Full of life, spunk and fire, my first born is an amazing kid.  That’s not bias…it’s just fact.  He’s awesome.  Sloan is smart, funny, athletic and a real lover of people.  More than anyone else, Sloan has taught me what it means to love others well.  He loves people and would willingly give any penny he ever earned away to those in need rather than spend it on himself.

I love that about him.

Sloan is a lover of baseball, basketball, golf and football…but not soccer.  He’s a natural athlete, but he’s not overly competitive.  He’s out to have fun and will still wave at me on the sideline.

I love that about him, too.

Sloan began taking Russian lessons at three years old and can now read and write as well as he can in English.  He struggles with comprehension, but he works hard.  I couldn’t be more proud of him.

He’s not a perfect kid and I’m pretty sure one of the developing wrinkles on my forehead came from him, but I wouldn’t trade him for any amount of riches in the world.  He is the child who first made me a mom and I so madly adore him that sometimes it hurts.

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