Does this mean I still got it?

Sunday mornings are crazy hectic here at chez Stuart.  I sing lead vocals at church, Lee plays guitar.  Which means nearly every Sunday one of us has to be there early.  And yesterday I had to be there particularly early – 7:30 early.  So, like I do every Sunday when I have to leave early, I got up before the sun and got myself ready so that I could help get the kids ready before leaving.

Because if I don’t at least get Tia’s dress on and her hair done before I leave there is no telling what she’ll look like when I pick her up after church.  One time I picked her up and her dress was on backwards.  That was the day I realized that I needed to stick around long enough to help.

As I walked out the door at 7:20, Lee called out, “Hey, my right front tire is really low, so you’ll probably need to put some air in it on your way to church.”

Duuuuude.  Wha?!

I was wearing heels.  These lovelies…


And he wanted me to do what again?

So, like the loving, dutiful, amazingly incredible and humble wife that I am, I stopped at the gas station and pulled up to the little air-filler-upper-dooly-bopper.  And right there, in my dress and rockin’ red heels I filled up his tire.  I contorted this way and that to make sure that my dress stayed in it’s proper place as I knelt down to fill up the tire (it was really, really low).  I tucked and twisted and held tight as a slight breeze blew, all the while perched precariously atop the teetering heels.

And then I heard it.  At 7:25 on a Sunday morning.  A honk.  My head snapped up and I caught site of two boys who didn’t even look old enough to be driving as they puttered past in a shiney black truck.  One of them gave me a thumbs up.  Seriously?

I gave them a nod of thanks and a small smile and went about my business trying to put air in the tire trying all the while to keep my flaming cheeks from spontanteously combusting.  I texted Lee and told him he owes me one.  He texted back and told me I should have flashed a little leg and really given the boys something to talk about.

So if I got a honk on a Sunday morning, does this mean that I still got it?

‘Cause I think the boys had just been up all night and may have been a little delerious…

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