He-ey Wait a Minute Mr. Postman!

Several times a week for the last month or so, when Sloan is home, he’s run out the door as the mailman came by to collect the mail.  I haven’t paid much attention to this – I’ve just assumed he likes having this little responsibility and I’ve been grateful to him for it.

Yesterday afternoon, however, I got a further glimpse into this amazing little boy I get to call my son.  Sloan and I were enjoying a rare moment of quiet together on the front porch when the mailman drove up.  Sloan leapt to his feet and said, “Oh, Herman!”

As he raced down the driveway, I wondered what on earth he meant by “Herman.”  Then I heard him call out, “Hey Mr. Herman!” as the mail truck came to a stop.

Our kind old mailman leaned out the window and replied, “Well hey there Mr. Sloan!”  He handed Sloan our bundle of mail, then he and Sloan proceeded to talk for several minutes.  I just sat on the porch and marveled at my son’s ability to engage this man in conversation.  I’m a grown woman and I’m not even that good at talking to strangers.  And here is my 6-year-old, sharing life with the mailman.

It was so sweet and tender to watch Sloan talk with Herman and to see the delight in Herman’s eyes.  And I felt convicted as I realized that my kindegartner is better at showing the love of Jesus than his stodgy old mom.

After about 5 minutes, Sloan waved good-bye to Herman saying, “Have a great day delivering mail, Mr. Herman!”

“Okay, Mr. Sloan,” Herman replied.  “I’ll see you again soon.”

As he walked up and handed me the mail, Sloan said, “That’s Herman.  He lives in Afton, Missouri.  I like him.”

I’m proud to be Sloan’s mom.  Some days are really, really difficult.  He is a passionate child, which can lend itself to passionate responses, both negatively and positively. 

But Sloan is a lover of people.  He genuinely loves to be with others and he has an uncanny ability to make others feel loved.  He’s so much like his daddy in that regard. 

Needless to say, I was very proud of him yesterday.  It’s amazing what we can learn from our children when we take the time to observe the positive qualities they possess.  Because days can be difficult with Sloan, I sometimes forget to stop and recognize all the goodness and sweetness that God has instilled in him.  He’s a neat kid and I’m so excited to see how God is going to use Sloan’s passion to impact the world.

I also resolved that I need to walk down to the mailbox with Sloan and meet Herman myself.  Because I am not ashamed to follow the example of my child.


  1. Aw Kel! I loved this post. I have been getting SO annoyed with Cooper and his extreme social needs. I guess I should have figured that when you combine Jeremy and I’s personalities you get an uuber social person. But man! It’s unquenchable! This post reminded me that he is a sweet little boy and that I should recognize and relish in that sweetness. Thanks so much for the reminder.

    And Sloan is so cute~!

  2. Love this! What a sweet picture of Sloan. Very, very sweet.

  3. So great! I love stories like this. 🙂

  4. Sloan is very sociable. This feature will help him to make it at a school, college, University, just in a society. And his natural passion will lead himto help people and feel that they are loved and thought of. You are blessed to be called a mom of such a wonderful child. And I’m proud that I met him in Ukraine through touching your tummy. Perhaps, his friendliness is a slight influence of Ukraine.

  5. Yes, Sveta – he’s got a Ukrainian sweetness about him. Must have been all that Borscht and Verenike I ate while I was there! 🙂

  6. Really enjoyed this post… I visualized it all as you recounted the events. My Caleb is so similar and it does take slowing down and appreciating their strengths, doesn’t it? I am often so exhausted by my little man that I forget to delight in him. Thank you for the reminder. And yes, Sloan is SO MUCH like his Daddy!


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