Four days at Disney. A night with family in Orlando. A night with dear friends who stopped on their way to Miami. It’s been a whirlwind week full of laughter, blessings, grace, tears, love and pure joy.

And I am officially exhausted.

I’m also itching to start reading my book. I wrote it, yes, but I have never read it. I’m ready to dig in and see what it’s like. It’s scary and exciting all at once. So I’m going to take one more day today to recuperate – to rest and read and pray and meditate.

What are you up to this fine Monday morning? Are you recuperating from Spring Break insanity, or are you just entering into the crazy joy that is a week off of school? Any exciting news to share?

Happy Monday!

Spring Break Photo(s) of the Day: Magic Kingdom

First time on Thunder Mountain Railroad: Nervous

IT WAS AWESOME! (So awesome, in fact, she made us ride it three times - once in the dark under the fireworks, which was a really amazing experience.)

Happy Thursday, friends! We’re headed to Animal Kingdom next. The kids are having a blast and are showing no signs of slowing down (if you ignore the fact that Landon passed out on my back tonight on Main Street). I, on the other hand, am completely exhausted. This is one of those vacations that require a second vacation to recuperate.

Or I could just send the kids back to school and lay comatose on my couch for a couple of days.

Yeah…I’m going to hold on to that dream.


See you soon!

Spring Break Photo(s) of the Day: Epcot

The flower festival started this week and it is really spectacular here!

Because we apparently cannot take a photo without bunny ears.


Friday Fotos

Are you all not completely blown away by my stellar titles this week? Pure genius.

A few photos fotos for you this Friday morning. These were all taken by our friend Sarah who, along with her friend Kristiana, spent the week loving on our family. Awesome? I think so.

Check out those tiny little muscles. My four year old is ripped.

Sweet girls

We have watched this sweet girl grow up and love her so much.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Disconnected, Unedited

I have had a lovely time in Florida with the kids.  This week I have purposely disconnected from the internet.  I felt bogged down by my overwhelming need to be online all the time and I just needed a break.  Other than a few photos on Facebook, I’ve simply kept the computer off and have relaxed.

It’s been fun to reconnect with the kids.  We’ve played tag and Crazy Eights.  We’ve watched movies and played for hours in the sand.  We visit the tennis courts daily where I “play” tennis with the kids.  It consists of me chasing the ball for a half an hour while they laugh manaically as they swing with all their might.

And today, I totally earned Mom of the Year for wading out into the frigid ocean with Sloan because he wanted to snorkle.  Apparently his skin is made out of leather because he didn’t seem to notice the cold.  I, however, thought I was going to go into hypothermic shock.  Because my skin is made out of paper…

Today could not have been more perfect day.  So perfect that I ended up with a bit of a sunburn, which I hate because I’m all paranoid about the wrinkles that are cropping up on my face.  But whatever, each new wrinkle represents a day of fun in the sun.

That doesn’t at all make me feel better, but I’m trying really hard to not freak out.

Photos, straight out of the camera because I don’t feel like editing them:




She didn't like the cold water. Or the waves. While trying to run out of the water she fell and cut her toe. Good times...





More fun in the sun awaits us while everyone at home is bundling up against the final remnants of winter.  I will read, rest and delight in the laughter of my kids.  Right now, I will sleep!

Emphasis on Spring

Perfect weather is a beautiful thing…







And this last photo just to make you laugh out loud.  I freaking love this kid…


Tomorrow? The Beach!

Spring Break

Today begins Spring Break. What are we doing so far?






We’re counting our Spring Break money, drawing on the ipad, learning to read, being goofy and playing with the basketball that was signed for us by Zac Efron himself.

I am also in possession of a signed photo.  The kids think “Troy” signed them for him, but we all know Zac signed them for me.  I have good friends – good friends who know people…

Yes, today starts Spring Break and much fun awaits us.  In just four days we’ll be here:


Happy Weekend and Happy Break everyone!

Digging Down Deep


Today is one of those days when I feel like I’m done.  I have nothing left.  I gave so much of myself last week and I used every bit of my reserve energy to survive and get through that I have little left this week.  Lee is home now, which helps, but unfortunately work is such that I’m still alone a lot, with sick children, a house to pack (we’re hoping to put it on the market in a few weeks) and a long list of other responsibilities staring me in the face.

And I am exhausted.  So tired that my eyes actually ache.  And given the fact that I have a three year old who refuses to nap, afternoon rest is likely not in my forecast.  *sad face* 

This is one of those days/weeks that I am going to need to dig down deep.  One of those days/weeks when I have nothing left of my own to offer.  One of those days/weeks when my time with my Bible is like lapping from the sweet stream waters after an arduous hike.

I’m digging down deep.  I am in survival mode.  In this fog I honestly don’t see an end in sight, but I know there is one.  In three weeks I’ll be in Florida.  The Beach is waiting for me.  And my mom will be there.  Ah!  Suddenly there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s called Spring Break.

What do you all do when you have to dig deep?  What gets you through those longs days/weeks/months/years when life is overwhelmingly full?

The one where we plan a trip

I wanted to go visit my parents in London, but logistically it just wasn’t coming together.  So when mom emailed me yesterday and said she was coming back in to the States in March during the kids Spring Break and asked if we’d like to join her in Florida at their condo I don’t even think a second passed before I said Yes!

After calling Lee to confirm that worked with him, we booked our tickets and BAM!  We’re getting out of here in 6 weeks.  This is just the pick me up I needed to get through this final push of winter.  We moved to St. Louis when I was 12.  We moved from Wisconsin, so I do know that winter can be worse other places.

But hands down, this has been the worst winter I have ever experienced here in St. Louis.  It’s just been nuts and I think everyone is feeling the effects.  The winter blues have settled in big time.  But alas, we now have something to look forward to.  Sunshine.  The beach.  Hours playing at the park.  Sunsets at the Sand Pearl.

In six weeks we will be doing this:


And this…


And this…


And we’ll probably watch a few of these…


There may not be a cure for the Summertime Blues, but this is definately my cure for the wintertime blues!