Tia Tales, 2

I don’t know why my stories of Tia always involve her doing gross things. No dainty little girls for us! So, while this isn’t nearly as disgusting as her chewing on Landon’s umbilical cord, it’s still pretty yuck (if you’ve not heard the story, click the link. Just don’t eat while you read). Yesterday it was a whopping 40 degrees out. Not warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, of course, but still seemed balmy and pleasant after several days in the 20’s. Anyway, because it was so warm, all the ice is melting into a nasty, slushy mess. While I was busy getting Landon and other things out of the car, Tia went to splash around in the muck on the driveway. When I looked over at her, she was sitting in the garage, scraping the slush from the grooves of her shoes and eating it. Why on earth she felt the need to eat the ice off the bottm of her shoes and not just pick it up off the driveway is hard to say…


  1. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    Maybe by eating dog food this has changed her pallet. I don’t know what to think but you are getting some good stories to tell at her wedding rehearsal dinner.

  2. Kids are a handful! Today Jonathan and his buddy threw almost all of his sand toys over the balcony, hitting a car on the way down and breaking many of the toys. They both know that this is against the rules. Why is this so fun? At least they weren’t eating dirty slush, but I’ve dealt with plenty of gross things in the mouth too. At least we know we all lived through it, so they will too! Tia is probably so smart that she’s just trying to strengthen her immune system 🙂

  3. Wow Kel, you should start writing those wedding speeches now!

  4. Jordan & Christy says

    Hello Kelly! Thanks for your comment and it is so good to see what is going on with you all. you have your hands full and i am sure enjoying every minute of it! Tell Lee we said hi! love, christy