It’s a Mash Up – Boogie Woogie Woogie

*You should be forewarned…this post is as random as they get.  It couldn’t be MORE random.  I’d like to think of it as a mash up post.  You can mash up songs so why can’t you mash up a post.  Let’s see how it goes…

This first section will find me fulfilling my mom blogger duty in which I talk about my hair.  Every mom blogger is required to talk about her hair in at least two posts every year.  It’s in the contract…

Shortly after we got married, I returned home from work one evening to find Lee sitting on the floor in our tiny apartment bedroom.  He had our hair dryer in his hands, pieces of it scattered about the floor around him.  He had a Q-Tip and was gently swabbing the inside of the hair dryer, his tonge sticking out of his mouth just slightly.

“Um…what are you doing?” I asked.

“This hair dryer is a fire hazard!  Have you seen all the crap inside here?”  And back he went to picking the dust out of the disassembled hair dryer.  It was then that I knew I had married someone slightly OCD.  And if you think I’m kidding, you should see the way he tackles projects.  I’ve come home to see him in a suit and tie painting a wall because it just needed to be done.

After he finished his hair dryer deep cleanse, he put it back together…and it never really worked properly again.  So a few days later I headed out and bought a new and improved (and clean!) hair dryer.  And she’s been with us ever since.  She’s seen me through a lot of hair tragedies over the past decade, with the worst being this one.  And she stood by me, never failing.

Fast forward ten years and you’ll see us in present day still using our trusty old hair dryer.  She’s like 842 in hair dryer years now, but she’s still kicking.  Of course, she doesn’t have as much punch as she once upon a time did.  And she makes a weird clickety click sound when you use her.  And it takes roughly 23.7 minutes to dry my hair.  But she’s so comfortable.  Still…it was time.

I bought a new hair dryer this weekend.  I felt like a traitor.  But this one has a turbo button.  I push it and BAM! My hair’s dry.  It’s dry and actually looks good.  And when I flip my head, my hair swings to the side in slow motion…

I gingerly laid old faithful in the trash can yesterday.  And when I flipped my hair over to dry it with the turbo charged new girl I could swear I saw a tear of resentment trickle down the side of her scratched and beaten nozzle.  I tried to tell her it was me and not her…

I don’t think she believed me.

Switching gears.  Now I will transition into another mom blogger must – talking about my child’s weird and random rash.  Mash up, folks…it’s a mash up.

Last weekend I posted this photo of Landon’s leg on Facebook with the caption: Landon’s had this random rash for a couple of weeks now. Should I be worried?”

Landon Leg

Across the board the concensus was that this looked like ringworm, which was what I was already concerned about but I’ve never seen ringworm so I wasn’t sure.  So thanks Facebook.  Once again you have confirmed that the world needs you to keep on spinnin’.

I went to the doc the day after I posted the picture and he was completely baffled by this bizarre rash.  So he brought in another physician who was also baffled.  This was a Saturday so it wasn’t our own pediatrician we were seeing.  Because the circles resembled ringworm he decided to treat it as such with instructions to call if it didn’t change in a week.  I walked unsure for a few reasons.

A.) The doctor couldn’t tell if it was ringworm.  This isn’t how ringworm presents itself.  Ringworm is usually one circle that spreads larger and larger.  All four of these circles appeard over night and none of them got bigger.


B.) Ringworm is apparently contagious but Landon sported these lovely marks for a solid two weeks and no one else was showing odd crop circles on their limbs so it didn’t appear to be spreading.  I’m not sure if ringworm spreads like chicken pox, though, where it takes a couple of weeks to show up. 

Speaking of chicken pox, I kind of wish I could get my kids exposed to it so they could build up a natural immunity…

This is the part where I remind myself to stay on topic.

So I called our personal pediatrician back on Thursday and wished I would have just waited to see her in the first place because she pretty much diagnosed him over the phone without the co-pay.  And that is why I love her.  I’ve been putting Tinactin on his leg for a week.  No go.  It’s still there.  Ah…but that’s because he probably has Nummular Eczema, which can present itself in small circles but is really an irritation of the skin. 

Hydrocortisone cream has become our new best friend.  And it doesn’t sting when I put it on his skin…poor kid.

Insert pithy transition here.

On any given night you can find our family piled up on the couch listening to this cacophony of…I guess we could call it music.  It is a family musical mash up and I think it’s the perfect way to end my mash up post.   

Sloan is singing a song he made up.  He likes to write music.  I find it terribly adorable.  Tia was fresh from her bath and not yet dressed so she’s wrapped up in a blanket strumming her guitar.  Naturally.  And Landon is just so adorable you’ll want to cry.  I give you: My children.

Boogie Woogie Woogie!