Great videos

For all you moms of boys, I have a great website for you to check out. Actually, Tia loves these videos too. It’s called The videos are awesome!!! They are a little pricey on that website, but you can find them for half the price on Amazon. I think we may have all of them at this point. They are shorter, which is nice so the kids aren’t plastered to the TV for an hour and a half and they are so informative! We have Where the Garbage Goes, which shows you everything about how garbage is recycled and processed. Just beware, you’ll probably be convicted on how much we consume as a nation – it’s disgusting. Another favorite is Farm Country Ahead, which shows the kids how corn is grown, how bread and peanut butter are made and how milk is processed. Did you know that one cow poops an average of 150 pounds per day! That’s a lot of s*@#! There’s also some poor guy that has to get in a little Bobcat and scoop all that manure up and shovel it into a dump truck so it can be sprayed over the crops to help them grow. When we wathced it for the first time I commented that these videos are great advertisements for a college education. Now, every time Sloan watches the poor guy scooping up the poop, he says, “I don’t want to do that when I grow up. I better go to college!” That’s right my boy! Tia loves the airplane one called Cleared for Takeoff and they both love the fire fighter video. Seriously, these videos are fun. Check them out. They’d be great birthday presents. What kid wouldn’t like to sit and watch garbage trucks, tractors and fire trucks!


  1. Those sound awesome! Thanks for the suggestion!