Girl Falls in Love

Lee and I are just months away from our 10 year Anniversary (July 22).  Last week, I purchased our tickets to Milan, Italy for mid-September where we will spend ten days driving through Switzerland, Austria and Italy (we may even try to swing through France if we have time) to celebrate.  As we ramp up to this big milestone in our marriage, I will be recording some of the favorite memories of our life together…

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While I was in Kiev, Lee and I emailed back and forth several times.  We both had the purest of intentions, of course.  I mean, obviously, I was concerned with how his first few months as area director for K-Life were going and I was emailing him solely to encourage him in his new endeavor.  And he was clearly concerned with how I was coping in a foreign country all by myself and just wanted to encourage me in my endeavor.


I still have those emails, by the way.  I printed them off and saved them.  Because I knew I was going to marry this man.  Turns out that the night I left for Kiev, Lee called his parents and told them he was pretty sure he had just met the girl he was going to marry.

So when I returned to Waco in January of 1999, I prepared myself to see Lee again for the first time.  We worked together in ministry so I knew I had to tread carefully.  I couldn’t let on that I had a mad crush on the new guy.  So when I arrived at that first K-Life meeting, I made a very concerted effort not to look down the aisle at Lee.  We met in an old movie theater and he was standing right up front and it took every bit of willpower to not head straight for him and say hello.  Instead, I very slowly meandered my way down to the front, stopping and talking to friends along the way.

Two of my sweet friends had caught on a bit to Lee’s crush and told me later that they were watching Lee when I walked in the room to see what his reaction would be.  Apparently he was a little obvious because they both say that their suspicions were confirmed by his point blank stare.

Lee says he still remembers what I looked like when I walked into the theater.  Short hair (due to a very unfortunate incident in a hair salon during one of my side trips to London that involved an orange-haired stylist from New Zealand…), orange coat and blue jeans.  I don’t remember what Lee was wearing – probably jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball hat – but I remember that when I finally got to the front of the room and spoke to him, my heart started racing and my palms sweating.

After the meeting, I hung around a bit to catch up with my future husband.  I believe we talked for about an hour.  He sat on one side of the aisle, I on the other.  I left on cloud nine and practically floated back to my apartment.

That second semester of school found Lee and I dancing around one another, both coming up with random reasons to call each other.  I worked really, really hard to hide my feelings for him.  And, for the most part, I succeeded.  The only person to figure out what I was up to was Dana, Lee’s partner.  Lee, however, did not do as good of a job hiding his feelings.  Almost everyone suspected that he had a bit of a crush. 

Lee and I both led Friday morning Bible studies that semester – I with the senior girls and Lee with the senior boys.  My girls were supposed to meet me at the K-Life house at 6:45 and Lee’s Bible study started at 7:00.  I would always arrive around 6:40 so Lee and I could have a few minutes to talk.  My girls caught on to this and decided to take it upon themselves to hook us up.  So they conspired to show up late every week.  They never showed up before 7:00.  I did not know about this until much later.  Turns out they were certain that Lee liked me, but they weren’t sure how I felt, so they wanted me to have some alone time with him to figure it out.

Brilliant girls. 

In April of 1999, I drove with Lee to Conway to interview for a position as a youth intern at his home church.  Even though I had offers that may have been a little more exciting for the summer (I had a job offer coaching gymnastics at Bela Karolyi’s camp in Houston and I also had an offer to intern at a church in Orlando), I really wanted to go to Conway, Arkansas so I could get to know Lee’s family and have easy access to him for the summer.  On the way home from that trip, Lee asked me if he could keep in touch with me over the summer – he would remain in Waco for part of the time and then go to Germany to play basketball for a month.

That was as close to a DTR as we got.  And that day, I bought a journal and began secretly writing letters to Lee.  I gave him that journal a little over a year later the day we got married.

To be continued in which I will share the first time Lee told me he loved me.  Definately a story worth recording…

It Can Only Go Up From Here

That’s what she said…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  So inappropriate…

It’s been a morning.  Said morning began at 1:00 am when Landon woke up crying for the second night in a row due to a nasty cold.  I gently nudged Lee out of bed to deal with it (read gave him a shove and a grunt) since I was on middle of the night duty the night before. 

But I might as well have gotten up with him myself because all I did was lay in bed wide awake for an hour listening to him cry and cough on Lee’s shoulder in the other room.  And pray that God would give him some sweet rest.

Then I got hot so I turned the fan up.  Then I got cold so I turned it down.  Then I just felt like I was going to explode out of my skin from being so tired yet unable to sleep.

I finally slept.  And I had weird dreams that I had trouble distinguishing from reality when I woke up.  I hate when that happens.

I am observing in Tia’s preschool class today, so when Lee got up at 6:00 this morning, I rolled around in bed for a few minutes trying to convince myself that it would be fine to go with wrinkled clothes and bed hair.  I even wondered if I was careful not too stand too close to anyone I could get away with not brushing my teeth.  Ultimately I decidede that might be a little extreme. 

Then I heard the older kids up wandering around and Landon crying again so I dragged myself out of bed and took a shower.  I thought Lee was out there with them.

I took my time getting ready because I assumed my husband was holding down the fort.  A half hour later when I finally emerged clean and with makeup firmly packed over the bags under my eyes, I was surprised to find Landon still in bed and Sloan sitting in front of my laptop at the island.

I assumed Lee was working in his office in the basement and didn’t hear the kids upstairs destroying the house.  I fought back frustration.  I got out clothes and started on breakfast then went to check my email only to find that whatever Sloan was doing on my laptop messed it up.

It won’t start.  And the error box tells me it’s not going to start then gives me some big long code that is apparently supposed to tell me why it won’t start – either that or it’s the key to the universe.  Blast!  Why don’t I speak computer! 

I consider tarring and feathering my first born.

I call down the stairs to Lee that I need him to be my hero and fix the computer.  He doesn’t answer.  I yell a bit louder.  He still doesn’t answer.  I mutter under my breath as I exert the effort to actually walk down the stairs (oh the horror!) only to discover he’s not there.  He left early this morning.  That would have been nice to know…

At this point, Landon is crying from fatigue; Tia is absolutely sure, positive from the very fiber of her core, that she is going to starve to death before I finish the oatmeal and Sloan swears up one side and down the other that his shoes are nowhere to be found.

And there is an odd odor beginning to permeate the house.  I soon discover it’s Landon.  His system doesn’t handle cold medicine well.  Then I discover the wet sheets and pajamas on the floor from a certain someone who had an accident.  They’re lying in the hallway, so the hallway smells.

When I fetch Landon’s diaper I notice that the medicine cup has fallen on the floor and the residue Sudafed has left a lovely pink stain on the carpet.  I dab it with a wipe then pull his bear blanket over it.

I finally send off the 6 year old, still considering whether or not tarring and feathering him would constitute as child abuse then exercise my motherly awesomeness by setting the younger two up with the Disney Channel. 

I look one more time at my useless laptop and wish again I spoke computer before settling back at the desktop that now feels sooo 2009.

*sigh* It’s only 8:00.

How was your morning?