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How KidzBop kept me cool

Last weekend, I snuck away for a few days to join four of my sweetest friends in Waco, Texas to celebrate Baylor’s Homecoming. Sixteen years ago, the five of us met. We were all so different, but we had the common factor of being far away from home and totally lost in a brand new world.

We were eighteen, silly and over the course of four years we developed the kind of bonds that most people only pray for. By God’s grace, I can still say that those four women are some of my favorite people to be around. We’ve lived in different cities for twelve years now. We (currently) have sixteen children between the five of us. We’ve weathered heartache and loss and joys and sadness together. We’ve moved and grown and changed and we always come together without a moment’s hiccup.

We are knit.


This was then. I don't really have an explanation...

We made a pact our senior year of college to try and get together once a year. Moves and babies has made it difficult, but we’ve worked hard to keep that promise. In twelve years, we have had nine reunions. Not too shabby.

This was our first time to come back, all five of us together, to the place we met. And we proved that even though we are, ahem, a little older – we still got it.

Friday night after the Homecoming bonfire, a cover band lit up the stage with music from the ’80’s until now. Unable to resist the urge to dance, we pushed our way to the front of the stage and boogied like it was 1999 (again) and until it was way past our bedtimes. Us and the college kids. I kept wanting to tap the kids shimmeying next to me on the shoulder and ask them to guess my age.

I resisted – decided to blend in.

This is me...blending in.


We shook our groove thangs, lifted body surfers over our heads and sang along at the top of our lungs…just like the days of yore. I even knew the words to all the songs!


This girl right here has six kids. Would that we all looked that good after six kids...


I hereby apologize for every time I’ve bashed KidzBop and it’s fingernails on chalkboard singing. KidzBop kept me cool for just one night. (We’ll ignore the fact that I sang the cleaned up, watered down words to all the songs because that’s the only way I know them…thank you KidzBop.)

I came home refreshed, encouraged and remembering that every season of life brings miracles and grace. I also realized that I am immensely blessed to have dear, dear friends. I’m thankful that I still reap the blessings of my college days through those sweet friendships. What an honor.

Standing in our freshman dorm, sixteen years and sixteen kids after we first met...

So how’s everyone holding up after a long election day? My advice? Put on a little KidzBop and shake your groove thang. It feels good…

Vote or forever hold your peace

Go vote today!


Then go do a cartwheel in the grass!


Pump your fist into the air!


Give high fives!


Play some Bon Jovi loud and proud!


Jump for joy!




The election season is flippin’ OVER!




But seriously…vote first.

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Because I know you’re dying to see Halloween pictures

I mean…you lost sleep over the fact that I haven’t posted Halloween pictures didn’t you? Come on…it’s okay to admit it. I know you were beside yourself with wonder and curiosity. I know you have been waiting with bated breath to see how adorable my kids looked on candy night.

It’s cool. I get it.

And I will not let you down.





Now if you’ll excuse me – while you look over these and ooh and aah, I am off to try and make sense of my house. I was out of town all weekend and…well….

Super Mario, a Butterfly and David Freese

She wanted to be a princess, but didn't try any costumes on until 5:00 Halloween night. Cue weeping and gnashing of teeth. Nothing felt right or looked good. Oy, the drama. So we slapped on a skirt, butterfly wings, some hair color and make up and BAM! A beautiful butterfly. Score one for mom.

I just can't get enough of this kid.

David Freese


So despite a complete and total lack of preparation, Halloween was still a smashing success.

I win.

Adoption Update

 I wanted to give a quick adoption update.


If anything deserves a medal, that does. It was hard, but I’m pretty sure we got it all done. We have also sent into our first grant application and have two more grant apps waiting to be filled out and an application for an adoption loan.

It’s all slowly coming together!

We are working really hard to use several different avenues to raise the needed funds. Adoption is extremely expensive and we don’t for a second assume that we can bring the money in without a lot of work. I’m searching out ways to pull in extra funds through as many channels as I can and we have committed to saving bonuses and cutting back expenses in every way we can.

Right now, we are about $2,500 short of our first payment, which will allow us to have our paperwork looked over and checked for errors. Once that process is finished we can send it all in to have it apostilled, and when that is finished our dossier will be complete.

Friends, this is huge. A completed dossier means we are so much closer to meeting our daughter. I get so emotional when I think about meeting her. Just the other day, Tia and I were cleaning out her drawers and setting aside clothes that don’t fit any more.

“These can be for my sister,” Tia said, very matter of factly.

Her sister.

We are close….and yet, we’re still really far.

We’re $2,500 short of taking the next step. If you feel so impressed, would you be part of this journey with us? We need 250 people who would be willing to give $10. Or 125 people who could give $20. Or 100 people who could give $25.

Would you be part of this journey with us? We don’t take your participation lightly and we are infinitely grateful for all who have joined us so far. It is humbling to ask for help – it is more humbling to receive it. I have been floored by the generosity.

And I know that these are tough times, so please know that our feelings are not hurt if you don’t give financially. Your prayers are equally coveted – prayers for our daughter’s safety and well being (she is very likely already born); prayers that the Lord will bring the finances needed to bring her home; prayers for the emotional safety and protection of our family and children.

We need you all in so many ways. Thank you for joining us.