Because I know you’re dying to see Halloween pictures

I mean…you lost sleep over the fact that I haven’t posted Halloween pictures didn’t you? Come on…it’s okay to admit it. I know you were beside yourself with wonder and curiosity. I know you have been waiting with bated breath to see how adorable my kids looked on candy night.

It’s cool. I get it.

And I will not let you down.





Now if you’ll excuse me – while you look over these and ooh and aah, I am off to try and make sense of my house. I was out of town all weekend and…well….

Super Mario, a Butterfly and David Freese

She wanted to be a princess, but didn't try any costumes on until 5:00 Halloween night. Cue weeping and gnashing of teeth. Nothing felt right or looked good. Oy, the drama. So we slapped on a skirt, butterfly wings, some hair color and make up and BAM! A beautiful butterfly. Score one for mom.

I just can't get enough of this kid.

David Freese


So despite a complete and total lack of preparation, Halloween was still a smashing success.

I win.


  1. Now I can sleep!

  2. I love those lips. Joel wrapped a long sleeve black shirt around his head and went as a ninja. He kept jumping out of trees at people.

  3. Adorable.

  4. It just goes to show that innovation and home made is much better than store bought in most cases, they all looked great. How long did it take to wash that stuff out of her hair?

    • It wasn’t bad actually. Just two rounds of shampoo and it was all out. And totally agree on keeping it simple. Way more fun. 🙂

      Oh and on your urging, I have committed to giving pumpkin pie one more try this holiday season. *fingerscrossed*