I’m sorry but it’s all I’ve got today…

My friend Nicole got me started on this train of thought.  So you can thank her for the sad glimpse you’re about to get into my life…

I recently got some new tea.  It’s fabulous, as this tea tends to be.  Given that my throat is enflamed and my tonsils are kind of tap dancing next to one another, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea.  Inspirational tea.  Each tea bag has an inspiring quote like The Most Important Things in Life aren’t Things…

Mmmm…So true.  Philosphy in a tea bag. Brilliant.

Anyway – last night, my tea inspiration told me to Start Living the Life You Always Dreamed.  When I read it, Lee raised his eyebrows and looked over his own steaming mug at me.

“So what’s the life you always dreamed of?” he asked, a goofy grin pasted on his face.

“Well,” I replied, “If Brad and Angelina would split up, I might have a chance to live that life.”

To which Lee snorted. Yes, snorted.

Then, in my head I continued the thought because my husband didn’t ask, but if he had I would have told him…

My second option is to be 21 again so I can have Zac Efron (or at least drool over him in a less creepy, Cougar-ish sort of way).  Because he’s a doll.  I mean, really – if I were younger, I would have pictures of him plastered on my walls.  I would swoon over Zac just like I swooned over Kirk Cameron, Uncle Jesse, Jordan Whatshisface from the New Kids (which I have no defense for other than when I had a crush on him I was 11 so, you know, a little slack…), Leonardo DiCaprio and so on.  Zac Efron is swoon worthy – even for a thirty something.

But, I am a grown woman and I am married (to the more realistic man of my dreams, I might add) and Lee won’t let me hang a Zac poster now.  He says that’s weird. 

He might have a point…

What about you?  Who do you drool over?  Secretly, of course…


  1. Happy to be of inspiration…and cracking up! 🙂

    I have now blogged about Zac Efron at least twice. So that isn’t exactly a secret. But my list is so similar to yours (Kirk Cameron, Uncle Jesse…heck, he’s the reason I kept watching ER even after it was bad).

    I’m totally getting you a poster. Maybe you can hang it in your closet.

  2. Oooohhh…interesting. I never thought about the closet angle.

  3. You girls are too funny!
    You can get placemats…there’s gotta be some HSM placemats right?

  4. Not sure I have a thing for any young ones, but I listed a few males of God’s creation that I appreciate in a past blog, found here: http://scrappinwithjess.blogspot.com/2008/04/keepin-it-real.html

    Two words: David Beckham

  5. Ninny, ninny boo boo, I can just go into Brooke’s room and look at Zac Efron whenever I want…hee, hee. She LOVES him too!! he is a cutie, and I am 41!! sad.

  6. Come on, Kell! When did 31ish equal “cougar” status!? No need to feel bad! You’re young at heart.

  7. Thanks, Staci! You’re absolutley right!! I’m not exactly sure what constitutes a cougar, to be honest. Is it the age gap between the woman and the man or is it solely the woman’s age? Either way, Zac Efrom could make a cougar out of me 🙂


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