Meet George, George, George, George…

Sloan brought home “pets” yesterday.  Tadpoles.  Fifty of them…at minimum!


He fished them out of the neighbor’s algae-ridden pool.  Naturally.


More than half of them did not survive the night.  Much to my relief.  The rest are, today, munching on lettuce and I’m headed out in a bit to buy distilled water so they can have a clean, healthy environment per Google’s recommendation.


“Have you named them?” Lee asked.

“Yeah.  One of them is George,” Sloan replied.

“Which one?”

“Um…that one.  No.  That one.  Wait!  Um…that one.  I don’t know, really…”


“Soon we’ll have a whole family of frogs!  We can build them a pond in the back yard!  Aaawwwesoooome.”

Has anyone ever tried frog legs?  I hear they’re delicious…