When Life Gives You Lemons

Make Lemonade, right?

Or in our case, when Target gives you a Gingerbread House that refuses to stay together…

Eat it.

While our annual Gingerbread House construction did not go quite as planned, we did partake in what I can only hope will be a new tradition over the weekend when we attended the boat parade in Clearwater.

The perks to living minutes from the ocean keep adding up.

It was even chilly enough to necessitate the wearing of the coats for the first time!  It felt downright Christmasy…


Our friends, Mike and Carol, joined us on the water.  One year ago at this time we were all sledding down the hill in their back yard.  Now we congregate at the beach, instead.  It’s so good to have familiar faces nearby.

So how about you?  What traditions, new and old, are you enjoying this holiday season?


  1. We are going to have our 3rd annual graham cracker building competition next week. We use hot glue to hold the graham cracker architecture together and then decorate with frosting and candy. It is SO much fun. The secret plans are already being thought out. The boys and significant others built a ranch style home with a wrap around porch …complete with wreaths. One of them built a ski chalet on a slope. It is a night of wonderful fun.

    BUT..then again we can’t eat them! 🙂

    • Wow! That’s impressive!

      I am seriously considering glueing our gingerbread house together next year because this was just crazy business trying to get it to stick together and stay. 🙂

  2. I dunno but I wish my traditions involved boats, wine, friends and the beach. 😉

  3. You and your boat/ocean life. Must be amazing.

    PS – it’s super cold and rainy here today, don’t you miss us?