Insta-Wednesday: The One with the Stories

I took a walk this morning because I live in Florida and February in Florida is a little slice of heaven. Cool in the mornings. Hot in the afternoons. Each day begs to be enjoyed, to be taken in and relished.

So I relished.

Screenshot 2014-02-24 21.17.39

I’m preparing to launch my new website next week. That will mean the official end of this website, and no kidding, I get emotional just thinking about it. I started going over my final post in my head today and got all misty-eyed, which made me want to eat Nutella in an effort to self-soothe.

Nutella is more than liquid crack. It is medication for the soul. 



I’ve seen several ads on Facebook this last month for a website called My Social Book, which takes all your Facebook activity in the course of a year and compiles it into a book. I’ve ordered two of the books so far, and I have to say I LOVE them. It’s like having a yearbook for each year I spent on Facebook. All the funny status updates, comments, birthday wishes and photos shared are bound together, and it left me misty-eyed.

Pregnancy hormones are no joke, you guys.

The Social Book from my first year on Facebook really gave me a bit of nostalgia for my blogging days of yore. The days when I had a plethora of hysterical stories to share of life parenting surviving young children. I miss telling those funny stories. Thank goodness we’re having another baby because BLOG FODDER!

My voice won’t change in the new site, but I am looking forward to the inspiration that comes with a fresh slate. Perhaps I will write less frequently, and most of the funny stories I have on the kids will have to be kept to myself, but there will still be plenty of life to share, plenty of laughs to laugh, and a lot of inspiration to soak in.

I’m excited. And I’m sad. I’m conflicted.

I want Nutella.

Here are a few photos from my morning walk. I sincerely hope you appreciate the close up of the bumble bee, because I had to get right on top of him to get that shot, and I am terrified of bees. I imagine that any neighbor who saw me taking these pictures must have assumed me crazy because I jumped and leaped and yelped every time a bee left his perch and flew at me. I was like the bee paparazzi, and they seemed entirely put out by me.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow and Friday, and next week we’ll roll out the red carpet in a new place.

Sad Panda

Happy Dance







  1. candy martin says

    You ordered one for me, right?

    • No, but you should order your own, because then it will take all of YOUR Facebook info and put together one that’s more personalized to you! It’s really fun to have. I’m going to order one every month until I have all the years I’ve been on FB printed out. I love having them. 🙂

  2. I’ll miss this blog! I miss mine, too, and haven’t really let it go, yet. I keep thinking I’ll write again some day.

  3. I love you.

  4. DUDE! Nutella is on clearance at Target. The big jars.

    You’re welcome.

    And I have about 10 million questions about that social book! I WANT ONE NOW! I already liked them and investigated but I’m curious about how to put it together and how much like Shutterfly it is. Let’s chat soon!

    • Yes, let’s talk. I put minimum effort into my book. It took me all of five minutes to put together and order. Some of the layout is a little wonky, but essentially all they did was take all my Facebook status updates, including comments, and any posts that people put on my wall into a book. Depending on how much activity you have on Facebook depends on the cost, but I didn’t find the price to be ridiculous. My first two years when I didn’t use FB often only cost me $13 (I combined them both into one book). My 2013 books was MUCH longer. I think I paid $60 for it. And I really love it. It’s like having a yearbook! 🙂