Iced In…

We were iced in yesterday due to an ugly winter storm. Lee got up at 5:00 to leave for a breakfast meeting then catch a flight to Reno for four days. More on that later. The kids, naturally were up at 6:40 because why would they want to sleep in when they could wake mommy up and torment, er, love on her all day long! Anyway, by 10:00, we were all stir crazy. The kids had already plyed Ply-Doh for an hour, had a snack and watched a movie. Of course they picked the shortest movie we own, only 30 minutes and our rule is only one movie per day…most days anyway. So, what else to do? I must confess, I considered telling them it was noon anf feeding them and putting them down for naps, but I resisted. So, we built a fort. A stroke of genius on my part as that occupied them until lunch! And, Lee’s flight and trip got cancelled due to the ice and my desperate prayers so he came home at 3:00. Today it’s not so bad so we’re leaving the house and going to the mall because we’re stir crazy. Oh, and kudos to my friend Nicole for all she got done yesterday. While I had the opportunity to be just as productive, I was not because I was tired and felt like a slug. I did get the laundry done and folded but not yet put away because I hate doing that. Ah well….


  1. That was yesterday…today, not so much. I can barely force myself to bake the cookies I mixed up yesterday! Glad Lee didn’t have to go after all…

  2. the broomes says

    Oh, gracious, you have a BLOGSPOT too!!!! How have we not known this about one another?!!! …I actually called you a few months back (I think that we played phone tag as usual and never ended up talking) to see if you had a blog. Anyways…this is fun. I’m really excited to see frequent pics of the kids and hear GREAT stories (that are so entertainingly narrated:)) from the Stuart family!

  3. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    I used to do that all the time as a little one. I loved playing under my tent with my strawberry shortcake dolls. Looks fun.

  4. Making indoor tents is so fun! Jonathan and I haven’t done that in awhile – I’ll have to tuck it away for our next rainy day. (er… snow doesn’t exactly happen in San Antonio 🙂