Unexpected Blessings

When we began our house search in sunny Florida, we initially told our Realtor we did NOT want a pool.  Neither one of us grew up with a pool, therefore the idea of keeping and maintaining one was desperately daunting.

Then we started looking at houses and we realized two things: 1.) Finding a house without a pool in Florida is almost as difficult as finding a house without a basement in St. Louis.  They’re almost standard.  And 2.) Of the few houses we saw without pools, none were desirable enough for us to get excited.

So we ended up in a house with a pool.  And we were nervous.  But no need to fear!  The owner of our local pool store came out free of charge and gave us a “Pool School,” telling us anything and everything we need to know about pool maintenance.  In exchange we plan to give him our business.  And that’s the way you run a successful business, folks!

For our part, we are officially glad we got a house with a pool.  We have used it every single day and will continue to do so until it gets too cold (we don’t have a heater).  The pool has been enjoyable both day and night.

Warning to Grandparents! The following photos contain images of your grandchildren being flung to precarious heights.  View at your own discretion…

This child of mine is insane. She is going to send me to an early grave.

He's crazy too. But he had sense enough to know his limits. "Dat's too high, Daddy."

She, on the other hand, came out of the water screeching, "Higher next time, Dad! HIGHER!"

This one has, unfortunately, gotten a little too big for maximum flinging...much to his chagrin.

This week has been full of unexpected blessings.  Walking the dog last night, I looked up and the sky took my breath away.  Our neighborhood is far enough outside of the city that we get an unpolluted view of the night sky.


Our neighbors are fun, friendly and have boys who love to play football.

Our house, minor quirks aside, is really coming together and feeling like home.

Home Schooling is going really, really well.

Today were the Powerboat races at Clearwater Beach.  With temps in the upper ’70’s it made for the perfect ending to a lovely weekend.

So many blessings.

Front row seats to the race. It's kind of difficult to get a photo of Landon in the water because he's always upside down. I'm pretty sure the kid's got gills...

I pray you all have a blessed October week!

Is anyone else totally freaked out by the fact that it’s October?! The holiday season is upon us, folks.  How did it get here so fast?!


  1. eli and sam are drooling over my shoulder begging us to hop in the car for an extended visit….

    • What about Spring Break? You guys wanna make a trip down here? ‘Cause we have a room with your name on it. Hopefully by then we will have rid that room of the boxes and trash that now occupy it. We are affectionately calling it “the basement.”


  2. You guys look like you are having way too much fun…if that’s possible 🙂

    • Too much fun?!

      I suppose it’s possible. But don’t ask me about the painting project I started this weekend and promptly gave up on half way through because I am massively, panifully, horrifically terrible at painting. Not fun. Swimming? Fun. Painting? Sucky.


  3. We LOVED our pool when the kids were young. It provided hours and hours of great fun and was a substitute for bath time on many nights! 🙂 SO glad to see you getting settled in. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thanks Karen! I think this is the perfect toy for when they’re little. I might even be enjoying the pool myself now and then…in the few brief moments I’m allowed to myself. Of course, it’s starting to get a little too chilly for my thin skin. 🙂

  4. I’m so happy that God has blessed you guys. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😀

  5. Thanks for the pictures! I’m so glad the pool has a top, otherwise it looks as if Tia might be slung to the moon. And I thought Herb did rough and wild things with our kids!! I do believe your family has been given some very special blessings. It’s so good to hear you giving God glory for them.
    Can’t wait to make a trip to see you. Love you guys!

  6. Yes… freaking out that it is October indeed. Landon’s hair is SO blonde! …must be that Florida Sun. 🙂 Miss you, friend!

    • Florida sun, chlorine and genetics…they make it a lovely white blonde with just a hint of green. 🙂

      Miss you too.

  7. Candy Martin says

    Uh, please don’t throw my grand babies so high! Yes, Tia did tell me that she went too high and hit the water hard and could not breathe! ( they tattle on you and Lee too) !!

  8. Love the pictures! You are making memories for a lifetime, dear. The best of times. Thanks for sharing!