Can I Just Go Back to Bed?

*updated pictures below – it’s not any better. 

I woke up this morning to a very quiet house.  It was 7:00 and I thought, wow – today’s gonna be a good day.

I was wrong…

As I was getting dressed, Sloan came in to my room and said, “Mom, look at Tia’s hair.  It’s short!”

He cut her hair off.  He cut it off.

I just started crying and sent them out of the room.  I know it’s just hair, but I love her hair.  I love pigtails and braids.  These are the things I love about having a girl.  And I’m just so sad. Here are pictures for now.  I’ll post more after I’ve taken her to the salon and had them do whatever they can with it. Pray for me!

Too bad the mullet is no longer in style

Too bad the mullet is no longer in style


Why couldn't he have done this on the other side?

Why couldn't he have done this on the other side?


The bag of her hair that I'm crying over

The bag of her hair that I'm crying over

I was hoping that blogging about it would make me feel better. But it didn’t.  In fact, looking at the pictures has brought on fresh tears.  *sigh* I guess I’ll find this funny someday?

Bad Dorothy Hammel haircut. Notice how the right side is significantly shorter than the left?

Bad Dorothy Hammel haircut. Notice how the right side is significantly shorter than the left?


She's going to have to get used to head bands.

She's going to have to get used to head bands.


  1. Oh you poor thing. I know that breaks your heart. But it will grow back and you WILL laugh about it — someday. Probably not real soon, though. My neighbor’s daughter has done this a couple of times to her other daughter and the last time, she made the older one get the exact same haircut as was necessary to fix the hair on the younger one. It seems to have fixed the problem so far.

    I have a very good, wise friend who gives me some version of this advice when I’m having a bad day with my kids:
    Me: I cannot keep up with my laundry
    Friend: Be glad your kids are healthy enough to go outside and dirty their clothes.
    Me: My kids won’t stop fighting
    Friend: Feel blessed that you have more than one.

    You get the picture. Hope it helps.

  2. YIKES!!! Okay, let’s look at the positives in this situation…..YES there ARE positives. 1. You have lots of locks for her baby book
    2. Sloan DID cut in a nice straight line (impressive)
    3. it is summer, so a summer cut is only fitting
    4. Like Michelle said, at least she lost some of her hair from this and not an illness:)
    5. Whew, glad it wasn’t Brookes hair! (I am sorry, that WAS a little cruel to say, but I’m just sayin’)
    6. Could you use this experience to try a side part on Tia (kinda like a comb-over for a little girl) You KNOW I love ya Kelli and am just tryin to make you laugh. I KNOW I would have screamed and yelled. I had another friend whose daughter cut her own hair, so I have always warned Brooke, “you better not EVER place a scissor to your hair!!” so far it’s worked, but you never know. God be with you sister!!!

  3. ohhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. Oh man. I know I shouldn’t find this funny, but I do. I’ll stay out of your way today…..:-)

  5. Lisa Rouse says

    I think she looks adorable with short hair- that last one with the headband is super cute. Pam has a stylist that has been doing Katie’s hair for years and does a great job. She’s great at the super straight trendy little girl bob.

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry…I can only imagine if I had a little girl with long hair (and how I’d love to do it!).

    But, as mentioned above, she’ll look adorable with short hair. And this will be one of those days that both of them (and you and Lee) will remember forever. And when they’re older, it will be funny even though it’s totally NOT funny now.

  7. correction – she DOES look adorable with short hair!

  8. oh….noooo!!!
    Kelli, I’ve been there, except in my case my darling daughter cut someone else’s hair!! She chopped one of her best friends’ hair off…when I realized what she had done, I almost wished she had cut her own hair off. Well not really, but I did when I had to explain to my friend why her daughter’s hair was cut off. On the bright side, she looks super cute with her headband in!

  9. Oh, Kelli! I’m so sorry.

    She does look uber cute with the short hair and headband, though — even *before* you go get it fixed. How could her hair length make any difference to all that abundant CUTENESS!!

    I do understand your pain, though.

  10. She pulls the headband off quite well! Adorable actually… She doesn’t look too traumatized. What was her reaction? And then for future reference because I totally foresee this being in my future… was there any consequence for Sloan?

    • Sloan lost his bike for a week and the privilege to have friends over through the weekend. Tia lost her bike too, because she was a very willing participant in this little shenanigan. And, incidentally, the scissors were up very high on the middle shelf of one of our kitchen cabinets, so there was some thought that went in to climbing up there, getting them down and using them. They also wrapped paper towel around Tia’s shoulders so she didn’t get any hair on her clothes or the floor.

      In other words, it was premeditated and they were guilty as charged.

      • I like the paper towel bit. At least you have smart children! 🙂 And for the record… I would cry too.

  11. I can understand the tearful reaction. Bad hair is a perfectly good reason to cry! But she really does look cute in the after pictures. Short hair is in for the summer!

  12. Tammy (mom) says

    ohh friend…… trust me…. in about 20 or so years you will be laughing…. trust me… I too have a daughter with gorgeous long curly hair. Her brother (Joe) decided to play barber while we the parents were out for dinner. When we got home they were asleep. I picked Kristi up.. and huge strands… chunks of her hair fell through my fingers onto the floor.. It was unrepairable and cut in places that could not be covered up… I remember being so furious I knew I couldn’t scold him at that moment… I’m the one who went for a time out… I sat on the front porch and cried, then realized… or had it revealed to me that I had too much pride in her hair… it was just that… HAIR… thank goodness Punky Brewster side ponytails were in.. 🙂 Joe was grounded from scissors till he was 104yrs old.. and I meant it!.Looking at your pictures actually took me back and made me laugh… On a lighter note I think your daughter and her new haircut is absolutely precious… exhale….you will get thru this…..

  13. You know I understand how you are feeling. Both my daughters have cut their hair at one time or the other. But rest assured your little girl is still cute—That’s for sure!

  14. Oh. My. Lanta.

    He really cut it short! UGH! Ashlynn recently took scissors to her own hair, so this may be an age thing….When I heard she did this, I had a little chat with Cooper about scissors. Not that it means much…he could still do it! He pretends to cut Chase’s hair with his fingers all the time. AH!

    Sorry lady…as everyone has said…I would cry too!

    • What’s funny (or not…) is that last year after Sloan tried to cut his own hair, we talked extensively about how you never cut your own hair. But, in thinking back, I’m pretty sure I never specifically said you never cut someone else’s hair. He got me on a technicality.

  15. Oh, my dear! How upset you must be. But don’t cry. Katya’s hair will grow soon again and you will enjoy ponytaiks and braids again. And this time you will feel much more enjoyment form doing her hair. And in time you will definitely laught at the story Your perferct sense of humour will vin.
    The story has reminded me of my own one. But that cutting happened to my favourite doll. My father presented a very beautiful porcelaine German doll to my mother on their wedding day. At first my mom didn’t allow me to play with it as it was a symbol of their love and a memory about their wedding day. But the day came when she allowed. How glad i was. I adored this doll. I combed her hair (it had very long blond hair), I sewed her clothes, walked with it… But one day I came home from school and found out that my brother cut my doll’d hair. Cut it very short abd in a terrible way. It looked awful. It was a tragedy for me.

  16. OH my… bless your heart! She is a cutie pie short hair and all;)

  17. Suzanne says

    After seeing Tia tonight– how have I missed seeing her for so long– I went to your blog knowing full well this was documented. Now I understand why you made such a face when I said her hair is cute and I like the new cut. She’s cute and can do whatever cut she likes and get away with it thanks to her sheer cuteness!

  18. I remember this!


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