Just a few things

Nutella = The nectar of the gods.

I can’t seem to remember what day of the week it is. This has been a crazy, awesome, exhausting, amazing week full of friends, family and very little sleep.

I want to write something super funny that will keep you laughing. But I don’t feel funny right now. I’m happy, content, filled with joy but not feeling overly humorous. I am feeling sore, though, thanks in part to the FOUR vaccinations I received yesterday sandwiched in between two really tough workouts.

Why do I do these things to myself?

I don’t know.

I’d say it makes for good blog fodder but clearly it doesn’t. I did write an entire post on getting my shots but decided in the end that it wasn’t funny enough to post since I didn’t actually faint when I got them. I just sucked on a Dum Dum and laughed inappropriately to compensate for my terror of needles.

Today Thor gave me a free evaluation and training session at the gym. It was a sign on perk. He measured my body fat (like that’s not at all intrusive) and asked me about my sleep and eating habits.

I *might* have lied a little. But that’s just between you and me, m’kay?

I did make the mistake of telling him that my biggest struggle in working out is not pushing myself hard enough. He exercised vigilante justice on my laziness and was all, “I’m doing this to show you what you’re capable of.” So I kicked him in the shins.

No I didn’t.

That would have made for a cool blog post.

Between the shots and the evil overlord’s (yes, I know I just called him Thor but I like to mix metaphors every once in awhile to keep you on your toes) torture session I can’t lift my left arm above my waist. I do have a rather large bump at the top of my arm, though, which looks kinda cool from a certain angle.

From other angles it just looks weird.

I need to take my typhoid medication tonight. I didn’t know what typhoid was until I googled it. All I could think of was Little House on the Prairie and images of being packed in ice came to mind. I’d rather not get typhoid. It sounds awful.

Our friend Sarah is visiting this week on Spring Break with one of her friends. The nicest two college girls I have ever known in all my existence are staying in my home, playing with my children and making me feel young again. I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to have them here.

The twelve pound jar of Nutella is back. I did NOT tell evil overlord Thor about the Nutella. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. It might kill me, but Thor and his oversize muscles will be safe and I will die happy so mum’s the word. We actually dropped the can the night after we got it and it was so heavy that a hole puntured right in the side. Our first reaction? SAVE THE NUTELLA!

Don’t worry, no Nutella was lost and the jar now sports a rather radical looking bandage in the form of painter’s tape.

I’m thinking I need to start cooking with Nutella. Maybe then I’ll finally have something to Pin on Pinterest.

I haven’t logged onto Pinterest in over a month. Commence with cyber-stoning NOW.

Tomorrow we have to take the kids to the Post Office to have their Passports renewed. We’re trying to decide which one of them we like the most so we don’t dip into that child’s college fund to pay for it. It’s a toss up on which one we’ll choose.

I’m just kidding. We don’t play favorites.

Most days, anyway.

Have I mentioned that this has been an extra fabulous week?

Too bad it hasn’t produced stellar blog posts, eh?


Tell me about your week. What’s made YOU laugh? Do you want to compensate for my lack of funny by sharing something extra humorous? Anybody? Anybody?



  1. Nikki Rorabaugh says

    WHERE do you get the 12 lbs of Nutella??? You are probably way beyond this simple idea, but last week I made the kids nutella/banana “quesadillas on wheat tortilla shells. Not grilled. 🙂 SO yummy. Definitely a snack to do again.

  2. I have NOT tried that! We do Nutella and apples, bread, I caught the kids dipping carrots in it. Whatever it takes to get veggies in them, ya know?

    My mom bought the can for us. I keep forgetting to ask her where it came from. Mom – if you read this (You BETTER be reading my blog), leave the link of the place you bought it from. Oh and I hereby publicly thank you for this gift of Nutella that keeps on giving. 🙂

  3. Candy Martin says

    I read your blog everyday! I am your biggest supporter! Let me just say that I am so proud of you for being such a big girl yesterday getting all your shots! Please don’t get typhoid fever because I do not want to put on my Ma Ingle’s bonnet and pack you in ice!
    As for the mongo size Nutella, I got it from Cerini Coffee, in the Bronx! I am now on their email list and they let me know when it is on sale!!! http://www.cerinicoffee.com
    However, I will not take responsibility for any extra pounds accumulated from the frequent dipping in the jar!!

    • You used Little House and Mongo in the same comment. We are so clearly related. 🙂

      There you have it , everyone. Go forth, buy Nutella and be happy!

      Nutella should sponsor my blog…

  4. Kelly, when I speak to women’s groups I often bring a few jars of Nutella and always aim to find a way to tie it in. There are spoons on every table and those who had never tried it before are sent home with the half eaten tubs. Feel free to steal my good time Nutella fun when you start touring your stand up routine. Love you and I’m a little jealous that your mom is not my mom… between the Little House reference and the gargantuan tub of Nutella!

  5. This is why we’re friends.

    Well, this and the fact that I think you’re super awesome. 😉

  6. I appreciate the humor in this post! It’s like we’re eating Nutella and drinking tea, just chatting in your living room.

    I’ve been crabby. I get all upity about stuff. Like annoying people on Facebook. So my blog has been a bit crabby. Whoops….Hormones. A little over one month left in this pregnancy….my house is pretty freakin’ clean though.

    It helps when I go to you tube and watch my favorite comedians. 😀 thanks for the cheerup!

    • I tried to comment on your blog several times and kept getting shut down. 🙁 I actually really like your last post! I was all, “Preach it, sistah!”

      You’re allowed to be crabby. AND you’re allowed all the Nutella you want right now GUILT FREE. You need to jump on that one. 🙂

  7. I laughed because Nutella is GROSS!

    • Oh dear, sweet Amy. I’m sure there are counselors available to those with an aversion to Nutella. 😉

  8. YOU made me laugh! Is his name really Thor? I know a Thor. He’s a youth pastor.

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