Takin’ Care of Business

This post comes to you with a sheepish, yet polite, request for help.  I hate talkin’ shop, but wanted to just toss a few little things out there.  Don’t worry, though.  This post won’t be all dry.  I’ve got a gem of a story to tell you at the end.

It’s my dangling carrot.

So here’s the deal, friends.  I stink at self-promotion.  It makes me wildly uncomfortable.  As I told someone recently, it makes me feel a bit like the girl standing on top of a table in a crowded room and screaming LOOK AT ME!!  And I’ve never been much of a table top kind of girl.


But, my goal in the next few months is to beef up the readership and participation on my blog.  And to do that, I need your help.  If you read something on here that you like, would you mind forwarding it on?  You can hit the little Facebook button at the bottom of the page, or if you’re the Tweetin’ kind, you can give a little Tweet.

You know…if you want.

Also, well I don’t talk about it much and, to be quite honest, I don’t utilize it much, but I DO have a Minivans Are Hot Facebook page that you can like by clicking riiiiiiight…here.  You don’t have to drive a minivan to like the Facebook page, but I will warn you that should you choose to follow the blog AND the Facebook page, you will likely start to feel the pull of the minivan.

Because minivans are bringing sexy back.



If you do read something you like and have a second or two to respond, well, I’ll confess – I’m a bit of a comment whore.  I promise I will respond to you…or you can respond to one another.  I like community so let’s build a community of minivan lovin’ (or hatin’ – you know who you are) women…and men, too.  I know you guys are reading.

Finally in the manner of business, I would like to ask if there’s anything you guys would like me to specifically write about.  Is there are particular topic you like better?  Is there something you’d like me to avoid discussing (the frequency of my childrens bowel movements?  DONE! – Look how accommodating I am)?

Seriously – let me know.

Now, on to that carrot:

The Scene:

A beautiful, sunny Florida afternoon.  The kids are playing outside while I enjoy a few quiet moments alone to do whatever I want – which means I’m cleaning the kitchen…again. The windows are open and a beautiful, cool fall breeze is drifting in.  Nothing can break the perfection of this moment.  Nothing, that is, until I hear a scream that rattles the glass throughout the house.

The back door flings open aaaaaaaaand CUE DIALOGUE!

“Mooooooooommmmm!!!” Tia shrieks, running into the house all sweaty and red-faced.  Sloan comes running after her with a tormentuous (this is my blog – if I say that’s a word…it’s a word) grin on his face.

“What in the world?” I say as she throws her arms around my waist and cries.  “What’s going on?”

“Sloan stole my gun!” She cried.  Sloan throws his hands up in mock innocence. “What’d I do?” he yells.

“What gun, Tia?” I ask, detaching her from my leg.

“My pwetend gun!  I was fightin’ the bad guys with it and Sloan took it and now the bad guys are gonna kill me!”



“Tia, if it’s a pretend gun, can’t you just get another one?”  I try my best to say this without rolling my eyes.

“Nope, she can’t,” Sloan says with a smirk.  “Because I destroyed all the guns in the imaginary gun shop.”

“Yeah!” Tia cries again.  “And he ate the pie I made for Justin Bieber who was gonna come over for dinner at my pwetend house!  I don’t LIKE Sloan.”  She stomps her foot and runs to her room, slamming her door.

“Whatever!” Sloan yells in return, huffing to his room.

Landon walks in at this moment and strolls past me with string and a crowbar tucked under his arms.

And this folks is why I am slowly but surely losing. my. mind.

The End.


  1. 🙂 I have been writing a post like this in my head. I want community too! I’ll like your page if you like mine. 😉

    • I like Amy’s idea. (Nice name too btw.) If you’ll like my FB page, I’ll like yours.

      In fact, Aimee (me) could like MVAH and Kelli (you) could like EE. Then if MVAH likes EE and EE likes MVAH, the blogs will show up on each other’s pages in the like column. You probably knew that already but I just learned that one tonight. I say we do it all bc the more the merrier…

      So how’s about a trade?

  2. I went to “like” it and it appears I already have! You haven’t posted since late August though… ??? Some bloggers make random comments on FB also about what’s going on in their day or a teaser about an upcoming blog. Just some thoughts. Good luck! I will try to help!

    • I know. It’s terrible. I kept thinking I’d wait to get a little more community, then I forgot about it, them I considered deleting it and now I’m ready to try harder. Thanks Rondi! 🙂

  3. love the story, love you, “like” your page… haha… nothing personal, there’s just not a “love” button for facebook… yet

    • Face book was clearly designed by men. Where’s the love? And the flowers and pretty colors for that matter…

  4. Kelli,
    Writing about the regular things life throws at you it is always entertaining. And the honesty you allow yourself to talk about is great for your readers. You always seem to help bring back a memory of when all my kids were little and I was home with them, along with the 4 children I babysat. There was always a story, never a dull moment. So keep going as you are, because you can look back and treasure your memories and laugh hysterically!

    • Thanks Robin. It helps to laugh, doesn’t it? Otherwise we’d cry. Or eat. Or run…


      • By the way, I have always loved your title as well. I have had two different minivans since 1998 and will probably own a 3rd one someday. There is such a sweetness on those days when all the seats are full, (and no one is fighting) that makes me happy! And on the days when one can sit in the front seat and the other in the 3rd row so they can’t touch each other makes me happy too. 🙂

  5. I love all your stuff! Love that “pwetend” story! And love all of you! (oh and noelle was PUMPED about her Tia mail!)

    • Yay! We MAY be coming up for a visit in a couple of weeks. No definites yet, but as soon as I hear the final go ahead, I’ll let you know for sure. I haven’t said anything to the kids yet in case it falls through, but if it works out, Tia is gonna FLIP when I tell her she gets to come see Noelle. 🙂

  6. Candy Martin says

    You need to write a sitcom! This story gave me a good laugh. Has to be true because I don’t think you could make this up! Justin Bieber, a pwetend gun, a crowbar and string? Hahahaha. I love these kids!

    • If only I could make it up, life would still be funny but far less stressful. Somebody tell me how the heck I combat arguments over objects that DO NOT EXIST! It’s exasperating!


  7. Stefanie A. says

    Cute story, Kelli! I love those kids. Can’t wait to get Parker and Sloan together again. They are two peas in a pod. Love you guys!!

  8. I will like your page anytime AND admit minivans are hot if you admit my Traverse is Sexy!! : )

    • Alright…I will concede to a sexy Traverse. First I had to look it up and see what it was, but as soon as I did I knew there was no denying it’s appeal.


  9. HAHAHAHAAH! I love the story about your kiddos! A classic……


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