Five Extraordinary Years

All of my children are miracles.  They are miracles to me.  All three of them own my heart and are wrapped into the depths of my soul.  There is a feeling that is a little deeper, though, when I look at my daughter.

My daughter.

To hear those words when I had convinced myself I would never have a daughter…That moment is forever etched on my heart.  She’s my daughter.  Mine. 

And I adore her.

I want the world for her.

I want to protect her from the world.

She’s beautiful and sassy and funny and awesome.

She’s my daughter.

And today?  Today she is five.



5 Extraordinary Years from Kelli Stuart on Vimeo.

 Happy Birthday to my sweet girl today.  I look forward to many more extraordinary years…

Song by Rebekah Sullivant from her Little Lambs and Lullabies album.

Many thanks to Jim of BusyDadBlog for inspiring me to begin using video and for taking the time to teach me how to use the software.  Hopefully there will be many more videos to come.


  1. This is awesome, Kelli! I love this cycle of pictures and video clips. Tia is so big, smart and beautiful. She is a real miracle. My warmest congratulations on this special day. Ulyana watched the video with me and kept asking to play it again and again. She loves it and says, “S Dnyom rozhdeniya, Katya!”

  2. Uncle Jeff says

    Happy Birthday Tia Rose…What a precious gift!

  3. BRAVO! You did a great job. I saw some cuts, some fades and worked video footage in there too. Not a bad first run at all. Also, Princess Leia FTW! Wish your girl a very happy birthday. May the cake be with you. Looking forward to more good stuff!

  4. Thanks! It was fun. I’m excited to play more with the software. 🙂

  5. Candy martin says

    Ok, I am sitting in the Starbucks in Epsom, England with tears streaming down my face after watching her video. How did she turn 5 so fast? Give her big kisses for me. The wi fi in the flat isn’t working but we will call tonight on dad’s phone.

  6. Oh Kelli, that was awesome!!!!! How DID she grow so fast??? Stop this craziness. Was that your first movie?? you did great!! Now you can make one each year of all of them together, instead of an album. I need to get hoppin on mine for 2010! Hope Tia has an amazing day!!!

  7. Great presentation, Kelli! Happy Birthday sweet Tia! I’m so sorry we couldn’t be with you for your birthday. We love you!
    Papa and Bebe