  Ever since I coached gymnastics a lifetime ago.  All that overhand spotting caused all sorts of craziness to take root.  And instead of having it looked at, I ignored it.  Until a few weeks ago when I realized I was having a hard time pushing elevator buttons without wincing in pain.  I headed in to see a physical therapist and since that time I’ve been wondering what took me so long to do something about my shoulder.  I have severe tendonitis, perhaps a bit of bursitis and who knows what else.

At some point I may see an orthopedic to get an MRI, but for now I’m sticking with my PT because he rocks and he’s nice and he has a great southern accent that makes me happy.

– Christmas is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I’m not sure if you heard.  It falls on the 25th this year.  Someone I know is not ready…she hasn’t even finished her shopping.  I’ll give you one guess as to who that is…

– Okay, this is the part of the post where I wrap it up.

Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief together.

I’ll be back next week with real content. 🙂