It’s coming to an end

The kids have had a wonderful week down in Florida with their grandparents but, sadly, it ends today.  I have to admit, we’ve also really enjoyed the relaxing week with just Landon at home.  I know he’s bored out of his mind, but I’ve relished the quiet.  But I’ve also missed my kiddos.  Rather than wishing they were here with me, though, I’ve more longed to be there with them.

Sloan and Tia in sand




Bunker beds


Tia Fish

Tia sand castle

Sloan lost another tooth

Sloan lost another tooth

Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy makes stops in Florida. And she leaves money in a seashell!  Cool!

Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy makes stops in Florida. And she leaves money in a seashell! Cool!

Ice cream

Tia Sand Pearl

Glow Sticks 2




He’s not having fun at all…

While his older brother and sister are galavanting about Florida with their grandparents, Landon is left here at home to experience something he has never known – what it’s like to be an only child.

I don’t think he likes it.  I mean, he’s got his dad all to himself…


where he’s allowed to climb,





and jump


onto daddy’s belly


and he doesn’t have to fight


with anyone else for daddy’s attention.

Daddy makes elephant sounds


And Landon makes them back.


He’s got daddy’s undivided attention,


and he’s clearly not enjoying himself.


Nope – not one little bit.



The Plague is Upon Us!

Good grief. We were back at the pediatrician yesterday, this time for Landon. That’s 80 bucks in co-pays in just five days! Poor little guy has a terrible cold. Of course, yesterday when I took him, he was just congested but his lungs were fine. Today his nose seems a little better, but he has the most awful sounding cough. We are just praying that this clears up soon and doesn’t worsen into the dreaded RSV. The only advice the dr. had for us at this point was to sit in a steamy bathroom with him, which I did for about 40 minutes at 3:00 this morning. I guess it helped a little but he still seems pretty miserable. As long as his breathing remains regulated and his color stays pink we should be okay. So far so good in those areas…
I’m learning a lot right now about God’s perfect will and His Providence in our lives. I’m reading a great book called With God in Russia about a priest who was falsely imprisoned in the Soviet Union during World War II. He was an American priest who went over there to share God’s love with the Russians, but was ultimately accused of espionage. He spent 15 years in a Siberian labor camp before he was finally released and sent back to the United States. His attitude and recollections toward that time are amazing and convicting. But one thing he says over and over is that he relied on the knowledge that God had a purpose and a plan and that he was in that place for a reason and that reason was to bring glory to God. Even when he spent an entire year in solitary confinement, he looked for every opportunity to glorify God and spent hours a day in prayer and meditation. In light of that, my momentary trials seem pale. I am trying to spend more time today thinking about how I can glorify God in this situation and less about how I can feel sorry for myself and how tired I am. It’s 8:43 right now and so far I’ve had a pretty good attitude. We’ll see how I do at 5:00. That’s the true test! Anyway, that’s me this morning…