I’m the Cruelest Mom Ever but Look at the Awesome Pics I Took of this Caterpillar, Yo!

Sometimes coming up with clever titles is just too much, you know?

It’s spring break ’round these parts. Well – it’s spring break for the public schools. My kids, however, are being forced to do school this week because I relish in torturing them.


Seriously. you’d think I was standing over them with a bowl of cold gruel and a whip barking “What’s the sum of 5+7!” They are in the dungeon of learning, folks. You should feel sorry for them.

In a lame attempt to garner a few meager cool points, I’m offering a lot of breaks and we’re starting an hour later than usualy each morning. This gives them ample opporunity to enjoy the awesome that is Florida spring weather and hunt lizards and caterpillars to their little hearts content.

And speaking of caterpillars, check out these photos we got today of the creeper we affectionately (and completely unoriginally) named “Spikey.”

So, in celebration of my lack of awesome, please tell me – what did you do today that was awesome?


  1. Read your blog, of course! Careful with anything red in caterpillars and sea creatures…could bite or sting. Crack the whip and they can go to therapy on their own dollar once adults.

    • Funny you should mention that. Sloan kept telling me he was a fraid it was poisonous or that it would bite him and I reassured him that it probably wasn’t going to hurt him.


      Pardon me while I go release a certain red and black caterpillar…

  2. Hey, I took a picture of this same caterpillar last year at the Jacksonville, Fl zoo! 🙂

  3. Well, let me tell you what I did today that was awesome. I took my kids to the botanical gardens and 5 minutes in the baby decided that she does NOT enjoy being pushed in a stroller and looking at flowers on a beautiful day and screamed bloody murder the entire time until I had to run out of there with my head down to avoid the awful stares. Oh wait, that was NOT awesome.

    • Whatevs – you headed to the botanical gardens with three kids three and under? You’re not only awesome, you’re super mom.

      My hat is off to you. 🙂

  4. I keep seeing those caterpillars and I don’t know what they are either but I’m afraid to touch them. It probably turns into the most plain-looking moth ever. So…awesome? Hmmm…does learning to drink black coffee with cinnamon rolls count? Or how about giving a rat a bath?

  5. OK – it’s some kind of tussock moth. Not venomous, but the hairs will give you a nasty rash, kind of like getting fiberglass in your skin. They’re considered an invasive nuisance that causes a lot of crop damage. The “invasive” part explains why I’ve lived in FL my whole life and never saw one until just a few years ago but suddenly see lots of them. I’d say squish it, but I hate killing God’s critters, even when they are a pain.

  6. I started painting an armoire.

  7. That is THE most incredible caterpillar picture I have ever seen. Are you sure he wan’t posing for the picture?

    • Well I told him to say cheese and he straightened up nicely. 🙂

      My oldest took the last one. I kind of like the blurred effect of the caterpillar. Thanks Linda!