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We’ve had a beautiful Indian Summer this past week, but alas, I know it is soon to draw to a close.  My hydrangea bushes still have some beautiful blooms on them and rather than see them shrivel up in the coming cold and rain, I decided to enjoy them just a little bit longer:


-My sister-in-law, Becke’, has just finished her first book and it’s amazing!  It’s called Testament Focused and it combines her love of God’s Word with her love of photography.  It would make a great Christmas gift.  You can preview the book here.  I highly, highly recommend it.  And, bonus, 100% of the profits from the first 25 books sold go to an amazing ministry called Soaring Wings Ranch

– I am participating in our church’s Christmas musical called A Time for Christmas and it opens in just a few weeks.  It’s a broadway style musical filled with singing, dancing and a whole lot of Christmas music!  It’s been a pretty big commitment but I think it’s going to be worth it as the play is really starting to come together.  Tickets went on sale this past Sunday.  You can purchase them here (just click on the link that says Purchase Tickets).  The show runs from Thursday, December 10-Sunday, December 13.  I would love it if you could come!  I’ll be the one singing the high D and shattering all the glass in the room.  Good times…

– The Tooth Fairy made a second appearance in our home the other night after I pulled out Sloan’s second wiggly tooth.  And, for the record, I don’t like pulling teeth out of someone’s mouth – even if that someone is my kid.  It’s gross and it set off my gag reflexes big time.  Here he is sporting his large window. 


Notice the crooked smile?  Yeah…Guess who has massive amounts of orthodontic work in his future?!

– And finally, I got my hair colored yesterday and I was feeling brave.  So I told her to make me a brunette, and that she did! 


You only get to see the back of my head because I haven’t washed or painted my face yet today and yes I’m vain enough to know not to put a scuzzy looking picture of myself on the interweb!

Happy Wednesday!

I hear this 100 times a day…

Sloan thinks this commercial is hysterical:

And it is. We laugh every time it comes on. And Sloan has long since memorized it, which means 100 times a day I hear this:

I love that kid…

Intentional Parenting

In the few years that it’s been since Lee and I become parents to one child, then a second and finally a third, we’ve learned a LOT about this journey called parenting. A LOT.

And from what I hear we’ve only scratched the surface. *deep breath*

One of the things we are learning in large amounts right now is the idea of intentional parenting.

This is not a new or ground breaking concept.  Plenty of people are parenting with intention and Lee and I were doing so to an extent before the year 2009 – but this year has definately been a year of growth for us in our parenting.

While we have been intentional in the past about teaching our kids basic, common sense virtures like sharing, kindness, obedience, etc…We’ve learned this year that we need to step up to the plate and really dig into this parenting thing. 

Before, so much of our parenting took place only in the now.  We were controlling the behaviors in the hopes that the immediate future would be impacted and changed, but we weren’t necessarily thinking of down the road.

Not that we were completely oblivious to the people our children would someday become.  Like any parents, we often dream of who our children will grow into.  We have hopes, dreams and ambitions for them.  And the number one prayer of our hearts since the day any of them entered this world was that they would grow in wisdom and stature and they would find favor with God and man. 

But back to intentional parenting.  This year has been about learning how to parent our children with the future in mind.  Why do we want them to obey immediately?  Certainly immediate obedience makes our day run much more smoothly.  But beyond that, a child who is taught to respect and obey his parents immediately will grow up with a respect for authority and a drive to complete tasks in a timely fashion.

But it’s a not a blind obedience that we’re asking for.  Before this year, I used to think that because I said so was the parental charge for action.  It was the acceptable excuse and was never to be questioned.  Ever.

Now, while I still believe there is a time and place for because I said so, I try harder to give my kids a reason for their obedience.

You need to put your shoes on right away because if you don’t, we won’t be able to get to school on time and you will have to walk into your classroom late and that would be embarrassing.

You need to pick up your toys because if you don’t, mommy or daddy might trip over them and get hurt.

You shouldn’t run in the store because someone might not see you and you could cause them to fall and get hurt or break something.

We’re trying to instill in our kids a moral reason why they need to obey.  Not just demand that they obey.  We’re also reinforcing to them the fact that when they do obey immediately, things will go well with them.  Life is much smoother for a child who knows how to respect the authority of adults.

Life is also much easier for adults who know how to respect their authorities.  Isn’t it?

You see, we’re trying to be intentional about teaching our children how to live responsible lives.  I require them to make their beds simply because it’s a responsible thing to do.  We ask them to clean up their toys simply because they need to take responsiblity for the things that are theirs.  So that someday, as adults, they will know how to live lives that are responsible and effective.

So that I won’t send off two boys into marriage and stick their poor wives with slobs who don’t know how to help out around the house (Lee is a great example for our boys in this area). 

And so I don’t send off my daughter off to be a wife and leave her with no clue how to take care of a home, cook a meal, care for others.

It’s intentional, you see, this thing called parenting.  And it’s hard.  It’s really, really hard.  It’s so much work.  It takes so much energy and time.  And my kids are still young.  God help us when the game of life gets more complicated than cleaning up a little Play-Doh and picking up LEGO’s.

This concept of intentional parenting is very deep.  And if you’re interested in more, I highly recommend the study Growing Kids God’s Way.  It’s an excellent study on the the why’s and how’s of training up morally responsible, enjoyable, godly children.

And now I am off to intentionally get my younger two out the door to a gymnastics class.

The Day a Boy Became a Man

On December 21, 2003, Sloan’s first tooth popped through his swollen little gums.

And on November 3, 2009 that very tooth fell out.

And, in his mind, he has now become a man.


He came into our room this morning much earlier than I would have liked filled with awe and excitement as he held up the three crisp dollars the Tooth Fairy left for him.  She also wrote him a letter congratulating him on his tooth loss – because she’s cool like that.

He was very concerned about her taking his tooth, so I let him write a note last night asking her if he could keep it.

Old pictures 028

And now I have a question for you, internets.

What do you do with kids teeth when they fall out?

Should I keep them in a little baggie and tuck them away in his baby book?

Because – um – ew.

The Truth in Blogging

My friend, Nicole, has a great post today about keepin’ it real in blogging.  The idea is that many times us blogger mama’s tend to keep things positive and not really show the messy in life. 

It can be very deceptive and even discouraging when it seems that these people you read and grow to love are perfect mothers who always prepare fresh, organic fare for their children, have a hot meal on the table when their husbands get home and smell of roses when they sweat.

In general I think I have a pretty good balance on this here blog.  I’ve let you know the times when my heart has been heavy, I told you I clap my hands at my kids, and who can forget this little escapade?  But, for the most part, I like to keep things light on my blog.  I don’t record every single thing we are doing in our lives here – first because that would be incredibly boring and second – because the world doesn’t need to know everything.

So today, in an effort to keep it real, I share with you some of the bad/funny moments in my home.

– My youngest child woke up in the middle of the night last night and wouldn’t go back to to sleep so I finally put him in his crib where he cried loud and hard for an hour and a half.  And I put the pillow over my head and attempted to go back to sleep.

– When his loud crying woke up Tia, I plopped her back in bed and when she started crying I shushed her sternly, threatening to throw away her Halloween candy if she woke Sloan up. (I did apologize for being so harsh this morning.  In my defense it was 4:30 am and I’d already been awake for an hour and a half.)

– While I know that I should be working with Sloan every day on his English reading and his russian homework, I often times talk myself out of it simply because I’m lazy and don’t feel like it.  I’m working on being more diligent so that I can pass that on to my children.  It’s hard.

– I am over committed this holiday season.  It’s almost feeling out of hand and all I can think is that I just need to get through the next 6 weeks and it will all get better. 

– I suffer from mommy guilt a lot.  I am constantly thinking about how I could have/should have done something better in my parenting (a post about how we are learning to parent intentionally is coming tomorrow).  I have to work hard not to get bogged down in that attitude.

– I spend too much time on the computer.  I’m working really hard at limiting my internet time so that I’m focusing more on my kids and my house.  Is there a 12 – step program for that?

– My third born is a terrible eater.  And I’ve never had a terrible eater before so I don’t know what to do with him.  So many times I just let him drink his meals.  This morning he had a cup of Emergen-C and a cup of diluted antioxidant water and two bites of pancakes.  He just refuses to eat.  It’s insane!

– I’m not very good at grocery shopping.  I always spend a ton of money yet never seem to have anything for dinner.  I know, I know – I should plan out my meals in advance so I get the right ingredients and save money…

– I’m not overly organized – see above.

– Sometimes I don’t start dinner until 5:00, which means we eat a lot of pasta and other quick and easy meals.  Again, see above.

– Sometimes I drop my kids off in child care at the gym, then I go sit in the hot tub instead of working out.

Okay, that’s enough confessing for now.  What about you all?  Do any of you have any confessions you’d like to make?  Do share.

Oh, and I do smell like roses when I sweat so I’ve got that going for me…

The Obligatory Halloween Post

We had a theme – Can you guess what it was?


Tia is like Chandler Bing – As soon as the camera is pointed at her she pastes on a cheesy, pained grin.

IMG_7479 IMG_7481 IMG_7480

I don’t know – There just are no words for this picture…


Princess Leia was feeling particularly charming.





We enjoyed a yearly tradition of Trick or Treating with the neighbors.


Darth Vadar, unfortunately, got tired and had to retreat early for his beauty rest.


And, of course, we ended up at home where we sat around a warm fire, visited with sweet neighbors and made ourselves sick on candy. 



I hope Halloween 2009 was a real “treat” for you all.