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A few of my favorite things

seasonal_peppermint_mochaAs I begin seriously working on my novel again, I’ve spent some time reading through the books that bring me the most inspiration.  Books that move my heart, make me laugh, make me cry and make me think that I could maybe, possibly write prose so poetic you feel as if you’re standing in the middle of the action.  Here are a few of the books that move me:

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver: I read this book in college and remember being stunned at the magic that sprang forth from each page.  This book is a tragedy from start to finish, but it’s also poetry in motion.  It’s so beautifully written that you don’t notice the heartache until it’s right on top of you.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier: I love this book.  It is also tragic, but in a less blatant form.  It’s a historical novel, which is my favorite kind of book and the imagery is so vivid that you feel like you’re a part of the Vermeer painting yourself.

Anna Karenina by Lev Tolstoy: I love this novel.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  This book makes me happy.  And sad.  But mostly happy.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte:  Another beautiful tale of love and tragedy.  After reading this book I often find myself writing Thee and Thou as if it’s natural, every day language…

Aside from books, here are a few more of my favorite things.

Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha Creamer: I was positive that this was only a holiday flavoring offered for Christmas so every time I go to the store I buy more of this in the fear that they’re going to yank it off the shelves.  So far they haven’t, but I’m not taking any chances.  I’ve got seven bottles of it in my fridge.

You know that moment when you walk into your kids’ rooms after lights out and they’re sound asleep, their mouths open and their faces peaceful?  You lean down and smell their hair and breathe in the scents of lavendar and lotion, then you gently kiss their soft, squishy cheeks.

That is so my favorite thing.

My seven year old says the funniest things.  My favorite from just this morning was when I pulled out the nail clippers to tackle the claws he likes to call toes.

“No!  Don’t clip my toenails!” he cried.  “Why?” I asked.  “Because they’re my weapons,” came the reply.  “I need them in case Tia and Landon start attacking me.”

Listening to his reasoning is definately one of my favorite things.

Sleeping.  Last night I slept eight and a half hours uninterrupted.  I’m fairly certain I didn’t move the entire night.  And that is one of my favorite things.

What are a few of your favorite things?

The one with the bags under my eyes


The clock read 4:32 am.

“Moooooommmmmyyyyyy,” came the pitiful cry.  I quickly got up and went to Tia’s room.  She is my sleeper.  She is the child who could sleep through any illness, the one who once vomited then went back to sleep in it.


So when she cries out in the middle of the night, there’s usually a good reason for it.  Usually.

“What’s wrong,” I asked, kneeling by her bed.  Her eyes were closed.  She was asleep.  Like a cruel joke she roused me from my bed then fell back into a deep slumber.  I stumbled back to bed.

The clock read 4:36 and I felt the heat of little eyes staring at me from the bedside.  “Tia, what’s wrong, honey?” I mumbled.

“I had a bad dream about tornados,” she wimpered.  We can all thank her big brother for that phobia.  I got up and walked her back to her room and put her back in bed.  “Think about happy things,” I told her.  “Think of the beach and ice cream and gymnastics.”

I fell back into my bed a minute later.

The clock read 4:40.

“Moooom?”  Her call floated down the hallway like bad alarm that won’t go off.  I waited.  Maybe she would think I was asleep and she’d give up.  All rationality had left my weary body at that point.  “Moooom?” 

I sat up and hissed, “Tia, hush!”

A few minutes later.  “Moooom?”  With less sympathy and a modicum more frustration, I flung the covers off my body and briskly walked to her room.

“Tia!  What?!”

“I sneezed,” she said, her tiny face peeking out from under the mountain of blankets.

I did not respond.  I held onto my own advice of When you don’t have something nice to say, Ssshhh! Say nothing.

That was two nights ago.  Last night the same situation played itself out only she complained of leg and head pain (I believe she’s growing) and she woke up crying because she had a nightmare that Sloan was scratching her.

So if you run into me today and notice the bags under my eyes, or think you can make out Route 66 in the red lines criss crossing my eyeballs, now you’ll know why.  I have slept all night in more than two weeks.

T-Minus 13 days until we leave for Florida.  I may not sleep anymore down there, but at least I’ll get a little tan to mask the bags.  That’s my happy dream…

The Debate of our Generation

I try to keep things light around here.  I don’t like starting fights and I don’t like confrontation.  I tried all of that some in the past and, honestly, wasn’t crazy about the drama that followed.  So I stopped.

But this is not something that I can keep silent about any longer.  I think this is an important issue that we should be discussing.  I think it’s time we all took a deep breath and had a reasonable conversation like the grown ups that we are.  This issue is very sensitive to some and I’m not sure that there’s a right or wrong answer, but I do know we need to discuss.

Watch the video and then let me know YOUR thoughts.  How do you feel about this issue?  This may be the debate of our generation so I want to hear what you have to say. And remember, we are all entitled to our own opinions. Don’t be afraid to share how you really feel. This is a safe place…

Digging Down Deep


Today is one of those days when I feel like I’m done.  I have nothing left.  I gave so much of myself last week and I used every bit of my reserve energy to survive and get through that I have little left this week.  Lee is home now, which helps, but unfortunately work is such that I’m still alone a lot, with sick children, a house to pack (we’re hoping to put it on the market in a few weeks) and a long list of other responsibilities staring me in the face.

And I am exhausted.  So tired that my eyes actually ache.  And given the fact that I have a three year old who refuses to nap, afternoon rest is likely not in my forecast.  *sad face* 

This is one of those days/weeks that I am going to need to dig down deep.  One of those days/weeks when I have nothing left of my own to offer.  One of those days/weeks when my time with my Bible is like lapping from the sweet stream waters after an arduous hike.

I’m digging down deep.  I am in survival mode.  In this fog I honestly don’t see an end in sight, but I know there is one.  In three weeks I’ll be in Florida.  The Beach is waiting for me.  And my mom will be there.  Ah!  Suddenly there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s called Spring Break.

What do you all do when you have to dig deep?  What gets you through those longs days/weeks/months/years when life is overwhelmingly full?

He’s made it abundantly clear

He really,








his Tamiflu.


Thank God he only has one dose left, although I will miss laughing at him as he gags dramatically…

You won’t judge me, right?


Alternately titled: I’m a big dork and now you know.

I have wonderful friends.  Really, really great friends who love me and look out for me.  Last Saturday when Sloan was so sick, I talked with my friend Elizabeth.  She immediately identified with my fatigue and pain and did what only a sweet friend would do.

She brought me Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate, because she knows I’m addicted to it, and she dropped off and stack of movies for the kids to watch. 

She saved me.

We piled up on the floor with blankets (and coffee) and had a movie marathon.  We watched High School Musical 2 and 3.  This is the part where I reveal how big of a dork I am.  I am ashamed and yet…I’m not.


I don’t hate the High School Musical trilogy.  In fact *looks around, leans in close and whispers* I actually like the movies in all their cheesy flare.  Had I seen these as a preteen I would have definately had posters and CD’s (okay, Cassette Tapes – I know, I know…) and maybe even a pin or two for my jean jacket.

Part of my enjoyment could be my soccer mom crush on Zac Efron.  Part of it stems from my life long love of obsession with musicals.  I have loved them since I was a kid.  I remember as a young girl wishing I could live in a musical.  How fun would it be to burst into song and have everyone join you both in song and in dance?  Think how sunny and fun life would be if we sang out our problems and dreams! 

Lee thinks I’m the only person who would find this fun.

So there you have it.  I like High School Musical.  All three of them.  I like them, okay?  Yes, they’re silly and overly dramatic and over the top, but they make me smile and I may or may not bob my head to the beat when the campy songs start up. 

So this morning, after Sloan got on the bus (yes, he’s finally going back to school), when Tia and Landon asked if they could watch it…well, I said yes.  Because I wanted to see Zac listen to the songs. 

Now you know.  I wanted to share this with you because you’re my friends and I know you won’t judge me.  Right?  I mean, we can still be friends, can’t we?  Please?

Try not to be jealous, everyone.  I’m not always this cool.