Winner Winner Chicken Dinner



The winner of the American Girl six book Caroline Abbott book set (try saying that five times fast) is:

Number 17: Bethany says: “This is my official Facebook entry comment. Boom!”

Thanks for entering everyone! I wish I could have given every single one of you a copy. This is why I don’t do giveaways often – the inability to please everyone just about does me in.

Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday. Go outside and soak in a little vitamin D! Ride a pony! Eat some Nutella! Search for the end of the rainbow! Pet a puppy! Sit in the silence! Put your toes in the sand! Listen to the ocean (surely there’s an App for that)! Dance to some good music! Kiss a baby! Kiss your spouse!

There are so many possibilities!



  1. Yay Bethany!

  2. Yessssssss!!! I have a feeling that this deliciously awesome win is going to cost me one Caroline Abbot doll in the near future. Like, my daugher’s birthday in 20 days near future. (maybe she’ll let me play with it too!) 🙂