Taking Care of Business

– First of all, I am going to announce the winner of the Testament Focused drawing.  I now know why I don’t like doing giveaways.  I wish every one of you could win and I hate that I only get to pick one winner – or that Random.org only got to pick one winner for me.  If I could afford it, I would buy and ship a book out to every one of you.

But I can’t afford it, so you’ll have to buy your own!  Ha!

Anyway, drumroll please…

The lucky winner of the Testament Focused drawing is…

Number 9 – Nicole from Here’s the Diehl!

Congratulations, Nicole.  I’ll get that book to you as soon as it comes in and I’ve had a chance to look through it myself 🙂

To the rest of you – thanks for playing and I am really sorry you didn’t win.  But you can still get a copy for yourself and don’t forget that 100% of the first 25 copies sold goes to Soaring Wings Ranch

– It was another busy weekend for the Stuart family.  Daddy was out of town, which always lends itself to insanity.  We watched the movie Up on Friday night.  I laughed to not cry through the first half hour of the movie, then genuinely laughed the second half.  It’s a very sweet film.

– While Lee was gone, I noticed it was rather frigid in our house and realized the furnace was blowing cold air.  so, with Lee talking me through it over the phone, I managed to relight the pilot light on the furnace thereby restoring warmth and order to my home.

Because I am She-ra.

– Saturday we got to stay home in the morning and I got some laundry done while the kids attempted to drive me insane  played quietly around the house.  Then we headed out the door to visit with a sweet friend who’s in town for a little while before going home to greet her husband who is fighting for our freedoms in Afghanistan!

We love you Jeremy!

– Sunday I woke up to discover that my voodoo face cream apparently works by burning the skin off my face.  I guess I got it too close to my eyes because both eyes were swollen shut and the skin was rather enflamed.  An ice pack and a lot of lotion later, I headed out the door where I spent the next 11 hours at church leading worship, making Christmas crafts with Sloan, singing Christmas carols for the craft workshop and previewing scene one from our upcoming Christmas musical!

Whew – I’m still exhausted.

– When I returned home, I wrote this article for the St. Louis Blogger’s Guild in which I took a rather unpopular opinion on an incident that took place here in St. Louis.  You’ll have to read the article to know what I’m talking about, but I still firmly belive that while Kurt Greenbaum may be known as a bit of a jerk around town, the person posting the comment had no business doing so from school grounds and I therefore think he is suffering a dreadful consequence for his foolishness.

Not many people agree with me.  There is widespread belief that Kurt Greenbaum violated an unspoken code of conduct on the web and he is being slaughtered for it.  Perhaps that is the case, but the fact remains that this school employee still made a foolish choice.

It’s a tough situation.

If you haven’t read the article you have no idea what I’m talking about.

– Now I’m home, still nursing swollen eyes and trying to gear myself up to put away the mountains of laundry I washed this weekend.  I also may pull out a few Christmas decorations, much to my husband’s chagrin.  He has this crazy idea that we shouldn’t start celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

I know, right?!


  1. Yay! I love winning cool stuff! Thanks!

    The Greenbaum incident is really complicated and messy, as you wrote…

  2. I was just outside putting out our lights, now I am not going to turn them on until this weekend, however, I thought why not do it while the weather is nice!! Cory thought I was crazy last night when I asked him to bring up the tub, he is already dreading the tree, men why can’t they get into the spirit like the women do?