Smile *sob* Smile

I came across these sweet videos the other day and my heart melted.  My babies are growing up too fast.  I never thought I’d be the type of person to say that and get all weepy, but it does make me a little sad.  Those stages go by so fast.  How is it they are aging so quickly and I am staying the exact. same. age?


As I lay in bed this morning, trying desperately to pry my eyelids open, I couldn’t help but correlate the emotions I feel about my children aging with the emotions that this particular day bring about.  Happy and Sad.  Good and Bad.  Gratefulness and Humility. 

Today is the day we remember and observe the sacrifice of Christ.  It is heavy.  It is hard.  It is “the sad part,” as Sloan told us this morning.  In fact, he got up early and drew us a picture:

Sad Part

Notice the top corner says "Sad Port"

If you look closely, the picture shows Jesus on the cross.  The two people on the right are the soldiers who crucified him and they are laughing.  On the left are Mary and Joseph and they are crying.  And on Jesus’ head is the crown of thorns.

This day makes me reflect and ponder.  It’s something that occurs deep within the recesses of my heart and I often want to run from these reflections because they often uncover the worst of myself.  And it is sad.  It’s the sad port, erm, part.

But balancing out the sad is the joy in knowing the end of the story.  And it just so happens that Sloan depicted that as well.  He called it the “Good Port.”

Good Part

Jesus was not defeated and the grave did not hold him forever.  Notice the “sparkles” surrounding Jesus in Sloan’s drawing.  It’s because Jesus rose and “He was so shiney when He came out of the grave, mom, because His body was new.” 

That really is the Good Part, isn’t it?

So as I look at these videos, I’m reminded again of the preciousness of life.  I remember how quickly life happens.  We blink and the moment is gone.  And it’s sad.  But it’s also good.

Happy Easter.