To My Daughter – Things I want you to know

My sweet Katya. On this day, three years ago, you entered the world. The day you were born is etched deep in my mind. It is my technicolor memory. I see those moments leading up to meeting you so clearly. I can still hear the doctor saying, “You’ve got a baby girl,” and my heart plumetting and leaping all at once. How I treasure that moment. It is stored in the most precious section of my heart.Today, on your third birthday, I share a little bit of wisdom with you. The things I want you to know someday, when you are grown.

You are loved.

Being a girl gives you unique and special privileges. One of those is the freedom to love and collect shoes to your heart’s content. This is a good thing.

You are beautiful – truly, truly beautiful.

On that same note, the grace with which you carry yourself will make that beauty genuine.

When you are fourteen and some boy you hardly know tells you he loves you – don’t believe him and don’t say it back.

Measure your hearts’ desires against the Word of God.

A classy red shoe will never go out of style.

Sometimes you just need a good cry.

A friend who places stipulations on your relationship is not worth keeping around.

Be genuine with everyone you meet.

Though they may annoy you, your brothers are very special. Let them be your protectors.

You were created by God. You have worth and value to Him and that matters more than anything else in the world.

Measure any boy you ever date against your daddy. If you do this, you will be okay.

Shopping is not all it’s cracked up to be…unless you have money to spend – then, shopping is really, really, awesome.

Don’t seek worth in the eyes of the world.

Dream big and dream often and know that you can accomplish anything you dream.

Sometimes you may have to sacrifice one dream to obtain another. This is okay.

You’ll never be more beautiful than when you are at your most natural – but makeup is a great and fun way to enhance that natural beauty. Just use it sparingly.

There is nothing more noble than a woman who guards her heart.

Modesty is a beautiful thing.
Believe in yourself and in the gifts and abilities that God has given you. Use them to glorify Him.

Your daddy loves you more than you will ever know. You can rest assured in that.

New clothes are always fun, no matter how old you get.

It’s okay to be girly, but don’t be prissy.

A girl who has a healthy knowledge of sports will have a lot of options in life.

You have two wonderful, godly grandmothers. Get to know them. Soak up their wisdom. You’re blessed with a godly heritage.

I love you today and I will love you into eternity.

Happy Birthday, Katya Rose.


  1. KC Silverman says

    Tia- never forget what an amazing mother you have. You mom can (and will if you let her) have a powerful positive infuluence over you throughout your lifetime. Allow her wisdom to protect you from rash decisions, unrealistic expectations and dreams not worth chasing. Tell her where you have learned from her, that will bless her.
    Follow her sense of fashion and her taste. It’s good (not all girls can say that of their mommies).

    Learn every ounce of English grammar you can from her brain, then learn (and speak)all the Russian too. People will tell you that Spanish is much more valuable, but there are only more opportunites in life that can come to a person who is bilingual, no matter what the languages are.

    Find friends who will encourage you, bless you and love on you. Your mom can attest that this is wise counsel.

    Happy Birthday, sweet Tia! Eat some cake for me!

  2. Anonymous says

    Great words to a great granddaughter.

    Happy Birthday Precious Katya Rose Stuart!

    We love you dearly,
    Papa and Bebe

  3. A wonderful message from a wonderful mom! Nicely done.

  4. Three Against One says

    What a beautiful post! I love the advice about letting her brothers be her protectors (got me all choked up) and how if she measures every man she dates to her daddy she will be okay. They will never truly understand how deep and strong a mothers love is until they have one of their own and then they will have a HUGE “Ahaa” moment.
    Happy Birthday Tia!!

  5. heresthediehl says

    Happy birthday, Tia!

    You are lucky to have such an amazing family 🙂

  6. That was an exciting day, especially since we were told that Stuarts don’t have girls. I feel so honored to have been in the delivery room to experience Tia’s birth. She is a special, unique little girl. I love her little face. I think that she could possibly rule the kingdom when she grows up, so I want to treat her good. You are an amazing mom, Kelli. I am so proud to call you my daughter and friend. I read your blog while I was sitting at the car wash and started crying! I wish I had been able to pen such beautiful words to you when you were little. I just whispered them in your ear! Happy Birthday Doodle-bug.

  7. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    Happy Birthday Tia. My mom wrote down things like you just did in a little book and gave it to me when I went off to collage. I still have it. Very valuable!

  8. Happy Birthday, sweet Katya! You are so special. You have a special name, special parents, special blessings. i wish I could know you better and have the opportunity to hug and kiss you. I know you through your mom’s stories about you, through the pictures your mom and granny are sending me and posting in this blog. But I love you because you are a daughter of a special friend of mine, your mom. She is an amazing mother. She loves you so dearly. She is so talented, so beautiful and wise. You are really, really blessed to have her as your mom.
    Happy birthday, little girl. Be happy!

  9. Great advice, Sista!
    Happy Birthday to sweet Tia!

  10. Bugs and Sunshine says

    Happy Birthday Tia!

  11. The Original 2 Prices says

    OK- tearing up over here. I don’t have a girl, and I’m not sure I’d know what to do with one if it landed on my door. But, if ever I wanted one, it’s after reading that! Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

  12. Kelli – That is the sweetest thing. How amazing it will be when she is older and can appreciate all of your wisdom!!

  13. This is so sweet and beautiful, it made me cry!
    Happy birthday Tia!

  14. Amy O'Meara says

    This is an old post, Kelli, but Jen just told me about your blog on Saturday. My Ava turned 10 on Saturday and so this old post caught my eye. Now I am fighting tears in my office. What beautiful daughters we have – and what beautiful moms they make us! Looking forward to enjoying your future writing and wanted to leave a note so you know I found your blog. P&B, Amy

    • Hi Amy! 🙂 So glad you found me here. Thank you. I can’t believe you have a ten year old! 🙂 Craziness.


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