I’m all out of awesome

I had two great posts rolling through my head today. Seriously, they were so good. They were sure to have you rolling on the floor in laughter (ROFL?)


You would definately laugh out loud. (LOL?)

(*groan* PLEASE NO!)

It’s just too bad I can’t remember what they were. No kidding. I had two entire posts almost completely composed in my head. All I had to do was get them from my brain to the computer, but something sucked them out into the void of nothingness before I could make that happen.

I blame the kids.

And the song Gangnum Style, which Sloan sings 24/7 right now. And the dog because she stares at me all day long with her ears pinned back and her eyes all big and cartooney, which she knows leaves me in a heap of guilt until I finally walk her.

I can literally walk from one room to the next these days and forget why I was headed there. Should I be worried?

Don’t answer that…

You know what’s awesome when you have fried mom brain? Third grade math home work. FRACTIONS! That’s what I need, folks. I need fractions to cure my inability to function in life.


Sloan brought home his homework today and was all, “Mom I don’t get it and I’m going to get a bad grade so heeelllllppppp meeeeee…”

I took one look at the paper and then my head exploded. Fractions?! I didn’t cover those until sixth grade and even then, I never really learned them. We moved from Wisconsin to St. Louis toward the end of sixth grade. The school I left was just starting fractions. The school I started had already covered them.

Guess who never quite got it?

Did you know that 5/8 is a fraction greater than 1? Well its not. I thought it was, but I’ve been informed in the comments that it isn’t, which was originally what I thought but then Sloan convinced me it WAS.

I am in math purgatory…I had to text a photo of the problem to Lee (who is out of town) and my dad with an SOS because Sloan was all “OMG (NONONO!!!) I’m going to get a bad grade.” And the math paper was all “Write a mixed number AND a fraction greater than one for the part shaded.”

And I was all “Where’s the liquor?”

Just kidding. I didn’t say that out loud…

It would be super duper if they would send home the books in cases like this. If I just had an explanation of all of this written down so I could see what exactly they mean when they say “mixed number” it would help immensely. When I homeschooled last year, I slept with the teacher’s math manual. We spooned at night. It was all that got me through the year.

Well that and wine.

I’m kidding!

(sort of…)

But now? Now they just send home obscure pieces of paper with problems meant to twist and turn this mom brain all to pieces and make me want to write in large red letters across the bottom of the page:


But I don’t write that. I simply write the teacher an email asking her to go over this a little more with Sloan at school and oh by the way, can you explain it to me? LOL…

(Just kidding. I didn’t write LOL. I just can’t bring myself to do it…)

And now I’m sitting here on the couch telling you a story about how I almost had an awesome post for you to read tonight. But I lost it because the truth is, I’m all out of awesome. There are only a few brain cells firing and they aren’t operating on all cylinders.

I think I need Lee to come back to town. 4COL

(For Crying Out Loud)

(I looked up texting acronymns for the purpose of writing this post.)

(You know what I learned? Text language is stupid.)

(Says the girl who can’t remember what she ate for lunch today.)

I think it’s time for bed, yo? AAK (Asleep At The Keyboard)

Okay seriously, I need to stop.


  1. If I’m reading that question correctly, the answer is 3 1/2 (your mixed number because there is a whole number and a fraction – three whole circles and a half of another circle) and 7/2 (There are seven tomatoes and each of the tomatoes is 1/2 of a circle).

    I feel like I”m on “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” and the answer seems so clear to me until they reveal the real answer and I realize how wrong I am …

    • Well then I think we got it wrong. I can’t remember. I know we out 3 1/2 but I can’t remember what we put for the other answer. I really need a crash course in all of this.

  2. Baby, 5/8 is not a fraction greater than 1. 8/5 is a fraction greater than 1. I will explain later, when I get home. And Spring is right on the answer. 3 1/2 (mixed number) is the same as 7/2 just written in two different ways.

  3. Here is your math life saver….. This is an amazing web site that is supported by the Bill Gates foundation and is even being used in some school districts. It is FREE and awesome!


    My husband even worked through a bunch of the levels in order to help one of our boys!

  4. candy martin says

    I feel your pain. Math is still my weakness. I think the teachers should send home a fast course study for the parents !!

  5. Kahn Academy is the shizz (did I just write that?)

    You can borrow my Saxon 3 math if you’re willing to drive to Orlando and climb over 242/2 boxes to find the one box I packed it in.

    And yeah, I just ended my sentence with a preposition, which is another reason I majored in theatre. No math skills, no writing skills. Just art all day long.

  6. Where’s the liquor!? 🙂

  7. Hah! Seriously. Just tell the teacher you didn’t understand the question. It’s not our fault they decided to change all the words and ways of learning. The teachers know. That’s what I did anyhow.
    Yes I sent my second grade child to school with homework undone… not because I couldn’t explain how to reach the answer but because I couldn’t even understand the question.
    I’m so glad we homeschool now. The teacher doesn’t ask me hard questions like that. 😉

  8. And as for me? I’m thinking how happy I am that time is over for me.

    That and…where IS the dang liquor?

  9. We get these “Family Letters” for the math. They’re called Home Links or something. Thank the Lord, they come with an answer key so that we can at least know what the kid is working towards. But still, sometimes I have to read that dang thing three times to understand it. Did I mention the kid is in first grade?

    I too am the stereotype. To quote Bobby from King of the Hill, “My math is just called math.”

  10. As long as you remember that you forgot something then it is nothing to worry about, you just have too many things going on at one time (multi-tasking is a myth). I think that when Lee gets back you need some me time, have him take over the kids and go walk on the beach by your self. Or find someone to watch the kids and take him along, it might be more fun (wink wink nudge nudge)(if you understand that then you have seen some Monty Python). For the math put it in cooking terms (you can take out the measuring cups if you are a visual person) 3/4 is not a full cup so it is less than one cup. If the number above the line is smaller than the number below the line then it is less than one. Good luck and have a nip of the fruit of the vine.


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