Random Facts You’ll Never Really Need to Know



I have several brilliant posts rolling through my head.  They are witty and thoughtful – or at least they could be.  You’ll never really know for sure because they are totally and completely stuck there, bouncing off the sides of my brain like pinballs.  Our house officially went on the market yesterday and keeping it in decent shape to show it is as close to a full time job as I’ve ever had.  Oh, and did I mention Lee is in New Jersey for two weeks?

Mama’s tired.

So today’s post is full of random facts you’ll never really need to know.  Facts about me.  Calm down, calm down…I know you’re excited.  Take a minute to catch your breath and maybe go grab a cup of coffee.  Ready?

– I have a secret crush on Hugh Grant.  I think he’s adorable and hilarious and no matter how silly the movie, if he’s in it, I’m almost certain to enjoy it.

– I have another secret crush on Will Ferrell who I am fairly certain might be the funniest person alive.

– Those are just my secret crushes, of course.  Not my out in the open celebrity crushes.

– I have always wanted to voice a cartoon character.  Back in the day when Disney movies were not soley voiced by already famous actors who bring their own star power to the movie, I was certain that my future would be as the voice of a Disney Princess.  *sigh*

– I hate running.

– I am training for a marathon relay that takes place this weekend.  I ran four miles last Saturday and in the process managed to destroy my left hamstring.  After running two miles this morning I can barely straighten out my leg.  I’m trying to decide if I’m truly a determined enough athlete to work through this pain and conquer the race.

– I haven’t showered in three days.  There hasn’t been time.  All you women who are single moms, my hat goes off to you.  You are heroes.  Now tell me, please, when do you manage to eat, sleep and shower?

– I get bored if life becomes too predictable.  I love a little excitement to keep things spicey.

– I have no idea what my natural hair color is.  I think the color likely falls somewhere in the palette of dishwater.

– I am definately more fun as a blonde than as a brunette.

– I feel like I stopped aging at 25 and can’t believe I’m creeping toward my mid-thirties.  Of course, my blown hamstring after one four mile run kind of gives away the fact that I’m no longer a spring chicken.

– Getting old kinda blows.

– I’m kind of a hot head.  Not real proud of that one.

– I really, truly, to the depth of my soul love being a mother.

– My favorite book growing up was Julie (Andrews) Edwards’ The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles.  I’ve read it no less than 100 times.  It’s a great, great story.

– I looked out the window this morning and saw Landon riding his Hot Wheel on the front sidewalk.  He was so content and having so much fun, his mouth moving constantly as he chattered to himself and I felt deep gratefulness and happiness bubble up inside.  It is a mental snapshot and a feeling I’ve filed away for all time.

– I’m nervous about selling my house. 

– I long to travel the world and want to show my kids the world.  I’m not sure how much of the world we’ll be able to afford to show them, but I hope to instill in them an appreciation for other cultures and a love for adventure and travel so that someday they will want to see new parts of the world on their own.  I don’t want to just take them on lavish vacations, though.  I want to expose them to the world through missions.  I want them to see the need around them, in their own communities and abroad, and to be ready and willing to respond.

– I’m not sure our family is complete yet.  Someone still feels like they’re missing.  But who?  We are praying over that one.

– I really need a shower today.

– I have never broken a bone.  At least not technically.  I developed a stress fracture in my back when I was fourteen from gymnastics, but I’ve never worn a cast.  Knock on wood…

– Part of me wishes I had more energy and drive to expand myself as a business woman, but I have recognized my capabilities and know how much I am able to handle and still maintain my priority as mom without stress.  I have found a lovely balance and contentment in both business and work.

– I will never, ever, ever get over my fear of crickets.

I can think of no more random, boring facts about myself to share.  Now it’s your turn.  Tell me a few random facts about you!

Pumpin’ a dry well


It’s 11:11.

Quick – make a wish!

What did you wish for?  Don’t worry about it not coming true.  This is the internet, where dreams come true in droves, right?  I wished for abundant energy.  And a clone.  And the skin of my youth.  And a steak (I get hungry after 10:00).  And for the clock to tick a little slower so I could have a bit more time to make more wishes.

Lee is out of town this week.  I think I mentioned that already.  So far the kids and I have survived three days.  Just five to go.  It’s not bad, really.  When I know Lee is going to be gone, it’s not much to dig my heels in and take the bull by the horn.  I switch into survival mode.  It’s all about going from one minute to the next.  Breakfast?  Done.  Teeth brushed?  Done (most days).  House picked up.  Meh.  Homework?  Check!  Baths?  Got it!  Bedtime?  Hallelujah!

This week is a bit different, though.  Painters are here doing that which I can’t…painting.  The house is being beautified and I must say it is looking spectacular.  Could I have done the painting myself?  Probably.  But not likely.  I hate painting.  It falls in line between walking on glass, rolling in fire and visiting the lady doctor.  Let’s put it this way…I’d rather do laundry and mop simultaneously than paint a wall.

So painters are here, which means the kiddos and I have to be out every morning and we stay out until the evening.  That’s a lot of time away from home.  And we’re all camping out in my room because the rest of the house smells like paint.  We’re all a little tired.

I’ve also had more than one person give me more than enough to think about as far as how I manage my time and what I do in my spare time.  It’s been great food for thought and has had me mulling over a few things lately.

So tonight I will sleep for a short while.  And tomorrow out we’ll go, wasting time, living life, surviving until daddy gets home.

Speaking of daddy, I didn’t even get to talk with him today.  *sad face*

It’s 11:22 and I still don’t have a clone, the clock is still ticking, no one has brought me a juicy steak and I can feel wrinkles developing.  I guess I shouldn’t have told you my wishes after all, eh?

Does anyone have good news to share with me today?  I could use a little cheering up to get me through the halfway point…