If I Say it Enough?



When my life looks like this:



And this:



And this:


One of many scratches down the side from wayward bikes.


And especially this:



Then I have to remind myself of this:



You think if I keep saying it, I’ll start to believe it?




  1. Wow! Are you sure you didn’t take a picture of the backseat in MY car? It really looks like you did. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mug – THAT is truly inspired!

  2. We are driving the same. car. Well, except I don’t have a big, sexy minivan like you do. I have a medium-hot mid-sized sedan.

    But still.

    The similarities are spooky. *shudder*

    • We’re all in this together.

      And yes, I totally just started singing the song from High School Musical 3, because motherhood has warped my brain. 😉