Does this mean I still got it?

Sunday mornings are crazy hectic here at chez Stuart.  I sing lead vocals at church, Lee plays guitar.  Which means nearly every Sunday one of us has to be there early.  And yesterday I had to be there particularly early – 7:30 early.  So, like I do every Sunday when I have to leave early, I got up before the sun and got myself ready so that I could help get the kids ready before leaving.

Because if I don’t at least get Tia’s dress on and her hair done before I leave there is no telling what she’ll look like when I pick her up after church.  One time I picked her up and her dress was on backwards.  That was the day I realized that I needed to stick around long enough to help.

As I walked out the door at 7:20, Lee called out, “Hey, my right front tire is really low, so you’ll probably need to put some air in it on your way to church.”

Duuuuude.  Wha?!

I was wearing heels.  These lovelies…


And he wanted me to do what again?

So, like the loving, dutiful, amazingly incredible and humble wife that I am, I stopped at the gas station and pulled up to the little air-filler-upper-dooly-bopper.  And right there, in my dress and rockin’ red heels I filled up his tire.  I contorted this way and that to make sure that my dress stayed in it’s proper place as I knelt down to fill up the tire (it was really, really low).  I tucked and twisted and held tight as a slight breeze blew, all the while perched precariously atop the teetering heels.

And then I heard it.  At 7:25 on a Sunday morning.  A honk.  My head snapped up and I caught site of two boys who didn’t even look old enough to be driving as they puttered past in a shiney black truck.  One of them gave me a thumbs up.  Seriously?

I gave them a nod of thanks and a small smile and went about my business trying to put air in the tire trying all the while to keep my flaming cheeks from spontanteously combusting.  I texted Lee and told him he owes me one.  He texted back and told me I should have flashed a little leg and really given the boys something to talk about.

So if I got a honk on a Sunday morning, does this mean that I still got it?

‘Cause I think the boys had just been up all night and may have been a little delerious…

Check out my post today at STL Family Life.  I interviewed Kelly Stables, an old high school friend who is now an actress.  Her new show, with Alyssa Milano, is called Romantically Challenged and it airs tonight on ABC at 9:30/8:30C after Dancing With The Stars.


  1. Ohhh, you’ve definitely still got it!! 🙂 And, if you had batted your eyelashes at them, they might have come over and filled up the tire for you– that’s just Helpless Female 101, my friend.

  2. Darn! Why didn’t I think of that?! I might have even convinced them to buy me coffee. It’s been a long time since I flirted with strangers…

  3. Absolutely Kelli! You look just like you did in 96!!’ Just more mature and not taking pictures with random appliances in your house!!! Work those heels girl, which are fabulous by the way!

  4. Maybe I should tkae pictures in my heels by random appliances just for old times sake. Although it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you there to impersonate Wanda with me… 🙂

  5. As Carol would say those are some fancy hoochie mama heels, Claire and Brooke would love them!

  6. Love them! Also love your new profile pic, how pretty 🙂

  7. LoVE those shoes!! …that is indeed awesome!! you definately still got it!

  8. Kelli,
    Hello from Blog Frog! I love your writing style and can’t wait to read more! I love the shoes! I say get them in hot pink, green and gold!! Looking forward to following you!