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We’ve had a beautiful Indian Summer this past week, but alas, I know it is soon to draw to a close.  My hydrangea bushes still have some beautiful blooms on them and rather than see them shrivel up in the coming cold and rain, I decided to enjoy them just a little bit longer:


-My sister-in-law, Becke’, has just finished her first book and it’s amazing!  It’s called Testament Focused and it combines her love of God’s Word with her love of photography.  It would make a great Christmas gift.  You can preview the book here.  I highly, highly recommend it.  And, bonus, 100% of the profits from the first 25 books sold go to an amazing ministry called Soaring Wings Ranch

– I am participating in our church’s Christmas musical called A Time for Christmas and it opens in just a few weeks.  It’s a broadway style musical filled with singing, dancing and a whole lot of Christmas music!  It’s been a pretty big commitment but I think it’s going to be worth it as the play is really starting to come together.  Tickets went on sale this past Sunday.  You can purchase them here (just click on the link that says Purchase Tickets).  The show runs from Thursday, December 10-Sunday, December 13.  I would love it if you could come!  I’ll be the one singing the high D and shattering all the glass in the room.  Good times…

– The Tooth Fairy made a second appearance in our home the other night after I pulled out Sloan’s second wiggly tooth.  And, for the record, I don’t like pulling teeth out of someone’s mouth – even if that someone is my kid.  It’s gross and it set off my gag reflexes big time.  Here he is sporting his large window. 


Notice the crooked smile?  Yeah…Guess who has massive amounts of orthodontic work in his future?!

– And finally, I got my hair colored yesterday and I was feeling brave.  So I told her to make me a brunette, and that she did! 


You only get to see the back of my head because I haven’t washed or painted my face yet today and yes I’m vain enough to know not to put a scuzzy looking picture of myself on the interweb!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the hair!!!!!

  2. How about a front picture today? The back looks great! What did Lee say?

  3. I love the bouquets you made. And I love the picture of Tia next to one of them.
    Sloan is cute and funny. Tooth Fairy did a great job.
    Your hair looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see your full face profile. Your brave step is going to inspire me to do the same. I’m thinking about becoming a brunette for far too long. And every time I go to the hair dresser I can’t find strength to change the color.

  4. Yay for fabulous hair stylists!! I’m liking what I see so far 🙂

  5. I’ll post a pic of the front later. As far as what did Lee say? It went something like this: “Hey, you’re hair’s darker…So what’s for dinner?”

    I took that to mean he likes it – or that he just doesn’t care.

  6. We had the SAME thing happen this year?! Barely ANY blooms on my hydrangeas all summer and then BAM! Week before Halloween and they were gorgeous?!

  7. LOVE the color!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS?! You’re a brunette? WOW…I am SO EXCITED to see this in person in one week! YAY! And your hydrangeas are seriously gorgeous. They are one of my favorite flowers and I’m coveting them just a skooch…

  9. Your hair color looks really pretty and soo shiney!! Can’t wait to see the front too:) If i had a hydrangea bush, I would have to have them around my house all the time…they are gorgeous..hmmm maybe we should plant one. You know what, you really have a talented family. Becke’s book is amazing! Lee’s comment sounds like a Sloan comment doesnt it?!!

  10. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! Very smart to bring them in to enjoy.

    As for the teeth. Ick. I cannot stand it when my kids have a loose tooth. I run away screaming whenever they want to show me. *shiver*


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