Yeah, but we already knew that…

*Warning – the following post contains blatent and unapologetic bragging. Read with reckless abandon and feel free to spontaneously applaud whenever you are compelled.

We had our first big kid, elementary style Parent/Teacher conference today!  Seriously, I am so not old enough for all of this.

So there Lee and I sat across the table from Sloan’s kindergarten teacher and she dove right in to his first quarter report card.  And after that meeting I just needed to brag for a minute because my kid is THE AWESOME!

As far as develpomentally, he’s right on track.  He is reading basic words.  He can write very well, but needs to work on his lower case letters, he can count to 39 (but then skips to 90 and finishes up to 100 – can you blame him?  I’d hate for someone to ask me to count to 100 too. Bo-ring…let’s move on!)

He does have a few problems with phonics, which is understandable since he’s learning to read in two languages right now.  He sometimes mixes russian letters with English.  For example, he spelled ‘can’ C-A-H.  Because in russian the ‘n’ sound is the letter ‘H’.

But it wasn’t the skills that got me all hopped up.  It was the fact that his social skills were all top marks.  He was described as a leader, obedient, happy, a good listener, eager to learn and a great kid.

C’mon – tell me something I don’t know!

Seriously, Sloan is a great kid.  He’s passionate, for sure.  But all around, he’s a really, really good kid.  I’m glad he’s mine.

Lee and I have worked hard this last year with Sloan.  We’re still working hard (will we ever not work hard?) to channel his abundant zest for life in a positive and productive direction.

We really want our kids to be conscious of the world around them.  We’re constantly stressing to Sloan that when he respects his elders, those in authority, that things will go well with him. And today we get to reward him and show him once more that his respect for those around him is only to his benefit and his gain.

We have also worked hard at giving Sloan the confidence to take the lead among his peers.  Sloan by nature tends to follow others.  He so badly wants to be with people and a part of a group that he will do whatever he think needs to be done in order for that to happen.

We have been stressing to him the importance of being a leader, of standing up for what he knows is right and of being an encouragement to people he comes in contact with.  In general, these are things that come naturally to Sloan.  Remember this?  But he does need a few reminders, on occasion. 

You know, because he’s a normal kid.

Anyway, my kid rocks.  He seriously does.  And since I’m already in the bragging mode, I’d also like you to see this:

Old pictures 025

This is part of the play that Sloan will be performing with the kids in his russian class.  The section at the bottom is Sloan’s.  It’s by far the most difficult text he’s had to memorize so far and he’s doing amazing.  He also has to learn a short poem about a bear, which he committed to memory almost immediately. 

I’m just in awe of the way he is learning this language.  I feel like I’m doing him a disservice because I don’t know the language well enough anymore to speak consistently with him.

Which, incidentally, his russian homework is kicking my butt!  I feel like I’m in college again trying to translate all these pages so I can help Sloan understand what’s happening. 

Oh, and Sveta – I might have to ask you for a little help translating this play because good grief! 🙂

Okay everyone – I know you’re so glad you spent five minutes of your time listening to me ramble today.  Try not to be too dissapointed when I tell you I’m finished bragging now.  You’re all free to go about your day.

*wink, wink*


  1. YAY! That’s so fun! It’s always encouraging for those of us with younger kids to see you braggin’ on your brood. It reminds us that all that hard work and investment pays off. So…maybe you could be more specific in a future post about HOW you are teaching him those items you mentioned…?

  2. Way to go Sloan!! It is fun to see them grow and mature from one year to the next. I was in their room last week volunteering, and Sloan is all business in the classroom! He IS such a leader:) We have Brooke’s conference tonight. Hopefully we will have a good report as well. I think one thing that makes a difference is that they are both older kiddos and were probably ready for more structure last yr while still in preschool, so kinderg. is a good fit for them..yeah!

  3. It’s not a very easy play for beginners. No wonder, Sloan finds it difficult. When do you need the translation, Kelli? Is it for Haloween or New Year party?


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