Through the years

Every year since Landon was a wee baern, I have taken him to the same section of beach for photos – usually around the same time of year – June/July. Last year was a little different with the move, but I did manage to grab at least one shot of him on “our” beach.

This morning, I took him back while the rest of the kids enjoyed VBS. Landon was supposed to be at VBS, but he decided it was too “babyish” for him, because my four year old has no concept for how to socialize with children his own age.

And he happens to be a big Mama’s boy. When I look at him, I find myself wanting to quote Monica Gellar – “I’m gonna love you so much that no woman will ever be good enough for you!” I don’t say that, but I think it.


Preschool will be good for him…as long as he meets another little boy who lives, eats and breathes baseball, basketball and football. If he’s stuck with a bunch of kids that love The Wiggles and Cars we’re in for a long year.

I present you: Landon through the years:





A non-beach 2010 picture because Sweet Mercy those EYES!





Is he giving me the bird?

Go, Go Gadget Arms. Geez...

Happy Friday to you all!


  1. He’s so cute! I was just commenting the other day on Hayden, Megan’s oldest, how over the last year he has morphed from a baby into a little boy. He’ll be 5 in September. I see the same thing in Landon. sniff, sniff
    Nathan is my momma’s boy. He’ll be 13 next month and still loves his momma dearly. Tells me several times a day with loads of hugs. If/when he ever goes through that, “mom’s not cool stage” it’s problably going to rip my heart to shreds.

  2. Adorable. For some reason this makes me want to sing “Memories” from Cats.

    Buut if I do that right now I might get a few of the old hairy eyeballs from my co-workers…knowhuti’msayin?