31 Days: When You Hit the Inevitable Plateau


UPDATE: When I set out to write this series of posts, I NEVER imagined it would be as popular as it has become. But in the almost year since I published this series, it’s gotten consistent traffic, and remains my highest trafficked post via Pinterest to date. So…


I have decided to publish this series as an ebook. 30 Days to Becoming a Writer will release on Amazon on August 25, 2014. 

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No, that’s not a typo – The book is a 30 Day Guide, not 31 Day Guide. I condensed the material into readable chapters, and organized it in a way that gives readers a comprehensive guide to writing and publishing in an easily digestible format. 


I will be removing the posts from this space in an effort to preserve the integrity of the book, but as soon as the book goes live, I will include the link where you can purchase these posts for your online library.


My hope and desire it that people will be inspired to continue to create, to write, and ultimately, to author the words that float in their heads and hearts. I’m so honored to have you all on this journey with me. I hope that you will benefit in your career as a writer from the tips offered in 30 Days to Becoming an Author. For more information on the book, and for more Pinterest-worthy images to promote it, go to KelliStuart.com.


Thanks for taking this journey with me!




  1. Someone suggested to me that when I hit writer’s block, just to keep writing, even if it’s non-sense or the alphabet or a children’s rhyme. Anything just to keep the fingers going and characters appear on the page. I’ve tried it a couple times when I’ve been stuck, just doing “werasldgaer asdofjawer” type nonsense, and it did work.

    Thanks for the suggestions!


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