Third baby

So the plan, when Landon was born, was for him and Tia to share a room because she’s a great sleeper and we figured she could handle it. Unfortunately, he was not a great sleeper at the beginning and we didn’t want to put him in there with her. He is now a better sleeper, but we figured we’d wait until he was sleeping through the night to put them together, something that I am still dreading. Anyway, because he tends to be a really noisy sleeper, we have been putting him in the pack and play in the front room. This is working great. And now he is turning into an awesome sleeper. He’s still asleep this morning despite the fact that both kids have been running around talking and yelling and being their normal loud selves. Third babies really are quite adaptable! We would have never tried this with the first two, but out of necessity, Landon gets relegated to sleeping under a window. And another thing…it’s 8:30 and I still haven’t woken him up. With the first two I was such a stickler for waking them up at 7:00 and getting them on a daily schedule of napping and eating at certain times. With Landon it’s whatever little man!

In other news, we are dropping like flies around here. First I got the cold, then Sloan was up with a fever and the sniffles last night, now Tia’s sneezing. Blah! We leave for Florida in 15 days. I think the beach is just what the doctor ordered!


  1. the broomes says

    Amazing!!! It’s funny how flexible they really can be if we make them! I was just telling a friend the other day how Laura, Becca and I all shared a room when we were little. Can you even imagine that as a mom?!!?? When are ya’ll going to the beach? Are you driving? If so, we’d LOVE to see ya’ll; you could sleep here if you want to–Macon is a good stopping point!