The one where we plan a trip

I wanted to go visit my parents in London, but logistically it just wasn’t coming together.  So when mom emailed me yesterday and said she was coming back in to the States in March during the kids Spring Break and asked if we’d like to join her in Florida at their condo I don’t even think a second passed before I said Yes!

After calling Lee to confirm that worked with him, we booked our tickets and BAM!  We’re getting out of here in 6 weeks.  This is just the pick me up I needed to get through this final push of winter.  We moved to St. Louis when I was 12.  We moved from Wisconsin, so I do know that winter can be worse other places.

But hands down, this has been the worst winter I have ever experienced here in St. Louis.  It’s just been nuts and I think everyone is feeling the effects.  The winter blues have settled in big time.  But alas, we now have something to look forward to.  Sunshine.  The beach.  Hours playing at the park.  Sunsets at the Sand Pearl.

In six weeks we will be doing this:


And this…


And this…


And we’ll probably watch a few of these…


There may not be a cure for the Summertime Blues, but this is definately my cure for the wintertime blues!


  1. tiffany nevil says

    I’m so jealous. I seriously am dreaming of being warm. When I saw the weather for this weekend, 50 degrees and sunny, I almost wept with joy. Sigh. Summer can’t come quick enough!

  2. Well this post just made my winter blues drop to another low! 😉

  3. Plan a trip! You’ll be amazed how much you perk up! Didn’t you know that March is National Go To Florida month?

  4. Candy martin says

    As much as I wish you could join me here, I think that you will enjoy Florida with the kids more. Lots of walking here and the kids would not enjoy that. Maybe when they are older. We will have a good time at the condo!

  5. Yeay! So happy and excited for ya.

  6. Great post, Kelli. And I am ready to plan our long weekend of writing at the Lake. What Summer month should we plan our Writer’s weekend at the Lake? I would love to start planning it for ladies to coordinate. Wen

  7. jealous. but at the same time excited for your guys. but still jealous.