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It’s coming to an end

The kids have had a wonderful week down in Florida with their grandparents but, sadly, it ends today.  I have to admit, we’ve also really enjoyed the relaxing week with just Landon at home.  I know he’s bored out of his mind, but I’ve relished the quiet.  But I’ve also missed my kiddos.  Rather than wishing they were here with me, though, I’ve more longed to be there with them.

Sloan and Tia in sand




Bunker beds


Tia Fish

Tia sand castle

Sloan lost another tooth

Sloan lost another tooth

Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy makes stops in Florida. And she leaves money in a seashell!  Cool!

Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy makes stops in Florida. And she leaves money in a seashell! Cool!

Ice cream

Tia Sand Pearl

Glow Sticks 2




It could have been mortifying

We had a full weekend partying like it was 1999 with only one kid.  I am only slightly exaggerating.  When you’re married with three kids the term “party” takes on a whole new meeting.  Just getting out of the house with makeup on could be considered “partying,” for example.  Relaxing on the couch in a quiet house at 2:00 in the afternoon – PAR-TAY

So yes, relatively speaking, we were partying this weekend.  We even attended an actual party thrown by the lovely Kim, Jess and Gina.  This meant that we had a real life babysitter and we hung out with a group of people (90% of which were significantly younger than Lee) and played games and ate food and laughed a whole dang lot.

Then came the time change.  BAM-BAM-BAM.  I have been reading this book and, while I will admit I got increasingly frustrated with the author’s long windedness and his perpetual overdescription of things that weren’t pertinent to the story itself (it sucks to be an editor sometimes…it can really ruin the book reading experience) the story was still engaging enough that I was able to skim past the boring parts and keep pace with the action.  It was also engaging enough to keep me up until the wee hours of the morning.

So when I dragged myself out of bed Sunday morning, having lost not just one hour of sleep but multiple hours, I wasn’t feelin’ like the young hot mama that I actually am. 

I was a little nauseous, a lot tired and running very late as I had to be at church early to prepare to sing up front with the choir.  I got ready as fast as I could and rushed out the door like I do nearly every Sunday morning – without eating any breakfast. 

When I arrived at church, I joined the choir on stage to warm up and prepare for service.  I was exhausted, sluggish and increasingly nauseous.  In the five minutes between rehearsal and the service, I took a long drink of water and tried to get my heavy eyelids to quit fighting me.  Then service began and all was going well.  There was a girl who had recently joined choir standing beside me and I enjoyed getting to know her and singing alongside her.

About halfway through the first set, I opened my eyes and noticed a rather sizable crowd rushing up the center isle to the aide of someone who had apparently passed out and, upon falling, had cracked his head open.  We stopped the service so that he could be attended to and commenced in a little silent prayer time, which had been built into the service for that day anyway (how great is God?).  It was at this time that I myself started feeling more than nauseous.  I was light headed and starting to break out in  a cold sweat.

I sat down to pray and put my head down which seemed to help.  After a few minutes the paramedics arrived and while they were tending to the gentlman who fell, we began the service again.  I stood up by my new friend and instantly knew I was in trouble.  It started in the corners of my eyes.  The room was going black.  I took deep breaths and all I could think was Dear God please don’t let me pass out here in front of everyone while there are paramedics in the room.

Within seconds I knew I had to get out of there because I was going to hit the floor.  Like a bad movie, the blackness closed in and I started to sway.  I turned to my new best friend and heard her say with a bit of urgency, “Are you okay? You’re really white?”

And then it went completely black.  I couldn’t see anything at all.  And I was going to crumble. She grabbed my arm and walked me to the stage door, which mercifully wasn’t far because we were stading on the end.  I ran into the door because I couldn’t see anything at all and made it backstage before I fell.  She dragged me to the couch and pushed my head between my legs.  About thirty seconds later the blackness finally faded away and I could see again.  And a mixture of mortification and gratefulness set in.  I was mortified because I blacked out on stage. I was grateful because not many people noticed thanks to this girl’s quick reaction.  Ah! I would have been devastatingly humiliated had I hit the floor on stage.

A friend sitting in the congregation saw her lead me off stage and came back to check on me, then set off to find something for me to eat.  She found two pieces of Kraft American cheese which had a bad case of rigor mortis, but I ate them anyway and gulped down some water and tried to get the fuzzy feeling in my head to go away.

After sitting down for about 30 minutes, I did manage to go out and finish singing with the choir, but it took several hours for me to feel totally right again.  I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before (other than, you know, after having my blood drawn or a shot…ahem) and I can’t think of any reason as to why it happened yesterday other than apparently extreme fatigue coupled with low blood sugar were not a good combination.

Another possible reason was mentioned to me by more than one person and I know some of you are thinking that yourself with eyebrows raised.  Let me spare you the speculation…I do remember passing out two or three times when I was pregnant with Tia so I know that is a possibility, however slim that may be.  But there have been signs that lead me to believe that that, indeed, is not the case. 

And just to be sure, I took a test.  And I’m not pregnant so nobody go gettin’ all excited unless you want to rejoice with me that I’m not pregnant.  You can do a happy dance with me…

All I know is that while it was definately bizarre and embarrassing, it could have been terribly mortifying.  The whole morning was just a little bizarre.  And with that, I will head off to eat a little breakfast!

He’s not having fun at all…

While his older brother and sister are galavanting about Florida with their grandparents, Landon is left here at home to experience something he has never known – what it’s like to be an only child.

I don’t think he likes it.  I mean, he’s got his dad all to himself…


where he’s allowed to climb,





and jump


onto daddy’s belly


and he doesn’t have to fight


with anyone else for daddy’s attention.

Daddy makes elephant sounds


And Landon makes them back.


He’s got daddy’s undivided attention,


and he’s clearly not enjoying himself.


Nope – not one little bit.



On Menopause

Our friends Scott and Marci invited us to a client appreciation dinner last night and afterwards we were treated to the play, Menopause: The Musical.  A play where four menopausal (or post-menopausal) women sing and dance about all things menopause.  Lee and I were completely unsure about this play as we prepared to leave.  Lee in particular was preparing to meet the evening with a bit of trepidation.  But we were assured by many (men and women alike) that it is indeed a hilrious program, no matter how old you are.  And I will say – that is true.  We laughed…a lot.

A few observations:

  • Gettin’ old blows.  There’s no two ways about it.  Oh sure, with age comes maturity, experience, wisdom and all manner of blessings.  But with all those glorious blessings also come hot flashes, memory loss and, apparently, THE CRAZIES.
  • If you age with a sense of humor, it can be fun.  And funny, as these women so aptly proved last night.  I mean, really, singing about night flashes to the tune of Stayin’ Alive?  Funny.
  • I’m glad that the “change of life” is still a ways off for me.  Sweet mercy, I’ve already got THE CRAZIES.  I don’t need THE CRAZIES accompanied by hot flashes and memory loss…
  • Actually, come to think of it I am having uncharacteristic memory loss.  I think it’s kid-induced rather than hormonal, but it does prove that I’m only one hot flash shy of “the change.”  Awesome.
  • No matter which way you cut it, middle aged women dancing in robes and nighties and singing about hormonal changes and sex is funny…and uncomfortable – but mostly funny.
  • Do not drink two bottles of water and a glass of wine before the show, then take your seat in the middle of the row without going to the bathroom first.  There is no intermission…
  • Should you go see this play yourself be sure to sit directly behind two women who are in their sixties and cackle so loudly that you fear they may wet themselves.  It will totally and completely enhance the performance and will cause your husband to roll around in his chair overcome with hysterics.   


So, to recap – aging is inevitable; no matter how old you are, if you drink too much then sit down to watch a hysterical recounting of aging you will be uncomfortable and laughing will be dangerous; sit behind women who have already experienced “the change” – it’s way more fun; don’t get scared of “the change”, especially when you realize you’re one hot flash away from it; and aging blows, but it can also be funny.

I think that about covers it.

The good news? I’m a blonde again…

Sorry brunettes – you guys may be smarter, but after several months of being a brunette myself I’ve come to the conclusion that blondes actually do have more fun.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I had pictures to back up my claim?  But alas, I suffer from mom syndrome in that I am always the one behind the camera, never in front of it.  Not that I mind, really.  Because rarely am I in any position to be standing in front of a camera unless someone with professional editing capabilities is ready and waiting to touch me up.  So you’ll just have to take my word for it – I was a smart brunette for three months and I am now a fun blonde again.

See? Look how much more fun I am already.



The two older kids are leaving today to go to Florida for a week with their grandparents.  I’m excited – and a little jealous, but just a little.  They’re going to have a great time.  And it will be fun to have some one on one time with Landon this week, although I’m afraid he and I both may be a little bored.  I’m not entirely sure what to do with just one child any more.  I remember the days when one child was overwhelming…

It’s always a little nerve racking sending your kids away without you.  I hate the feeling of being out of control.  I can only imagine how terrifying it will be when they get older and they’re driving and I really have no control over what happens to them.  Ugh – I feel an ulcer coming on just thinking about it.  Would it be wrong to sequester them in a padded room from the age of 13 until about 23?

Did I mention that I was blonde again?  I feel all sassy like.  Well, except for the extreme fatigue that’s  resulted in bags and circles under my eyes.  I was up until 1:00 last night working on my article for STL Family Life.  I finished it yesterday morning and needed nothing more than to add the photo and a few hyperlinks.  But WordPress and HTML had other ideas – namely eating entire portions of my article not once, not twice but three flippin’ times!  By 12:30 I was near tears and muttering all manner of unladylike words (being blonde has made me saucy).

But alas, I finally conquered and prevailed and posted and went to bed.  Only to be awoken by a very excited little girl who stormed my bedroom at 5:45 announcing that today was the day they went to “Fwowida.”

Remember staying up until all hours of the night in college and it being all fun and easy and what not?  I was trying to figure out why it’s not fun, easy or…what not…anymore.  And I think I got it.  I had no responsibility back then.  I had merely to drag myself to a class or two, then back home where I could sleep as long as I wanted before getting up again.  There were no kids to feed, no beds to make, no suitcases to pack, no hugs and kisses to dole out, no fights to break up…life was way less complicated.  It was also pretty boring now that I think about it.

So in writing this post I’ve come to a sad realization – while being a blonde makes me more fun, being tired makes me a terrible drag.  I’m going to close it out before I bore you all to tears…

To read today’s article on STL Family Life, click here.

A Fairy I Am Not

This is the view from my bedroom looking down the hallway…


I’d like to say that a little fairy came in while I slept and folded all these mounds of clothing that are waiting to be dispersed (read: shoved) into their respective drawers.

I’d like to say that…but I can’t.

The truth is I folded these mounds of clothes and I’m not done.  That’s only five of the nine loads of laundry I did yesterday.

Try not to be jealous of me, everyone.  I know it’s hard…


Monday – In Bullets

– Spring has sprung.  Unofficially, of course.  We could still have another deep freeze as St. Louis is prone to experience before Spring really decides to settle in.  But I’ll take what I can get.  The kids played outside all weekend, skipping naps and all around having a fantastic time.  My eyes are itching and my nose is running and I’m so excited about it because it is 60 flippin degrees outside.

– We realized last week that our kids haven’t been on antibiotics one. single. time all winter.  I’m knocking on wood as I type this.  I believe there are two reasons for this phenomenon.  First, we more than paid our dues last winter when someone was sick preeeetty much all winter long.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that we spent roughly 600 dollars in copays at the doctors office.  Second, I have been giving my kids Emergen-C like it’s going out of style.  Seriously – You’re thirsty?  Have some Emergen-C.  Your throat hurts?  Emergen-C.  You feel fine?  EMERGEN-C!  Sloan had a sore throat and a fever on Friday.  We pumped the Emergen-C in double doses and by Sunday he felt perfectly fine.  Of course he is glowing in the dark now, sssssoooooo…

– Speaking of Sloan, his top tooth is hanging on by a thread.  Every time I look at it my stomach flips over and I get all hot and light headed.  And guess who he keeps asking to try and pull it out?  ME!  The one who could quite possibly pass out if blood came spurting our of his mouth.  (In my mind I imagine the scene from The Shining when a waterfall of blood comes splashing down the hallway – *shudder*)  He doesn’t want Lee to do it – just me.  He came into our room at 5:45 yesterday morning to have me wiggle his tooth.  That thing better fall out quick.

– I put about 20 items on Craig’s List this weekend.  I’ve sold a lot of it and am a little over half way to my goal of remaking my bedroom.  But if I get one more spam message from someone who is “interested” in my item but wants me to click on her link to make sure it’s what her son/cousin/brother is looking for I’m gonna go batty.  I may have gotten a little nasty with someone yesterday…

– My parents put their house on the market Monday afternoon.  They are under contract as of yesterday afternoon.  Mom is panicking (*deep breaths mom*).  They thought it would take longer.  They close in 5 weeks.  The bummer is that we love my parents house and are sad to see it go (they’ll get a condo here in town).  The plus is that I will be able to sell more stuff on Craig’s List.  Wahoo!

– I wrote a giveaway/review over at 5 Minutes for Giveaways today for the Superstar Barbie.  It’s not up yet but it will be later.   It is now up and running.  LEave a comment to enter and win a commemorative st of Superstar Barbie dolls.  If you don’t want to win a Barbie but do want to check out Barbie’s rockin’ shoes that I totally love, check it out anyway!

– I am writing an article on raising bilingual kids in a monolingual home for STL Family Life this week.  I’m gonna have a few late nights as I work to put that together.  Hello procrastination, I’m so glad you’re here.

– Have I mentioned that it’s gonna be 60 degrees today?  That makes me want to do back handsprings down the street.  But I can’t do a back handspring anymore so I may have to settle for a pathetic hurkey when no one is looking…

– We watched the Oscars last night.  I don’t know why.  We haven’t seen a single movie that was up for nomination.  Well, that’s not true – we saw UP.  We haven’t always been this cool, folks.

– Landon’s new favortie phrase is “Oh My Dosh.”  He says it a hundred times a day and it’s funny every time.  He is also showing a great deal of interest in the potty.  He’s not ready to train yet, but I am letting him sit on the potty a few times a day.  He hasn’t gone in it yet because he usually tells me he has to go after he’s already gone.  But he’ll sit on the potty for ten minutes talking and playing (usually with himself…ah the joys of little boys).

– I have so much laundry to do that I fear I may get lost in the mounds of clothing spread around the basement.  That is today’s number one goal to accomplish.

– And with that, I will head out.  Have a nice Monday!

He gets that from me

Yesterday as we drove about town in our (smokin’ hot) minivan, we put on Michael Jackson to satisfy what I can only describe as an addicition that my kids have to his music.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a six and four year old throw their heads back and sing, “I just can’t stop lovin’ yoooouuuu” with reckless abandon.  And Landon singing Man in the Mirror?  Classic.

As we grooved to Beat It, I laughed out loud at Sloan’s interpretation of the lyrics.  He boldly sang every word…exactly as he was hearing it.  Here is what he was singing:

Just Beat it, Beat it

Beat it, Beat it

No one wants to beat it beat it.

Showim a buckey

Not a stoplight

It doesn’t mada

Who’s gonna light

Just Beat it

So I did what any self respecting mother would do…I turned down the volume and told him the real words.  Only, as I spoke the lyrics that I usually sing, I realized that they sounded ridiculous and that I was likely singing the wrong thing as well. 

It’s kind of the story of my life.  For some reason I’ve always had a hard time distinguishing lyrics in a song, but I love to sing, so I sing out what I hear boldly.  For years (like until I was in high school) I swore the lyrics to the song “We Built This City on Rock and Roll” were The Milk is sitting.  The Milk is sitting on Roock and Roll. Miiilk is sitting.  The Milk is sitting on Rock and Roll.

It wasn’t until I actually saw the title of the song as a teenager that it clicked.  It was an ah-ha moment of sorts.  And the actual lyrics made a lot more sense than what I sang.  So when I hear Sloan sing along to grown up songs, I often find myself guffawing as we bop down the road.  Not only because the words he sings are ridiculous, but also because oftentimes I’m hearing the same thing he is.

So as we rocked out to MJ yesterday, I told Sloan that the actual words were:

Show him how funky

Long as your right

It doesn’t matter

Who’s wrong or right

Just beat it beat it

When I called Lee and sang my lyrics to him he bust out laughing.  “That’s doesn’t make sense,” he cackled.  “I know, but Michael Jackson’s lyrics never make sense,” I replied.  In my mind I started running through the song Thriller.

It’s just a Thriller in the night

And no one’s gonna save you from the knee that’s in your side.

I wisely decided not to mention to Lee that those are the words I sing along with MJ.  So Lee and I hung up and Sloan and I decided we would just sing what we heard since nobody seemed to know the real words.

In case you’re wondering, the actual lyrics to Beat It are this:

Just Beat it, Beat it

Beat it, Beat it

No one wants to be defeated.

Showin’ how funky and strong is your fight

It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right

Just beat it.

I was actually not that far off.  Score one for mommy.

Oh, and I have also looked up the words to Thriller.  Yeah…the real words make a ton more sense.  Huh…

Makes me laugh every time

Generally I try to avoid letting the kids watch too much television.  They watch the most TV in the mornings as our afternoons are usually filled with russian lessons, cleaning up, playing outside, etc…

When I do let them watch morning TV, I try to limit it to cartoons as it’s so much easier to turn it off after 25 or 30 minutes.  However, Landon has recently decided he enjoys watching TV with one particular movie being his very favorite.  And because he’s so dang cute and I really, really have a hard time saying no to him when he scrunches up his face and says, “Pweas?” then flashes his huge grin that dissolves me into a puddle of goo, I decided I couldn’t say no again.

So Tia and Landon are currently sitting on the couch watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  Or “Cwoudy with da chance of da meatball” as Tia calls it.

When I pushed play Landon jumped up and down and clapped his hands yelling “Beatball, beatball, beatball” then hugged my leg and said “I Yub You” before settling on the couch to watch.  Uuummm…so I’ll give him anything he wants for the rest of his life if he keeps doing that.

He’s gonna be rotten.

The thing is, I actually really love this movie myself.  I think it’s hysterical.  Everytime I watch it I laugh out loud, particularly when the kids quote the lines along with the movie. Fuh-hu-nny.

So that’s it…that’s all I’ve got today.  I give in to nearly every one of Landon’s requests, I would give him my heart just to hear him say “I yub you,” and I love the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Bet you’re glad you stopped by here today, eh?

Well, so I don’t completely waste your time, I will send you here where you can read up on the bloggers who are currently on a Compassion International trip in Kenya.  I’ve already been challenged and encouraged by a couple of the posts I’ve read this morning and it’s only their first day there.  If you’re not already sponsoring a child, I would encourage you to consider Compassion.  What they are doing for children and families suffering in poverty is nothing short of a miracle.  For 37 dollars a month, you can completely alter the course of a child’s life.  Just think about it.  And read their posts.

Also, my first post for STL Family Life will be up and running shortly is now up and running!  So check it out this afternoon.  Thanks everyone and enjoy what is shaping up to be a beautiful day.

Spring is almost here, yeah!

In which I write while freezing

My house is cold.  I would get up and put on a sweater, but Tia is asleep in my bedroom and I’m already wearing a sweater.  I could go sit in front of the fireplace, but then I will probably fall asleep and I prefer to waste my time in front of the computer screen, not snoozing in front of the fire.


So I forgot to pick Sloan up at school today.  And he’s apparently not going to let me forget about it.  I usually pick him up every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I can’t wait for his bus and still get to Tia’s school in time to pick her up.  Thursday and Friday, however, he always rides the bus home.

Except today was an early release day, which for half day kindergartners means they actually get out of school later rather than earlier.  Try to keep up…

Most often, early release days fall on a Friday.  But apparently the school district likes to mess with us parents and throw one in the middle of the week now and again.  So…I forgot it was early release day and drove to school at normal time to pick up the boy.  As I pulled in, I noticed there were no other cars/buses waiting then saw the sign announcing Earl Release.  So I left, assuming that Sloan would just ride the bus home like he always does on early release days.  I did not think about the fact that his teacher expects me to pick him up on Tuesdays.

Cut to me, at home, fixing lunch for the younger two monkeys and the phone rings with a report that they have my child sitting in the office waiting to be picked up.  I throw the monkeys in the car sans shoes/coats and dash to the school where Sloan greets me with a “Mom, what the heck?!” and a scowl.  I then endured a rather pointed lecture all the way home about how next time I need to send in a note so the teacher knows he’s supposed to get on the bus.

Got it, dear.

And now I’m home and it’s quiet.  And I’m cold.

I’m also preparing to write my first post for STLFamilyLife.  I met up with the lovely Lisa and Melody last night to discuss partnering with them to build this new site for St. Louis area families.  I’m very excited to be working on this with them as they are both very experienced, great writers and all around fun gals to be with.  It’s a fun new venture.

And so I’m off to make a cup of hot tea, wrap a blanket around my shoulders and hammer out a post.  And give Sloan one more hug and kiss…