The One Where I Channel My Inner Nester

My friend Myquilin (better known as The Nester) is my Interior Design guru. I read her website and sigh at how beautiful and serene and lovely her house is, then usually look at my house, shrug my shoulders and assume I will never be able to pull off anything pretty or serene.

But something has gotten into me the last few weeks. I needed a distraction from my thoughts; I needed something to keep me busy and my dad had some time off to help me paint, so without really thinking about it, I started rolling the snowball and gave it a good shove.

The results are turning out marvelously, if I do say so myself. I have a long way to go, but I am slowly piecing together the home that I’ve always desired but assumed myself too inept to actually have.

I mean, we all know that I stink at DIY projects, right? Last time I attempted a do it yourself project, I ended up needing a steroid shot to combat my tracker jacker bites.

Dad and I repainted half of the interior of my house last week and I must say, it looks smashing. Of course, now all my furniture no longer matches (hello Craig’s List!) and I need new curtains and area rugs (hellooooo IKEA!) and…well, you get the snowball analogy, right?

I’m trying to reuse the few pieces that I can by repainting them. I made my first attempt at painting furniture on Saturday. Using Annie Sloan chalk paint (which is supposed to be fool proof…I decided to put it to the ultimate test), I refinished the table that was behind our couch.

We didn’t pay very much for this table and I’m not attached to it so I figured it I messed it up then no harm done. Friends, everything you’ve ever heard about Annie Sloan chalk paint is true. It practically does the work for you. Case in point – this is what my table looks like now.

Once I finished admiring my handiwork and patting myself on the back, I looked around at what needed to be done next and I asked myself, WWND?


What Would Nester Do?


She would shop her house, that’s what she would do. And so that’s what I did. I moved the blue vase from our bedroom (which Lee makes fun of…he calles it “Grandma’s Ashes” – punk…) and a couple of the colorful frames I had scattered throughout the house. I grabbed my pretty yellow pitcher that always makes me smile and a stack of books and threw it all on top of the table.

Then I went to Michaels where I bought the letter ‘S’, a piece of scrapbook paper and the bright green frame. I removed the glass, glued the paper on the back of the frame and then glued the ‘S’ to the paper and stood it proudly atop the books.

Look at me go!!!

I’ve also had these pretty Alphabet Bible Verse Cards for awhile and I’ve wanted to do a better job of displaying them so I used my thinker, looked through a couple of magazines, and I decided to keep it simple. I grabbed a couple of thumb tacks, a piece of string and the little clothespins that I use to hang up Christmas cards and viola!

Indeed…I do love it. I love it a lot – especially the way the colors all move from one room to the next in a way that makes sense.

Now I just need to sell all my brown furniture (except the pieces that I plan to paint…nothing wooden is safe in my house now. I MIGHT BE ADDICTED TO ANNIE SLOAN!) But it’s all starting to come together, slowly but surely. (Warning: The color and quality of these photos are not good. I didn’t have the patience to keep trying to get it right. The walls are a very pale, light grey…)

If you know anyone who might be interested in the dining room table and chairs and the hutch, let me know!

The cornices above the windows used to be dark brown. It took several coats of white paint (the same paint I used on the trim) to cover it but it was worth the effort. Now I just need some bright curtain panels to frame the window.

It’s not perfect…yet. But that’s the other thing that Nester has taught me – It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. For now, I’m just happy with progress because it feels like something in life is finally moving forward. This, oddly, gives me a sense of hope for the future.

Who knew redecorating my house could be so philisophical?!

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Don’t mind me.

I’m just covered in paint.

Seriously. I can’t paint without getting it in my hair, on my legs and on a good day somewhere on my face.

This is a big job.

I did not consider the ramifications of repainting half my house before beginning.

Actually, that’s not totally true. Deep down I knew this was going to be a huge undertaking. I just pushed that little fact waaaaaaay back intot he recesses of my mind and pretended like this would be a walk in the park.

Good news? We should finish the bedroom and foyer today.

Other news that’s not necessarily bad but not jump for joy good, either?

We have the living room and dinig room to tackle tomorrow and the ceilings? Well…they’re kind of high.

But the best news? It’s going to look suhweet when it’s all said and done. And by all said and done, I mean after I sell off all the furniture that I don’t want anymore, get new furniture that matches the Feng Shui I’m going for, repaint the furniture I want to keep and give the entire room an overhaul.


Big Job.

But in the end it will be worth it because I am going to LOVE it.

Carry on, friends. I’m off to paint.

(And a big shout out to my dad who is sacrificing his time and sanity to come help me paint even though he really, really hates painting. But he loves me, so all is good. Right, Dad?)

Pumpin’ a dry well


It’s 11:11.

Quick – make a wish!

What did you wish for?  Don’t worry about it not coming true.  This is the internet, where dreams come true in droves, right?  I wished for abundant energy.  And a clone.  And the skin of my youth.  And a steak (I get hungry after 10:00).  And for the clock to tick a little slower so I could have a bit more time to make more wishes.

Lee is out of town this week.  I think I mentioned that already.  So far the kids and I have survived three days.  Just five to go.  It’s not bad, really.  When I know Lee is going to be gone, it’s not much to dig my heels in and take the bull by the horn.  I switch into survival mode.  It’s all about going from one minute to the next.  Breakfast?  Done.  Teeth brushed?  Done (most days).  House picked up.  Meh.  Homework?  Check!  Baths?  Got it!  Bedtime?  Hallelujah!

This week is a bit different, though.  Painters are here doing that which I can’t…painting.  The house is being beautified and I must say it is looking spectacular.  Could I have done the painting myself?  Probably.  But not likely.  I hate painting.  It falls in line between walking on glass, rolling in fire and visiting the lady doctor.  Let’s put it this way…I’d rather do laundry and mop simultaneously than paint a wall.

So painters are here, which means the kiddos and I have to be out every morning and we stay out until the evening.  That’s a lot of time away from home.  And we’re all camping out in my room because the rest of the house smells like paint.  We’re all a little tired.

I’ve also had more than one person give me more than enough to think about as far as how I manage my time and what I do in my spare time.  It’s been great food for thought and has had me mulling over a few things lately.

So tonight I will sleep for a short while.  And tomorrow out we’ll go, wasting time, living life, surviving until daddy gets home.

Speaking of daddy, I didn’t even get to talk with him today.  *sad face*

It’s 11:22 and I still don’t have a clone, the clock is still ticking, no one has brought me a juicy steak and I can feel wrinkles developing.  I guess I shouldn’t have told you my wishes after all, eh?

Does anyone have good news to share with me today?  I could use a little cheering up to get me through the halfway point…