Her daddy thinks we ought to ship her off to a convent in northern Iceland. I would tend to agree.

We might be in trouble with this one.

On her third birthday I told her everything I wanted her to know as she grew.

For her fifth birthday I made a video celebrating her.

Oh how she deserves to be celebrated.

The lone female, sandwiched between all that male.

And today she is six.

Happy Birthday, Katya Rose.


  1. How is it that her silly looks just like you but her sassy looks just like Lee? Tell her happy birthday from the Krosleys!

    • I will tell her. She has always favored her daddy a bit but now and again a little of me pops through. 🙂 Thanks Pam!

  2. Love these sweet photos. Give her a big birthday hug from me!

  3. She is so big and so beautiful. A true treasure of yours! I love the pictures or your amazing little girl. ? ???? ????????, ??????!!!!

  4. AAAA. Questions marks are the phrase in Russian – S Dnyem Rozhdyeniya, Katyusha!!!!

  5. happy birthday tia rose! it is true, you are beautiful and courageous…so fun to be your aunt and see how God is using you.