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Immunization woes

Landon had his check up on Tuesday morning. He weighs a whopping 14 pounds! Pretty good for a kid that doesn’t eat hardly at all. He’ll hate that slow metabolism someday but for now it’s a good thing. He also got his first round of immunizations. I would love to hear some thoughts that some of you have on immunizations. Here are my struggles. While I am all for some of the big ones like polio, hep b, and even MMR despite the controversy over that one, I am beginning to feel a little leary about the others that they keep introducing. Like, is it completely necessary to immunize children from the chicken pox, pneumonia (prevnar) and rotovirus? The reason I ask is because some good friends of ours recently found out their 4 year old has type1 diabetes. This is a severe form of diabetes. Since then, they, and I, have been researching some of the studies that suggest the possibility of some of these live virus vaccines being the root cause of some auto immune disorders. Now, I know that for every study that links diabetes and autism to vaccinations, there is one that refutes any such link, so I am not going to not vaccinate my children for those reasons alone. But, I am beginning to wonder if the risks really outweigh the benefits in some cases. Now if hundreds of thousands of children were dying a year of chicken pox, then sure, the vaccination would definately outweigh the risks associated. Same with rotovirus. But as far as I can tell, the actual percentage of children who have actually died from chicken pox and rotovirus is quite low. I don’t know, it’s all very overwhelming. I did let them give Landon all four vaccinations the other day because I’m a weanie and didn’t feel like I had any ground to back up my concern, but I am strongly thinking about holding off on chicken pox and rotovirus until I either have enough research to feel comfortable with them giving those to him, or I feel comfortable forgoing them altogether. Lee and I decided we will be doing a lot more research before Landon gets more vaccinations, then I think I will have him come to the dr.’s office with me to discuss our concerns and decide which ones we may pass up. If any of you have done research, I would love to hear some of your thoughts.

Remind me…

…that trying to run outside when it’s 32 degrees out and you have a cold and you’ve only had a baby two months ago is a bad idea. Amy S., if you are reading this, I would just like you to know that you stink for making me think it would be a good idea to run this race. I have to be able to run 6 miles in about 4 weeks. Uh-huh. I’m also hoping for a unicorn for my thirtieth birthday but that probably won’t happen either…

Great videos

For all you moms of boys, I have a great website for you to check out. Actually, Tia loves these videos too. It’s called The videos are awesome!!! They are a little pricey on that website, but you can find them for half the price on Amazon. I think we may have all of them at this point. They are shorter, which is nice so the kids aren’t plastered to the TV for an hour and a half and they are so informative! We have Where the Garbage Goes, which shows you everything about how garbage is recycled and processed. Just beware, you’ll probably be convicted on how much we consume as a nation – it’s disgusting. Another favorite is Farm Country Ahead, which shows the kids how corn is grown, how bread and peanut butter are made and how milk is processed. Did you know that one cow poops an average of 150 pounds per day! That’s a lot of s*@#! There’s also some poor guy that has to get in a little Bobcat and scoop all that manure up and shovel it into a dump truck so it can be sprayed over the crops to help them grow. When we wathced it for the first time I commented that these videos are great advertisements for a college education. Now, every time Sloan watches the poor guy scooping up the poop, he says, “I don’t want to do that when I grow up. I better go to college!” That’s right my boy! Tia loves the airplane one called Cleared for Takeoff and they both love the fire fighter video. Seriously, these videos are fun. Check them out. They’d be great birthday presents. What kid wouldn’t like to sit and watch garbage trucks, tractors and fire trucks!

Third baby

So the plan, when Landon was born, was for him and Tia to share a room because she’s a great sleeper and we figured she could handle it. Unfortunately, he was not a great sleeper at the beginning and we didn’t want to put him in there with her. He is now a better sleeper, but we figured we’d wait until he was sleeping through the night to put them together, something that I am still dreading. Anyway, because he tends to be a really noisy sleeper, we have been putting him in the pack and play in the front room. This is working great. And now he is turning into an awesome sleeper. He’s still asleep this morning despite the fact that both kids have been running around talking and yelling and being their normal loud selves. Third babies really are quite adaptable! We would have never tried this with the first two, but out of necessity, Landon gets relegated to sleeping under a window. And another thing…it’s 8:30 and I still haven’t woken him up. With the first two I was such a stickler for waking them up at 7:00 and getting them on a daily schedule of napping and eating at certain times. With Landon it’s whatever little man!

In other news, we are dropping like flies around here. First I got the cold, then Sloan was up with a fever and the sniffles last night, now Tia’s sneezing. Blah! We leave for Florida in 15 days. I think the beach is just what the doctor ordered!

Tia Tales, 2

I don’t know why my stories of Tia always involve her doing gross things. No dainty little girls for us! So, while this isn’t nearly as disgusting as her chewing on Landon’s umbilical cord, it’s still pretty yuck (if you’ve not heard the story, click the link. Just don’t eat while you read). Yesterday it was a whopping 40 degrees out. Not warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, of course, but still seemed balmy and pleasant after several days in the 20’s. Anyway, because it was so warm, all the ice is melting into a nasty, slushy mess. While I was busy getting Landon and other things out of the car, Tia went to splash around in the muck on the driveway. When I looked over at her, she was sitting in the garage, scraping the slush from the grooves of her shoes and eating it. Why on earth she felt the need to eat the ice off the bottm of her shoes and not just pick it up off the driveway is hard to say…


I went to Target today to buy a new swimsuit. Guess what I came home with? Two cases of SlimFast. *sigh*

Get this CD!

Hey everyone,
A friend of ours just released a new CD and it’s awesome! His name is Jerod Starkey. Jerod and I sang together in college – go BRH!!! Jerod also sang in our wedding. He’s got an amazing voice and he’s a very gifted songwriter and musician. I highly recommend you click over to his website and purchase his CD.


If you guys get a chance, I wouls highly recommend you click over to my sister-in-law, Becke’s site and read her latest post. It will encourage you greatly and move you and hopefully spur you on to a deeper knowlege of God’s grace. I’ve always admired Becke’ for the way that she so deeply seeks to know and understand who God is. So many times when I talk with her on the phone she is on the internet researching some aspect of God or the Bible that she wants to know more about. While I find myself reading the latest celebrity gossip, she is seeking God’s face. Plus, Becke’ is just good fun to be around. It has been a really hard week for her and for her family, yet she has been gracious and strong, not on her own, but through the strength of the Lord upon whom she so faithfully leans. I am so honored that she is a part of my family and that I get to learn from her.

Kids Say the Darndest Things, 2

We went to the mall today and went to St. Louis Bread Company for lunch. While waiting for our food, an older gentleman walked by using a wooden cane. Sloan, in his highest decible voice, points and says, “Look, it’s Moses. It’s Moses from the Bible.” Sheesh. Poor guy.

Iced In…

We were iced in yesterday due to an ugly winter storm. Lee got up at 5:00 to leave for a breakfast meeting then catch a flight to Reno for four days. More on that later. The kids, naturally were up at 6:40 because why would they want to sleep in when they could wake mommy up and torment, er, love on her all day long! Anyway, by 10:00, we were all stir crazy. The kids had already plyed Ply-Doh for an hour, had a snack and watched a movie. Of course they picked the shortest movie we own, only 30 minutes and our rule is only one movie per day…most days anyway. So, what else to do? I must confess, I considered telling them it was noon anf feeding them and putting them down for naps, but I resisted. So, we built a fort. A stroke of genius on my part as that occupied them until lunch! And, Lee’s flight and trip got cancelled due to the ice and my desperate prayers so he came home at 3:00. Today it’s not so bad so we’re leaving the house and going to the mall because we’re stir crazy. Oh, and kudos to my friend Nicole for all she got done yesterday. While I had the opportunity to be just as productive, I was not because I was tired and felt like a slug. I did get the laundry done and folded but not yet put away because I hate doing that. Ah well….