Name that Photo

I’m wicked tired today and so distracted. I don’t feel funny, or deep or contemplative – I just feel…blah. So I’m offering up a giveaway to end all giveaways. Seriously, you’re glad you stopped by here today.

Some of you have already seen this on Facebook, but you can still play the game. Jenni from Avodah Images snapped this candid shot of us when she did our family shots. At some point during that evening, Landon stepped on a sand spur and I thought this picture was taken during that time, but Lee reminded me that that happened later in the evening on a different part of the beach.

So I have no idea why our faces look like this:

So, who wants to play a rousing game of Name That Photo?

Give this photo a clever title, or tell me what you think is happening in this picture to make us look so, um…scary.

The rules of this game are easy: Leave a comment with your suggested photo name or scenario. At the end of the day I will choose my favorite Name and will award the lucky winner two virtual high fives, one telepathic side hug and super-duper thoughts of awesomeness and glory.

This prize package is nothing short of stellar, friends. I mean, this is big time…

So what are you waiting for? What’s happening in this photo (because for the life of me, I don’t know why we look like that)? Don’t hesitate to enter – this is a prize you don’t want to miss out on.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post…sadly. The virtual high fives, telepathic side hug and super-duper thoughts of awesomeness and glory are my own and have not been provided to me by any third party.


  1. Let’s just TRY to pretend that you didn’t suggest “Smokey Bones” for our anniversary dinner!

  2. “Did we lock the van? ‘cuz the Nutella is in there…”

  3. “Practicing the Papa (furrow in between the eyes) Button”
    You guys are close, really close, but Papa still has you beat.

  4. jessica says

    Watching the kids get on the schoolbus for their first day in *da duh da* public school.

  5. Soooo funny. I’m not sure what was going on there. LOL. So my entry is:

    “Did they REALLY just do that?”

  6. Candy Martin says

    Is that Lassie? Did Timmy fall in the well?

  7. Even though you guys don’t look like you’ve been in a plane crash and are now on a deserted island based on cuteness, you kind of have that look about you. So I shall caption it with this,
    The Stuarts’ could not believe what they have encountered in their first day on the island. Kelli’s first thought, we must find some Nutella to recharge.

  8. Oh my goodness, you guys are all cracking me up. *wipes eyes*

  9. I love this pic…looks like you are getting ready for action
    “Their is danger ahead… Let’s Hero up!”

  10. Lee’s Head – “Did Kelli just fart?”
    Kelli”s Head – “I wonder if that is going to be a smelly one.”

  11. “I spy, with my little eye …… prey.”

  12. Did I remember to drain the noodles? Lee: yes. But you forgot to shred the cabbage and the Rogers are coming for dinner after this photo shoot

  13. Aunt Pat says

    The camera is going where the sun never shines if you dont hurry up. Lee is serious but you are putting up with it.

  14. Vonita Hill says

    Kel, I apologize for jumping in so late in the game, but I can’t help myself. There are stellar prizes at stake!

    To me, it looks like you and Lee are waiting for someone to shout “ACTION” at which point you begin to make your own version of the overy dramatic “MY BRAND” 1-800 CONTACTS commercial.

    Oh yes … yes, this is EXACTLY what you are doing. Admit it.

    (I hope to God you’ve seen it or you will not understand this at all and my chances of winning have just plummeted!)

  15. Ah, so obvious…it’s that moment just between innocence and the realization that someone just mooned you during your photo shoot. Admit it. That’ s what happened right? Please tell me Sloan didn’t do that. I was just tellin’ him about the time I……oh – never mind…

  16. First off…Miss Vonita “Lemme steal yo caption” Hill well…she stole my caption. I totally thought the same thing.

    The SECOND thing I thought of was Days of our Lives. Because…who doesn’t think of that when trying to caption a random photo of people who are basically complete strangers to you?

    To me…Lee is like John Black’s character and you are Dr. Marlena Evans. And you’re stuck in some weird time-warp continuum that has been concocted by the evil Stefano. But it’s all good because it’s a beautiful deserted island and y’all love each other and stuff but then who should appear????

    Duh. duh. DUHHHHH!!!!

    That’s right…the one thing that every beautiful couple on a deserted island stuck in a time-warp continuum fears most….


    Ohhh…the HORROR! the CELLULITE!!! the VARICOSE VEINS!!! and not to mention…STRETCH MARKS!!!


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