31 Days to Becoming an Author: What Do I Write?

31Days to Becoming an Author

UPDATE: When I set out to write this series of posts, I NEVER imagined it would be as popular as it has become. But in the almost year since I published this series, it’s gotten consistent traffic, and remains my highest trafficked post via Pinterest to date. So…


I have decided to publish this series as an ebook. 30 Days to Becoming a Writer will release on Amazon on August 25, 2014.

Click here to purchase your copy today! 



No, that’s not a typo – The book is a 30 Day Guide, not 31 Day Guide. I condensed the material into readable chapters, and organized it in a way that gives readers a comprehensive guide to writing and publishing in an easily digestible format. 


I will be removing the posts from this space in an effort to preserve the integrity of the book, but as soon as the book goes live, I will include the link where you can purchase these posts for your online library.


My hope and desire it that people will be inspired to continue to create, to write, and ultimately, to author the words that float in their heads and hearts. I’m so honored to have you all on this journey with me. I hope that you will benefit in your career as a writer from the tips offered in 30 Days to Becoming an Author. For more information on the book, and for more Pinterest-worthy images to promote it, go to KelliStuart.com.


Thanks for taking this journey with me!




  1. Oh Kelli, thank you! I have read a so many blogs on ‘how to write’ and the like, and this is the first time I feel like I was offered a next step. I feel inspired and motivated by your words. Thank you for sharing your experience and your lesson’s learned with us. I found you through the 31 day writing challenge – and I am so glad I did.

    • Well I’m glad you did, too! Thanks for commenting and encouraging me, Cat! I hope you are inspired to write through this series! 🙂

  2. Yes, I echo what Cat says. Thank you for doing this series! I find it really interesting, plus it’s making me think about more intentional writing.

    Here’s to 31 days–I’m doing a series too. 🙂 We can do it!


  3. One of my very favorite authors is Bill Bryson. He is a master at blending enlightening accounts of his travels with the raw humor of his experiences. When we decided to blog this trip I knew I wanted our stories to be like that because the blogs I didn’t enjoy we’re the ones where the family just gave a dry rundown of some location or event. I wanted the flavor and the feel of being there and even the random silliness and I figured our friends would appreciate the same.

    And I agree with Cat and Shay. I am loving this series. I got all inspired and excited to do a “21 Days to Becoming a Better Family Photojournalist,” but it is going to have to wait until we get home.

    • Ooohhh…that would be such a COOL series! 🙂 And you’ve done an awesome job of making me jealous…wrm…giving me a peek into all the amazing things you’re experiencing with your blog.



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