Meet George, George, George, George…

Sloan brought home “pets” yesterday.  Tadpoles.  Fifty of them…at minimum!


He fished them out of the neighbor’s algae-ridden pool.  Naturally.


More than half of them did not survive the night.  Much to my relief.  The rest are, today, munching on lettuce and I’m headed out in a bit to buy distilled water so they can have a clean, healthy environment per Google’s recommendation.


“Have you named them?” Lee asked.

“Yeah.  One of them is George,” Sloan replied.

“Which one?”

“Um…that one.  No.  That one.  Wait!  Um…that one.  I don’t know, really…”


“Soon we’ll have a whole family of frogs!  We can build them a pond in the back yard!  Aaawwwesoooome.”

Has anyone ever tried frog legs?  I hear they’re delicious…


  1. I bet you could find a nice terrarium on Craigslist…Cooper will LOVE this!

  2. That looks exactly like the glass of tadpoles we had last year. ALSO, fetched from a pool! Lol.

  3. We have new additions to our family as well, but they are caterpillars and have been named Fred, Fred, Fred and Fred. One has just started making it’s cocoon and it is actually pretty cool to watch, yet creepy at the same time.