From our family to yours

I pray you all had a lovely, wonderful Christmas filled with joy, laughter and maybe even a bit of silliness. Thanks for taking a journey with me this last year. We’ve covered a lot of ground and so many of you have walked us through this season of change. Seriously…thank you.

I bid you all drive forward in your minivans, proudly entering this new year with your heads held high and your back seats clean.

Here’s to another year of crazy!


  1. Right back at ya my new-found friend. Those guys look like they are having a big time. Crazy new year indeed!

    Hope your coming year is fantastic!

    • Thank you. They do know how to have fun, those three. Sometimes it’s the dialing down of the fun that causes problems. 🙂

      Have a blessed week celebrating the New Year!

  2. Well, my back seats are almost never clean….sigh. Wishing you a safe drive to Arkansas!

    • We can dream, though…right?

      I spent the better part of an hour yesterday scraping gum off of our back seat. Grrr…

      Thanks, Jenni!