Leggings Are Not Pants


Friends, we need to have a serious heart to heart.

If you were sitting in front of me, I’d hand you a steaming cup of chai, the cinnamon and spice wafting through the room as gentle, peaceful music played softly in the corner. We’d sit down, you and I, and we’d smile peacefully at one another. Then I’d tell you I have something to say, and the atmosphere would be so serene that you would hear my encouragement without any need to put up defenses. You’d see that I am genuinely concerned for your well-being, and that I am only looking out for what’s best for you.

So imagine that scene. I’ll give you a minute to pull the image together in your mind.

Ready? Okay, here it is.


It’s time we all acknowledged that leggings as pants are a bad idea.


I spent most of my day yesterday hopping from one plane to another, and I sat for some time in the Atlanta airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, and friends I was flabbergasted. I’ve watched as this “leggings as pants” style has slowly infiltrated our culture and I’ve been bemused. Most of the time I witnessed said fashion horror on twiggy teens who technically could pull it off. I’ve smiled because I know that someday their future children will pull out photo albums and see pictures of their “Emo” parents all decked out in leggings, a t-shirt and converse, and they will roll laughing. (They just might LOL...)

But what I saw in the airport took this fashion oddity to a whole new level. Women, all ages and sizes, strolled through the airport with nothing but black cotton leggings painted on their legs. Some wore longer t-shirts over the leggings, but most did not. It was like they started getting dressed and half way through the process they just…gave up.

Ladies, leggings are super cute. I have a couple pairs of them. They are darling…underneath a kicky skirt or a sassy little dress. They are an accessory – they are not the main item of clothing. They’re an undergarment. Honestly, I saw only one person yesterday who really, truly rocked the leggings. She was 2. That is the only time in life that leggings as pants are acceptable (and really encouraged because diaper bottom through leggings? Adorable.)

Every era has a style they regret. You know it’s true. The ’80’s have an entire closet full of unfortunate fashions. I’m simply here to be a voice of reason for us all. I’m trying to spare you the unfortunate embarrassment of pictures that forever plague you. Pictures of you in leggings…worn as pants. You may disagree, but if you take my advice, even reluctantly, you will someday thank me….as will everyone else in the world.

Let’s unite together as one and fight this unfortunate trend. We will raise our fists together, a sign of solidarity, as we boldly proclaim LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!

Who’s with me? Let’s spread the word – #LeggingsAreNotPants

For more on unfortunate airport wear, and for advice on how to avoid poor clothing choices, visit my friend Nicole’s recent post. I let out a hearty “Amen” or four when I read it.




  1. lol, this is the best!
    I’ve seen plenty of painted butts, and they are disgusting.

  2. Yes! I’m with you!

  3. Every time I see them worn inappropriately, that quote goes through my head. I get pleasure out of it, as if I am saying it to their face! . Another funny one…”If leggings were pants, wouldn’t they be called something else?”

  4. Amen!

  5. I’ve never tuned in to that Honey Boo Boo show because I’ve done enough tours of duty in the Atlanta airport I figure I’ve lived it. If more Americans understood how dressing (and behaving) decently affects your likelihood of being bumped to first class when the flight is overbooked, we might have a positive fashion revolution.

  6. Melanie says

    I want to LOVE this post a million and ten times. I’ve made similar posts (mainly related to the so called fashion aimed at little girls these days) to all the mothers on my facebook friends.

    • I was in Miami airport two days after Atlanta and IT TOOK THE CAKE! I think that leggings as pants is officially a worldwide epidemic. Truly unfortunate… 🙂