On Halloween and Pumpkins and being a Scrooge

I’m going to go ahead and lay it all out for you. I am not into Halloween this year. It can just pass on by for all I care, because I have put zero effort in. We haven’t bought costumes, we haven’t carved pumpkins and I’ve got one bag of candy corn to give out.

I’m like the Halloween version of Scrooge. BAH HUMBUG!

Every year, we carve pumpkins. I bake the seeds, we enjoy this very fall-like tradition, but this year? Not interested. Because you see, what really happens is this: Every year the children draw their faces on the pumpkins, then I spend the next two hours scooping the gunk and carving by myself.

This year I decided no. And the kids really haven’t seemed too disappointed, which has diminished my mom guilt only slightly. Now if you all could quit posting your amazing works of pumpkin art on Facebook that would really be helpful.

I did buy three small pumpkins and let them paint them, so I haven’t completely failed. In fact, bring me a friggin medal people!




Tia and Landon are digging costumes out of the costume chest. We have plenty to choose from and that suits them just fine. Sloan wanted to be a zombie or a vampire or something else equally boyish and “cool” but we put the kibosh on those things. I finally suggested he wear his David Freese jersey and a Cardinals hat and told him to go as David Freese.

He agreed.

I’m still waiting on my medal…



I want to move on past Halloween and into Thanksgiving and Christmas, though if I’m honest, I’m not overly ready for either of those holidays yet, either. The cooler weather this week has gotten me a little more in the holiday spirit, though. Scones and hot tea in the morning make me feel festive. I may have to start listening to Christmas music starting tomorrow to psych myself up for it all.

Micheal Buble Christmas? Yes, please.

So what about you? Are you in the holiday spirit?

Which holiday are you ready for?


  1. I don’t have any medals to give but you seem to have it all covered. I am ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas is getting like the elections, I just want to get it all over with because it includes endless Christmas show that I have seen before, advertising for the “greatest sale ever” and every store with decorations that have been up for months. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy Christmas but I don’t like what it has become. I’ll see if I can dig up some kind of friggin medal….

    • Get thee into the Christmas spirit ASAP!

      But yeah…let’s enjoy Thanksgiving first. One holiday at a time, right? 😉

  2. I don’t care about Halloween. We have some undecorated, uncarved pumpkins sitting on our front porch. My son did wear a fireman costume to his preschool today because we had all the appeal parts in his closet.

    I like Thanksgiving. It’s a simple, be-together holiday around our house. This year, my boy turns 3 the day after Thanksgiving.

    And I love Christmas. The whole season of it through the whole month of December, really. We have some fun plans brewing that aren’t all about consumerism, so I’m excited to incorporate new traditions as my kids (5 and almost 3) get older and understand more.

  3. I’m not into it either. And let me tell you, you don’t know Mommy-guilt until you have a friggin’ COLLEGE DEGREE in costume design and then go BUY lame Halloween costumes for your kids because you just don’t have the energy to pull together a goldfish or weasel or whatever obscure varmint they want to be this year. But I do love the way all our neighbors are out on Halloween and its like a big block party.

    Now Christmas,….can’t even think about it without hyperventilating this year since I have to be out of my house by then. ACK. But I do hope that will force (or allow) us to just have a simple celebration this season. All you can really do in an RV is sing carols, give a few small gifts and strap a Charlie Brown tree to the roof. There’s something I’m looking forward to blogging!

    • I want pictures and lots of them. In fact, if you’re still in town, I would like to come sing Christmas carols around said tree…

  4. Candy Martin says

    WAIT.,,,, Could I have done this with you and Brett? I thought the mom book said I had to clean all the pumpkin goo out every year! No one told me I could opt out!

  5. OH GIRL! Am I SO glad you posted this! I might be your first runner up in the scrooge department! Ready for this “holiday” to be over and out, mostly because the chaos, the scary costumes, the candy, etc. really overwhelm my SPD kid. Oofta.

    Bring on Thanksgiving! Bring on time with family and yummy food and pumpkins the way God intended them, IN PIE!!!!

  6. Fa la la la la, la la, la, laaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


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