Is this Russia?

Tonight was the semi-annual Russian-American School concert and it was nothing short of adorable (albeit a little drawn out…).

And because this is a mommy blog and I’m a proud cheesy mom, I am going to document tonight’s happenings with great zeal.  Because that’s what I do!  I don’t scrapbook people – this is all I’ve got.

There was singing, dancing, acting and so much adorability (totally a word) I left with a sugar high.  Just take a look:



Isn’t she yummy?  She did so well.  She said her poem loud and clear and wasn’t nervous at all.  It was an on night for sweet Katya (or Katinka as the Russians call her).



My performance shy first born chose to play it cool.  But when he recited the poem I told you about a few weeks ago, he incited quite a bit of praise from the very proud and impressed crowd.  And so as not to embarrass the poor child, I did not let out the “Whoop!” that so desperately yearned to escape.  I simply gave him a tender golf clap and blinked hard against tears of pride.

I. am. a. dork.


And because I know you’re dying to watch, here is a short clip of them reciting their poems. Seriously, it’s 38 seconds long. Happy viewing and Happy Friday!


  1. Wow! They did really great! I love Katya’s “Uronili Misiu (childish “siu” instead of “shu”. She is so sweet. Sloan recited his poem with such a pride and dignity. Bravo!!! I’m so proud of them!

  2. Thanks, Sveta! Your translation helped so much. It was so good for Sloan to understand what was going on. So thanks again! Love you!!

  3. You are very welcome, Kelli! If you ever need my help, don’t hesitate to ask.
    I love the video. I replay it again and again. SO SWEET!
    Katya’s poem is a hit. I like the way she pronounces her poem – the sweetest girlish way. And I love her outfit. She is a cutie. Sloan looks so much like Lee.
    Love you all…